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🚀 Checkbot version 0.2 is out!

There's been 20 changes to Checkbot since the last newsletter including new features and bug fixes. A highlight of the recent changes are:

🙈 Ignore URLs by pattern: In the crawl settings, you can now provide a list of regex patterns to tell Checkbot which URLs to ignore during crawls. For example, you can tell Checkbot to ignore your login URLs, not to check certain domains and to skip URLs that have query parameters.

👀 More URL icons: Each URL has an icon next to it that gives you information about that URL at a glance. There's now 3 different page URL icon types to help you: indexable pages, canonicalised pages and "noindex" pages.

🤖 Canonical URLs are now crawled: Canonical URLs specified by pages with the "rel=canonical" tag are now checked as part of crawls so you can test if all your canonical URLs load as expected.

🐛 Fixes for window resizing: Several bugs have been fixed that caused parts of the user interface to be hidden on small window sizes and after resizing the window. This hopefully gets to the bottom of why there's been so many requests for a CSV export button when there's always been one in the bottom right of the window. 😄
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