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🚀 Checkbot 0.3 is out!

This new release contains 14 improvements and 7 bug fixes including:

🗄 Bulk export: You can now export all reports in one click via a sidebar button. This generates a ZIP file containing a CSV file for each report. This was one of the most frequently requested features so let us know what you think!

🔗 New "Broken URLs" report: Added a new "Broken URLs" report to the "Explore" category. This combines the URLs from the 4xx, 5xx and connection error reports. A shortcut to this report has been added to the summary screen so you can quickly view all your broken URLs in one place.

✅ Improved CSS validator: The CSS validator now understand CSS variables, CSS grid and more vendor specific selectors.

📄 Meta refresh pages: Pages that have a meta refresh URL are now viewed as redirects instead of pages. This is more in line with how they'd be treated by humans and search bots. This reduces false positives in several SEO reports and improves reports that take redirects into account.

🐛 Bug fixes: On Windows, you should no longer get a false warning you're about to close the Checkbot tab when you export files. Also, some bugs have been fixed in the "avoid duplicate pages" report that were preventing some duplicates from being recognised.
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