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March Newsletter 2021

New Leaders Bring New Ideas

When our CforR volunteers start sharing ideas, great things happen! Communities for Recovery is committed to bringing new leaders to the forefront and this month we are highlighting an exciting group of new leaders that are making a real difference in their respective communities. Leadership goes beyond talking about an issue; it is the fearless act of doing something and owning the responsibility of the outcomes.

Please read more about these latest additions to our support group meeting schedule.

Recovery Works

“Recovery has taught me to persevere. Now, not only do I have direction, but I also have the determination to finish things that I start.” ~ Josiah, CforR Volunteer & Recovery Works Co-Founder

Recovery Works support group is a safe place for our black community to come together and discuss challenges faced in the community, mental health, recovery, share resources and to make healthy connections. This is an open meeting and is focused on supporting the black community in recovery.

Recovery Works meets every Tuesday at 7:00pm

Learn More About Co-Founders Josiah and Jasmine Here

“I developed decisiveness and taking the initiative and just being a good role model for those around me.”

~Jasmine, CforR Volunteer & Recovery Works Co-Founder

Your donation helps us create future leaders like Jasmine


Grupo Latino de Recuperacion

“Since I'm in recovery I became a better parent and leader in my community.”

“Desde que estoy en recuperación, me convertí en un mejor padre y líder en mi comunidad.” ~ Julia, CforR Volunteer & Grupo Latino de Recuperacion Co-Founder

Grupo de Latino Recuperacion support group is a safe place for Spanish speakers to come together and discuss challenges faced in the community, mental health, recovery, share resources and to make healthy connections. Come, socialize, share!

El grupo de apoyo del Grupo de Latino Recuperacion es un lugar seguro para que los hispanohablantes se reúnan y discutan los desafíos que enfrentan en la comunidad, la salud mental, la recuperación, compartir recursos y establecer conexiones saludables. Ven, socializa, comparte!

Grupo de Latino Recuperacion meets Mondays and Thursdays at 1:00pm

Learn More About Co-Founders Julia, Pamela, and Ramis Here

The Communities for Recovery Peer Leadership Academy

Training Leaders in Peer Recovery Support Services

In 2019, with the inception of the Recovery Support Peer Specialist credential in the State of Texas, CforR reimagined our training program to incorporate the vision of creating Peer Leaders. We believe in the power of peer relationships within our community and what better way to apply our philosophy of Give to Keep than to train others to give back, while contributing to the development of a peer recovery workforce. In addition, our PLA Internship and Supervision Program gives RSPS interns the opportunity to complete their 250 work experience hours toward their full certification. The Peer Leadership Academy is a certified Training Entity for Peer Services training and offers a variety of trainings for certifications and CEU courses.

Please contact us at or click below for more information.

Learn About Training Opportunities

How the Values of Recovery Can Transform the Way You Lead

There are many similarities between leadership and recovery.

And while it may not be reported in business magazines or notable publications (yet), there are synergies that people in recovery and out of recovery can learn from.

Recovery transforms the past experience of addiction – often bringing to life new skills, gifts and competencies in a person.

Read the Article by Tori Utley

A Message from the Executive Director

As a Recovery Community Organization, one of our core duties is to promote leadership within our community. This means that we give people a place to voice their thoughts and goals as well as giving them the tools to act. We are an organization of people in recovery who are doing what they can to bring about positive changes to individual lives and to our community as a whole.

We teach individuals to set and achieve goals.

Volunteers and staff develop and improve communication skills as they lead meetings.

People learn to share their recovery story, their ideas and how to create new things.

As an organization, we would not exist today without the creativity and leadership of people in recovery. Every program, group, class, and activity that we have to offer was developed by someone in recovery. Yoga, SHINE, Action Planning for Life, All Recovery, Recovery Curious, Stay Out of Jail, Music In Recovery, and Art of Recovery all started because someone in recovery had an idea. This month, we are proud to feature Grupo Latino de Recuperación and Recovery Works meetings which were both developed and started by volunteers.

At Communities for Recovery, we strive to always listen to the needs of the recovery community and encourage the creative ideas from our volunteers on how to fill those unmet needs. This is a cornerstone of our mission to create a healthy recovery community. We are grateful for your support!


“In my recovery and through volunteering I have become dependable, accountable and motivated to work towards greater good.”

“En mirecuperación y a través de lvoluntariado, me he vuelto confiable,responsable y motivado para trabajar por un bien mayor.”

~ Ramis, CforR Volunteer & Grupo Latino de Recuperacion Co-Founder

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Communities for Recovery Mission

We support long-term recovery for people with substance use and co-occurring mental health issues by partnering with other organizations in the community to provide peer-supported recovery services.

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