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5 Ways to Stay Cool on Your Wedding Day

Summer is almost here and summer is prime wedding season! Summer also, hot days. That can mean hot, hot weather on your wedding day! Here are just a few ways to stay cool on your most special day!

1. Stay hydrated- Your body can’t regulate temperatures well if you are not hydrated. Make that maid of honor work for her title, and have her keep a water bottle on hand so you can snag it often!

2. Avoid chafing- When you're wearing a long 
dress or any dress for that matter, your thighs are probably rubbing together causing extra heat and it's super uncomfortable! Before the big day look for anti-friction bars, body glide or anti-chafing powder, your thighs will thank you at the end of the day!

3. Keep the hair dry- Of 
course, this is much easier said than done, especially in the summer. The easiest route is an up-do. This will keep hair off your neck and your back cool. If you opt for your hair down, keep dry shampoo on hand to freshen your locks midday. Just make sure there is no stray white powder in your hair afterward.

4. Amp up the deodorant game- Clinical strength deodorant will be your best friend on the big day. And ps. it's not just made for armpits! No judgment here if you want to use it in other places.

5. Relax- Ironically, worrying about sweating causes you to sweat more! If you are sweating, so is everyone else most likely, so no one is going to think anything of it. Bonus if you have an all-star photographer - she can Photoshop all that stuff, so you will never even be able to tell!


Wedding season is here and I have had a lot of brides asking about wedding invitation wording, so here is
a little cheat sheet for all you brides out there who are working on your wedding invitations! -Kristi

You can also see some of our premade designs for wedding invitations in our Etsy store:

We kind of skipped over spring, but hey, I am still excited that the weather has finally turned and we have sun and warmth!
We started our 
glamplife adventure last September, so we have been at it for 8 months and it seems like it has been winter the entire time. The grounds where we park are absolutely beautiful, and there is so much to explore. Being able to finally be outside, sleep with the windows open and use the deck is a total game changer.
Don't get me wrong, the winter in the 5th wheel wasn't bad; it was just spent watching a lot of movies instead of being able to be outside. The time is here though, and we are READY! Tman and I went on a little adventure the other day while Eric mowed. We took a long walk, put our feet in the pond, threw some rocks, picked up some goose poop (icky), and even found a goose egg (already hatched). It was a pretty good night!

I have a little water/sand table and a pretty sweet blow up pool sitting in my Amazon cart, ready to order for the Tman. I also have some paint and poster board for outdoor painting with trucks!
What are your favorite outdoor or toddler activities for summer? Tman is just big enough to do a little more and we are ready to take on the summer!!
Follow along with our 
glamplife journey at

Summer is almost here and that means only one thing... busy season is here!! It's not just busy here at the studio, it’s busy at home too. Lydia is playing softball this year, which makes me so happy. But that means practice and games 3-4 days a week. She also goes to Elite, a gym here in town, a few days a week as well. This kid is nuts! :D 

When I was her age I loved playing softball, so I hope she develops a love for it too! I signed her up for a few summer camps in June as well. As a lot of parents often do, I go back and forth wondering if I put her in too many activities. Is she really enjoying being a kid? It's so easy these days for kids to pick up the tablet or the remote.  I would much rather have her outside practicing and playing! As long as she enjoys it, that is exactly what we are going to do!

I hope you are planning a fun summer with your kids! Any fun activities out there I need to know about?





The warm weather is here, and I am so pumped! Open windows and a bit of sunshine makes every day SO much better. Anyone else feeling the summer vibes yet?
Recently, the focus has been on spending time with friends and becoming friends with MYSELF. Now balancing the two – that’s a different story. I would describe myself as an extroverted introvert. I LOVE people and I LOVE being around my friends, clients, and co-workers. However, I definitely need time to re-charge and get a handle on my personal life. I really value my alone time, but I’m working on spending less alone time on my phone and more on the things I love!
Here are my current favorite ways to hang out with MUHSELF! What are your favorite ways to spend YOU time?

Reading! - Get me past 5 pages and I’ll read for hours.
Journaling – Never been very consistent with this, but sometimes it feels good to reflect!
BATHS – If you don’t already know me, I’m obsessed with Lush Cosmetics. Gimme Gimme!
Getting outside! - I love driving up to Matthiesen to hike and just clear my mind on an afternoon off. I just invested in a new pair of hiking boots, too! So pumped to break them in.



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