Thanks for trying the beta version of Checkbot! We'll send an update every now and then with Checkbot news and tips.

Recent changes

Along with several bug fixes, we've added new reports and made improvements.

New "indexing" reports: In the "explore" section, you can now find reports on which pages are indexable, have canonical tags and are canonicalised.

Duplicate content report changes: The duplicate title, description and page reports now only compare indexable pages instead of all pages.

Improved naming for exported files: Filenames for exported results now include the crawl domain and a timestamp.

Support for smaller screens: Several users reported that the "export" button and dashboard could not be seen fully on smaller screens. This has now been fixed.

See the Chrome Web Store description for a full list of changes.

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Beta feedback

Thanks to everyone who has given feedback on the beta so far! Right now, there's nearly 1,000 active beta users but we're still looking for more feedback.

We've received lots of positive comments about the number of best practices Checkbot can test for, the speed at which the test results come back and the usability of the UI. We'll make sure future changes don't interfere with what people like so far.
Some common suggestions we've had are to add the ability to export reports in PDF format, to bulk export test results and to save URLs and settings used from previous crawls.
Do you have any feedback on how to improve Checkbot? Can you think of new reports that would be useful? Have you noticed any bugs?
Please get in touch via our feedback form, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or email.

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