Ffarm Moelyci Bulletin November 2016
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Ffarm Moelyci Bulletin November 2016

December in the Vegetable Garden
Sat 3rd December 2016 10am to 12:30pm £10

Panad a Mince Pie
In celebration of new Welsh classes at Ffarm Moelyci we are having a special Panad a Sgwrs.  Come along at 11am on Saturday December 3th and meet other like minded Welsh learners for a chat, panad and... a mince pie.

The next open steering group 10th December
10th December is our next open forum steering group.  There will be coffee and mince pies and a chance to see whats going on at Ffarm Moelyci.  Keep an eye out for more details.

Food Nights at Ffarm Moelyci
Winter Warmers
Friday 16th December, 7pm £10/head

Volunteering - we need your help!

We need your help at Ffarm Moelyci.  Our new Shop and Cafe Blas Lôn Las is doing really well but we still need to keep building it to keep it going into the future.  We’re asking for your help, to join us in the journey and offer your time.  We’re only looking for a few hours a week and in return you get proper training on everything we do, we provide discounts and free lunches, free vegboxes and to be part of an amazing friendly team.  If you are interested and would like a taster, please contact us or pop into the shop and talk to Carol.  We’d really like to hear from you.

Blas Lôn Las

We’re busy, busy, busy with all the preparations to bring you fabulous Christmas fare from all our wonderful local producers including puddings, pickles, chutneys, sweets & cakes.
You can pre-order Christmas hampers with a glorious variety of these great produce including cosmetics from Laughing Bird, delicious tasty delights from Pantri Helen & Becws Brain & not forgetting cheese & pickle hampers. Come in to pre-order or choose what items & how much you want to spend. Alternatively buy one of our ready made hampers on display in the shop.
We are also taking orders for Christmas veg orders, fresh wreaths ranging from £7.50 to £25.00 for a deluxe wreath. We will also take orders for table decorations….come in to discuss your requests with Carol & enjoy a relaxing cuppa & a delicious mince pie or slice of spiced bundt in front of a roaring warm fire.
Fresh & Potted Christmas trees will be on sale alongside potted hyacinths & spring bulbs from the 1st week of December .
We are putting out an sos for Volunteers…If you only have a couple of hours to spare come & chat with us over a cuppa.

Cosyn Cymru

The new Cosyn Cymru labels for the cheeses and yogurts have finally arrived… last!  We had a very successful mini-launch with the two Calan fiddlers and S4C ‘Heno’ cameras on Monday 28th – a big thank-you to those who came to support.

It’s time to think about some of those awkward Christmas presents……and here’s the solution!  Bethesda Pottery has produced some gorgeous bowls and Brefu bach pots, for Cosyn Cymru cheese and other cheese-related goodies.  Limited stock…….first come first served!

And last but not least…..the new website is up and running:

Food Nights at Ffarm Moelyci

Friday 16th December 7 for 7:30

Have you enjoyed our 2 curry nights?  Elen is going to try something new this month to suit the season.
Come along for a winter warmer night.  Try Stews like Lobscows and all the tasty trimmings.  Ideal for the colder darker nights.  Remember to book via our website.

Courses at Ffarm Moelyci

Have you been part of our growing space courses?  We have more coming up and they are only £10 to enjoy.
December in the Vegetable Garden
Sat 3rd December 2016 10am to 12:30pm
Selecting Seeds for 2017
Planting up a Herb Planter
February in the Vegetable Garden
Saturday 4th Feb 2017 10am to 12:30pm
Sowing Tender Crops Under Cover
Seed Swap
March in the Vegetable Garden
Sat 4th Mar 201710am to 12:30pm
Caring for Seedlings
Seedling Swap

Snowdonia Donkeys

The donkeys have arrived!  Come and meet Norman, Jennie, Winniefred.  All in their lovely warm shelter.  Keep an eye on to find out updates and listen to them on BBC Radio Wales.

Moelyci Orchard Group

About 10 years ago a large number of fruit trees were planted around the field that was planned to become the Moelyci market garden. This was Cae Mariad, the field on the opposite side of the track to the soft fruit, pick-your-own field. There were 84 trees, including several varieties of apple as well as pears, damsons, cherries and plums. Unfortunately the market garden did not flourish there, largely due to unexpected vulnerability to winds, which demolished two polytunnels set up there. In the first year after planting there was also an unusually prolonged drought, which set back the fruit trees. Subsequently the market garden relocated to its present site and the fruit trees became neglected.
An orchard group has been set up this year after successful receipt of a grant, from the Welsh Perry and Cider Society, to plant a new orchard of cider apple and perry pear trees. The grant will allow about 50 new trees to be planted over this winter and next. The group has also begun to restore and improve the existing orchard in Cae Mariad. Of the original 90 trees 10 have died but of the remainder, 53 of the apple trees produced fruit this year.
The first work of the group has involved identifying the existing orchard trees from the original planting list and the trees are now all labelled. It would also be good to replace trees in the 10 gaps where trees have died. We have also attended an apple juicing and cider making day at the Llanberis Community Orchard. Our work for the winter will be pruning and staking - some of the trees are in desperate need of TLC - and clearing plant growth to give the fruit trees space to breathe. Some self sown birch, willow and oak trees need to be removed too as well as some overhanging branches from the hedge on one side of the field.
More help is needed with the fruit trees and if you would like to join in we meet there each Friday morning. 

