Feeding Vanguard Forever

Hello <<First Name>>,

In case you missed it, the Vanguard Alumni Association is raising $67,000 that will go directly toward food costs for the 2024 season.

Since launching, we have alumni that have pledged to raise over $23,000. Along with other direct donations, we’re on track to raise about $30,000. This is less than half of the goal.

For this campaign to succeed, we need at least 25 more vollunteers to commit to reach out to their network and raise at least $250 for the Feeding Vanguard Forever campaign.

The ask. As someone who wants to see Vanguard in 2024, will you commit to reach out to your network to fundraise $250 by the end of the month?

I’ve heard from a few alumni that they feel apprehension about making a donation to Vanguard right now until they feel confident in the direction of Vanguard and I get it. I’ve felt it, too.

There will be more information coming out soon and I encourage us to continue looking ahead and doing all that we can do today to support Vanguard as they rebuild and plan for the 2024 season and beyond.

A LOT of really great work has been happening so far this year and I’m looking forward to broader updates from VMAPA soon.

By contributing to this campaign and our broader $250,000 fundraising goal, you will help cover ~40% of the basic needs for food, fuel, and housing for the 2024 summer season.

Will this alone put the corps on the field? No, it costs nearly 8X this amount to field a modern world class drum corps.

But, supporting the basic needs of the corps can help lighten the load so to speak on what will surely be a challenging season going into the 2024 budget cycle.

Your support means everything right now.

Thank you,

Erik Brown

SCV 2001-2004

SCVWG 2006-2007

President, Vanguard Alumni Association 2021 - present

PS: If you would like to be more involved in what we’re doing as an alumni association, we meet over Zoom weekly on Wednesdays at 5PM PT. Zoom link info at

Feeding Vanguard Forever