Cindy’s Story

A story isn’t really a story without the details, and sometimes those details are so small that they escape our awareness. At Communities For Recovery, we believe that it is those millions of tiny moments that make up a life in recovery. Your support of Communities For Recovery ensures that our services and support are there for those in recovery during all the moments in their journey.
We wanted to share Cindy’s story with you because you understand how important it is to support long-term recovery in our community. Cindy’s story powerfully illustrates the millions of tiny moments that make up a life in recovery.

“My name is Cindy. I am 65 and my drug of choice has been alcohol since I was a young mother. I did not realize that I was an alcoholic until I started searching for an outpatient facility for my daughter when she was 19.

I had a prestigious career, lifestyle and home. I began going in and out of treatment and getting arrested for public intoxication and DWI's. 20 years ago, I was incarcerated with a 5-year sentence and 14 years later I was incarcerated with a 3-year sentence for DWI's. I paroled from Dallas to Austin thinking I could have a new lifestyle and get away from the things that triggered me. It took some time, but I started drinking again.

I lost a month-to-month lease after 1 1/2 years. I had no money saved and wasn't getting my deposit back for 30 days. I moved my belongings into storage and that night, I slept in my car. I was actually, unbelievably, homeless. I drank more just so I could forget at night where I was. I worked part-time, had a membership with YMCA for showering and dressed from my storage unit twice a day.

My doctor from Community Care referred me to a social worker who did so much for me. She recommended I go to Seton for out-patient recovery and to contact Communities for Recovery (CforR) when she learned I did not like attending the traditional AA meetings.

I completed the Seton Program and applied for a Recovery Coach at CforR. As I waited to be assigned to a coach, I attended my first meeting and the coach handed me a folded slip of paper. I opened it and it had a verse that meant so much to my heart and spirit. I knew then that CforR was the right place for me at just the right time. I began meetings, art classes, tried yoga and even went to their beautiful Christmas Party.

Heart Hands

One day I was sitting outside and realized the sun was shining. The amazing thing is that I also realized the sun had been shining all along, but I had been unable to see it.
I just started crying in that "ah, ha!" moment of, I am really in recovery and it is awesome! Another time, I was telling my coach I just wanted to do more to help others. To my surprise, she asked if I had considered being a coach! I felt worthy!

CforR is so very special to me because as addicts, we all need an in-between after treatment programs because so many of us have difficulty restoring our lives, relationships and resources. I am one of those people who needed more help after treatment, and I have found a new belief in myself by working with my coaches.

CforR helped me obtain an internship grant with them, scholarship for training to become a Recovery Support Peer Specialist, and I recently received certification from the Texas Board of Certifications. Six months ago, I received Permanent Housing Solutions and have a beautiful apartment to call my home. I could not have done it alone. I needed CforR then and I still need them now.

I love everything about CforR because I found total acceptance, my self-esteem, and learned not to feel so much shame and pain about my background. My background was really embarrassing and shameful, but now I realize my background is something I can share freely to those who, like me, need hope for their future.

I truly have been blessed being a part of the CforR community and I have so much gratitude every single day!

Thank you for supporting Communities for Recovery. YOU helped ME change my life.”


Your donation today ensures that Communities For Recovery is there for Cindy and so many others during their recovery journey. Thank you for supporting those millions of tiny moments that make up a life in recovery.

“Recovery happens in small moments, often unrecognizable to the individual at the time” - Phil Owen, Peer Recovery Coach, Communities for Recovery

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