Panad a Mince Pie

In celebration of new Welsh classes at Ffarm Moelyci we are having a special Panad a Sgwrs.  Come along at 11am on Saturday December 3rd and meet other like minded Welsh learners for a chat, panad and... a mince pie.
All levels of learners are welcome or even others wanting to help.
Details can be found on our website.

Visit from the British Bryological Society

On the weekend of Nov 11-13 2016 members of the British Bryological Society met at Treborth Botanical Garden to learn more about the identification of liverworts. The workshop was led by Lucia Ruffino and there were 15 participants. Most of the weekend was spent in the laboratory identifying the liverworts with microscopes but there were also two field excursions, the Sunday morning excursion being to Moelyci Farm. We spent three hours mostly in the wet woodland, where we found many liverworts, mosses and lichens typical of ancient 'Atlantic' forest.
1)  Members of British Bryological Soc on field excursion to Moelyci farm
2)  Lucia and Matt enjoying Bryophytes at Moelyci
3)  A rare lichen on the trunk of an old tree on Moelyci farm

4)  Moss, liverwort and rare lichen on rocks in the lovely stream in the ancient woodland of Moelyci. 
The participants in the workshop are grateful for the opportunity to visit Moelyci and learned a great deal from being able to see the liverworts in their habitat.

The Growing Space

November at The Growing Space has seen the mild autumn weather recede and cold weather arrived, however this does not stop activity. The last of the summer tender vegetable are being harvested, tomatoes, peppers, chillies and courgettes.  As crops end they are taken out and beds in the polytunnel re-sown with crops to over winter and fill the hungry gap next spring, the first winter salad was in the shop last week.
On Tuesdays the work experience group from Coleg Menai have been busy in the old composting area, cultivating an area and planting out herb plants. When established this area will provide fresh cut thyme, sage and rosemary for the shop. (If the rabbits don’t get then first!)
In the outside growing area the beds are being tidied edge off, those not in use will be covered until required.
There have been a quantity of bulbs and winter bedding plants, planted up for sale look out for them outside the shop soon.
Plans are being made for the new growing year.  Remember Thursday is an open volunteer day come along a 10am have a panad and a chat as well as a task to complete.


There are a couple of allotments vacant at the moment present so if you’re interested in having an allotment please contact or 01248 602 793


November on Moelyci Allotments

Autumn is slowly mutating into a very soggy affair on the allotments. However  nasturtiums, late lilies ,malvas, marjoram ,feverfew, rambler roses even cosmos and some comfrey are all still glowing in what passes for daylight under stormy skies. Self seeded evening primrose, nasturtiums calenduala and purple sprouting broccoli plantlets are dotted all over beds destined for specific veg plants in next years rotation so they need to be moved now into one bed from which they can be relocated in the spring.
Apple tree pruning can go on now as can the annual cutting down of autumn fruiting raspberries which have been so prolific through the last three months.
On dry days a last weeding session may give the gardener a head start in spring. Mulching fruit bushes is  useful now.
Some like to cover empty beds to protect from leaching winter rain. The type of cover is a matter of opinion: some prefer black plastic which ensures  a slightly warmer start for early spuds, beans and onion. Plastic will not allow the soil to breathe but it will encourage a build up of hibernating wildlife including slugs.  Cardboard could be placed over the soil but it needs good anchoring or gales transport it and anything else lying around the plots down into the oak woodland below. Carpet is useful short term but frowned on because of the chemicals in it that gradually seep into the soil. Others leave beds uncovered to allow any frost to balance up bacteria and viruses in the soil and break up the surface.
This isn’t the full story!  Every month Gill from the Allotments writes a blog keeping us up to date with what’s growing and what’s next on the alloments.  To find out more take a look at

Moelyci Wildlife Group

There is bad news and good news. Last winter in a grass tussock in the marsh by Cae Newydd, I found a small ball of grass which resembled a harvest mouse nest, but it was too bedraggled for the experts to be certain. You are not supposed to survey for harvest mice during the summer, because if you disturb them when there are babies in the nest, the mother is liable to eat them. So I waited until October, then searched 92 grass tussocks but unfortunately found no sign of harvest mice.
There is better news about Moelyci fungi. Our grassland is probably the best site in North Wales for  waxcap fungi and ecologically similar species, but the information we have is mostly from only three fields. This autumn, Cwm Harry has funded local expert Charles Aron to survey some of our other pastures. The results are not yet in, but Charles tells me he has identified at least two more fields with a rich assemblage of these fungi, including species not found before at Moelyci.
John Bratton
The next bulletin might be a little later, Christmas is going to get in the way!

We’d like to take this chance to wish everyone a wonderful winter break.  However you celebrate, whomever you are with...
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you for supporting us, visiting, enjoying the shop, allotments and everything we do for you.
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