well hello there, july!  Welcome, to the third edition of the VSI newsletter. Here is where you will find monthly tips + tricks for photography and design, links to blog posts that you may have missed, updates on our upcoming events, giveaways as well as personal updates from Holly + Kristi. We hope you enjoy!  >>>DONT MISS OUR UPCOMING SPECIALS AT THE END OF THE NEWSLETTER<<<

If there is 1 question I get asked more than anything as a photographer it's 'Holly, how do I take better photos with my camera at home?' Although that's a loaded question with lots of possible answers I have compiled a list of my top 5 tips for taking better candid shots of your family!

1.  Take your camera EVERYWHERE. You never know when your kids might actually decide to get along on their own. It could be while they are running around at the park or having ice cream at the DQ. I have found that my most favorite images of Lydia are the ones that were completely unexpected. Where her outfit isn't perfect, her hair is a bit messy and she is just being Lydia. And the more you shoot the better you will get! So make it a habit to never leave the house without it! 

2. Kill the flash. The most obvious way to tell someone you are trying to photograph them is with a big
ol' blinding light in their eyes. It kills the moment and to be honest it's definitely not the prettiest light. Try to use natural light as much as possible. Open the blinds, open the doors and let as much of that sweet sunshine in as possible.

3. Shoot lots. When you shoot multiple images quickly you can sometimes get surprising and spontaneous shots that you would never have gotten had you only took one photo. Turn your camera to continuous shooting mode and shoot in bursts of images instead of just a single shot.

4. Photograph people with people. Something wonderful happens when you photograph more than one person. It introduces a relationship. Even if they aren't interacting, it adds depth to the image. Photographing a relationship between people can spark great expressions and emotion!

5. Mix up your perspective. If you shoot from the same angle time and time again, your images are going to be static and boring. Crouch down, get up high, zoom in close and then quickly zoom out. By doing this you will add a new perspective to your shots and just might find something amazing!

What is it about the rainbow that gives most people a sense of happiness? Sure, it signifies the calm after a storm, but the colors themselves have an effect on our minds. There is a reason why people prefer certain colors over others. This preference says volumes about our personalities because each color has an association with a reaction our brain has when we internalize it. Color psychology is well-known, yet a less explored branch of the study of how our brain perceives what it visualizes. As far as scientific research goes, there is not much to work with. However, the impact that colors have on our brains is used to manipulate our decision-making by multiple facets of society. Something to consider when choosing the colors of your brand and/or design project! -Kristi

It's July, my favorite month of the year!!!! I have always loved July ever since I was a little kid. It's when we always took our family vacations, the 4th of July is my favorite holiday and of course, it's my birthday month. And yes I am one of those super annoying people that like to announce how many days/weeks it is 'till the 20th! I always thought that once I got past 30 I wouldn't want to celebrate anymore, but here I am turning 34 and still as pumped. Along with my birthday, it's also the busiest month I think I have this year. Lydia is in her first play this month that she is soooo excited about! And she is also in 2656 sports camps. Ok maybe not that many but that's what it feels like. Wouldn't have it any other way though, she loves to be on the go just like her mama! I hope all of you are enjoying your summer just as much as we are! And remember to slow down and take it all in, those summer nights will be gone before ya know it! -Holly



Is it really already July? I feel like I just put together June's newsletter last week. This summer really is flying by!!
My husband, Eric, and I had a chance to get away last weekend just the two on us to Savannah, Georgia to celebrate our anniversary. While the car ride was pretty long for a short trip, I get to visit the beach and that is something I really needed. There is just something about the water and waves that bring you back to a calm and peaceful place. Maybe it is because the ocean is so grand and helps you see the bigger picture. I'm not sure but it was something my soul had been craving.

We had lots of car time to talk about our future and the Illinois budget issues (puke). But it all made it more clear that we are ready to sell the house and get our debt paid down so that we can be in control of our own finances... and not pay on student loans until we retire (yikes!) We made the decision to get a realtor and really start getting things moving forward. We are very excited to see what the rest of the summer and year has in store for our little family. I have always been a huge fan of change and fresh starts <3 -Kristi

Here are a few phone pics from our trip and Tman's 4th of July/10 month photo - It sure was hard for this new mama to be away from him ;)

Here is a quick look at some of the new items in the DesignFoundry Etsy store!​

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