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Jan. 7, 2015

Keep Students Engaged with Great Classroom Discussions
A 'Hatful' of Quotes: Students select passages from a hat to help spark their class discussion.

Knowing how to plan and facilitate a class discussion can help students stay engaged all semester long. Here are two essential techniques to consider as the new term nears! Read more at The Q Blog

The 'Hatful of Quotes' activity aims to make contributing to the discussion as stress free as possible for all students. 

  1. Create slips of paper with five or six key sentences or quotes from the text prior to a discussion.
  2. Have students select a slip of paper at random from a pile (hats, buckets, jars all work). 
  3. Give students time to think about their specific quote, then ask them to comment on it.  
Sentence Complete exercises help students to focus and connect to the discussion topic.
  1. Ask students to complete a thought-provoking sentence related to the discussion topic. (Visit The Q for examples)
  2. Have students share their responses with one another and jot down responses they'd like to hear more about. 
  3. Have students begin the discussion by asking about the responses they wanted to hear more about.

Visit The Q Blog for more techniques for Planning and Facilitating Discussions. 

Visit The Q Blog for teaching tips and the latest news from ACUE.
News in brief
The latest higher education news and opinions.

Last year's top higher education stories focused on student tumult over racial and cultural issues on campuses across the country. (Washington Post)

A Texas community college is helping more students pass remedial math and stay on course to earn their degrees through a pair of new developmental math programs. (Hechinger Report
Female students considered physically attractive earn better grades, according to a study presented this week. (Inside Higher Ed)


Rutgers University–Newark Chancellor Nancy Cantor pushes back against leaders who have scolded students for suggesting that they are suppressing freedom of expression.  (Huffington Post)

A professor of philosophy says colleges and universities must “clear the way for more good teachers” if they want to improve student retention and completion rates. (Chronicle of Higher Education)


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