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Google 'wedding day tips.' I dare you. You are likely going to get 4,566,335 results with the same ol' stuff. Here are 3 tips that I can guarantee Google will not tell you about the most special day of your life.
1. If you are getting your hair and makeup professionally done, it's probably going to run over the allotted time. It's not that it actually takes THAT long to get your hair and makeup done. It's the 5,452 things that are happening in between that take up your time. My advice is to have a friend or bridesmaid that isn't getting hair and makeup done that can help you with all the small things that are bound to come up during the day.
2. Family photos can be a bit...stressful. Stressful, that is IF you don't plan accordingly. When you and I set your timeline for the wedding day, we will set aside time for family photos either before or after the ceremony. As soon as we have the time in stone, email/call/text everyone and let them know the plan so no one is confused. Make sure they know they cannot leave until the photographer tells them they are good to go!
3. I have no idea who your Aunt Millie is. Is Aunt Millie one of the most important people in your life? I don't know unless you tell me! If you have certain people coming to your wedding that means so much to you, make sure you let me know, so we can make sure to include them in photos! We want to photograph everyone you love at your wedding, so don't be afraid to email a list of really important people you definitely want photos with!
We want this day to be as magical for you as possible! Hope these tidbits will help make your day go 
smooth as silk! -Holly


We have been working with numerous small business lately creating logos and helping them develop a brand.  With so many logo files being delivered recently I thought it was a good time to get a refresher on the different file types a designer may send you! be on the lookout for these new logos being unveiled on our Facebook and Instagram =) - Kristi




3 tips to make your videographer fall in love with YOU!
So you hired a videographer… now what? Here are a few tips to make your time with your wedding videographer REALLY count.
1. Answer their questionnaires seriously! - Questionnaires are an incredible way for you to give your videographer details about your relationship and intimate tidbits about your bond as a couple. It will give us an idea of HOW we will edit your final product, and what kind of vibe we are looking at for footage at your wedding.
2. Keep us in the loop! – Although your photographer may help you with scheduling and planning your day, be sure to ask the videographer what kind of time they need to get their footage. CC us on emails with your photographer/wedding planner to make sure we can adjust glitches before it’s all set in stone!
3. Be a team player! – The more you put in, the more you’ll get out. It’s simple. Treat the videographer just as you would a photographer and respect their creative process! Lean
in to the romance of your wedding day and don’t be afraid to be a little lovey-dovey in front of us.

- Paige

I love these slow winter months. Everyone around me seems to get so bent out of shape when winter comes, but I love this time of year!! Things slow down at the studio, so I get a lot of time to set goals, reflect on the past year, and figure out what has worked and what has not. I also get lots and lots of family time! In the summer and fall, I am so busy with weddings, engagement, and senior shoots that it's hard to follow Lydia around to all of her activities. This time of year I get to be there 100%...well, more like 85%, but for me, that is pretty darn good! Right now we are in basketball season and boy does she love it. We head to Paxton every Saturday morning with a big smile on her face, ready to play. I had my camera with me this past Saturday and was able to capture some action photos of her and her teammates. I can't help but get a little sentimental when I think about how little these girls are now, but how they will be teammates for the next nine years together. So much learning and growing happen when you play sports. I hope she takes every lesson she learns with her along the way and is the best player and teammate she can be. -Holly



OH WINTER, it's not you, it's me.

This winter has had its share of challenges so far. From the flu taking over the hubby, little 
Tman, and myself - all at the same time, of course - to the bitter cold temps and snow, I am really ready for spring to get here. When we moved into the fifth wheel this fall, we had very few days of good weather left in the year, and the time we did have was used to prepare the skirting on the tailor for winter. So we haven't really had the chance to fully enjoy the outdoor aspects of the full-time RV life yet. AND I AM READY.
Ok, ok, so winter isn’t ALL bad. There are things I really enjoy about this season: 

1. Soup - all kinds. Doesn't even matter what it is as long as it is soup.
2. Hot coffee - this is not seasonal, but this time of year it is always hot.
3. Sweatshirts - nothing better than the softness of a new sweatshirt!
4. No pressure to go out - While I love being outside, I am also a homebody, so staying in for the night or weekend is nice too.
5. Eric's joy of snow plowing - I married a man-child. He LOVES the snow.
6. ALL THE CUDDLES from my little guy

While winter may not be my favorite season, it is hard not to be excited 
for these two while they enjoy it. <3

Follow our journey of full-time RV living at


Oh BOY. January has really kicked my butt – anyone else feeling the pressures of a new year? Work is piling up, and I’m doing my best to keep up despite getting the dreaded FLU! After disinfecting the office and my apartment, lots of sleep, and gallons of water, I’m happy to say that is behind me. Phew!

I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions, but I am already making a dent in the goals that I set out for myself this year. Score!
1. Met up with someone I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be friends with from Instagram. I’m telling ya, reach out to people in your area that you’re inspired by, and you might be surprised by the kind of friendships you form.
2. Booked THREE weddings for videography! My final number is higher, but I’m already chomping at the bit to work with these beautiful couples!
3. Started a BIG KID BUDGET!
4. Ditched Facebook and other time-sucking phone apps. Highly Suggested! Gives you SO much more time to create and live your life OFF of your phone.
5. Finished TWO books in one month! Granted, a lot of it was done while I was sick…but I did it! A Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood and the sun and her flowers by Rupi Kaur.
6. Started training at a new CrossFit gym! Bring on the challenge.
How are you working toward your yearly goals? -Paige



VSI is excited to offer videography collections for the 2018 wedding season. 
We will be adding a videography portion to the website soon! Contact Paige today to discuss your video needs and see our video projects!​


Here is a quick look at some of the new items in the DesignFoundry Etsy store!​

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