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🚀 Checkbot 0.4 is out!

⭐️ New "set canonical URLs" report: This report checks all pages have valid canonical URLs set to help with duplicate content issues. Checkbot will test you're specifying only one canonical URL per page, using only absolute canonical URLs and that canonical URLs point to a valid pages. Canonical URL problems are common and often go unnoticed so give your site a check! See the SEO guide for more details.

🎨 More compact layout: Font size and spacing tweaks so more URLs are visible at once when viewing reports. 

📦 "Use compression" report tweaks: This report now only recommends you compress URL responses that are larger than 1,000 bytes as compressing small files can actually increase their size.

🐛 Bug fixes: Fix for the "Use HSTS preload" report incorrectly flagging valid HSTS headers and fixes to the CSS validator taking a long time to finish on some files.
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