Welcome to 2021! I’m excited to say that on January 22nd Communities for Recovery celebrated its 17th Birthday! We started as a handful of volunteers with the motto “Give to Keep.”

Today we continue to live this motto through the many supports and services we provide our community. I am proud of what our participants, volunteers, and staff accomplish every day. How do we make this happen? We work together to be a place that is welcoming, non-judgmental, open, honest and supportive. We believe that each person has their own unique recovery journey, and we all are there for guidance, support, connection, resources and fellowship. As a COMMUNITY we support each other and through these actions we…. Give to Keep!

This past year, we’ve had to adjust to many challenges. Connection has been difficult. Volunteers lead meetings online and over the phone. Staff make phone calls when they wish they could meet face-to-face. Tasks that were once simple now require more steps and planning. We’ve worked hard and made changes so that we can remain connected. We’ve learned that being prepared to adapt and change our plans is essential to achieving our goals. We’re ready for 2021, and we’re glad you’re here with us. When we celebrate our birthday, we celebrate our community.

Thank you for being part of our community.


Every donation helps change someone’s life.


What is a Peer Recovery Coach?

We often get asked, “What is a Peer Recovery Coach?” One of our staff members shared this thought, and I hope it helps.

Peer recovery coaches are exactly what the name says…

Peer – A person who has lived the life, met the challenges, experienced the hardships and walks side-by-side with someone who is struggling with similar challenges and situations. A peer is someone who can listen and knows it’s not always an easy path.

Recovery – Is a self-directed process of change through which people improve their health and wellness. Peer Recovery Coaches have found a new way of living and it’s called recovery. A Peer Recovery Coach can share their own story, what recovery means to them, and support you as you determine what recovery means for you.

Coach – When someone is sorting out their life, a coach will encourage, support, celebrate, and be honest. A coach has experience running the race, playing the game, and fighting the fight. They offer their experience as help and support for other people. They know what “day one” in recovery feels like, and they know what it’s like to fall down and get back up. They also realize that life can be amazing, and Recovery is Possible!

We are proud to share the story of C.A. Cowser which illustrates the impact our Peer Recovery Coaches have in each of their peer’s recovery journeys.

An Instant Feeling That I Belonged

I began seeking help with my addiction early in 2014 and had no idea of the challenges that were ahead. After 30 days in a treatment facility, I could not wait to get out and begin my new outlook and life of sobriety. Within 3 months I was back in the same facility in much worse shape than before. The next 5 years I repeated this type of behavior with the same end results.

In late 2019, while finishing another 30-day treatment program, my counselor suggested Communities for Recovery (CforR). He told me about peer coaching, their volunteer program and some success stories he had heard from CforR. I left that day with an address, phone number and a name of a peer coach he recommended as well as a new sense of hope that I wasn’t just going to go back home to try the same old steps that had not worked for me in the past.

From the moment I walked through the doors of CforR, I was greeted with a warm welcome and an instant feeling that I belonged. I quickly realized that I wanted to become more involved with this organization that had been so kind and gracious in making me feel right at home. READ MORE

Your donation today ensures that Communities for Recovery is there for C.A. and so many others during the moments in their recovery journey.


As C.A. shared in his story…“For all these reasons and so many others, Communities for Recovery will always remain special to me and I look forward to many more years working in any way that I am able to contribute to CforR.

Austin Area Opioid Workgroup Celebrating Its Third Anniversary

The Austin Area Opioid Work Group is active in the Austin community and statewide addressing the needs of individuals, families, allies, providers and agencies that are affected by the challenges that Opioid Use Disorder present. Its founder, Phil Owen believes that it has been successful as a group because of the members willingness to allow individuals to define their own recovery (person-centered) and its recognition that there are multiple pathways of recovery. By remaining inclusive, with the doors wide open and embracing acceptance, the AAOW helps to create safe spaces that welcome others who may be experiencing isolation and withdrawing from the very help they may desperately need.

Collectively, we can take pride in knowing that enabling a person to breathe or to live another day creates opportunities to grow and wellness to flourish. Thank you to everyone that has participated in this group for the past 3 years and welcome to the newcomers that will join us as we continue to break down the walls of isolation, encourage and spread the word of recovery, and venture to become the messengers that bridge the gap between the silos that exist in our continuum of care.

This month we welcomed Austin-Travis County's own Mike Sasser EMT-P, CHW. Mike discussed the recently launched Buprenorphine Bridge Program. Through this program Mike and his team literally meet people where they are at, connecting individuals in need to life saving medication and services. We are excited to share this information with the Austin Area recovery community.

Please contact Phil Owen at for additional information. The group meets the third Thursday of every month at 2:30 pm.

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