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November 4, 2016
Why Are There So Many Sports and Athletic Teams at LJCDS? By Director of Athletics and Physical Education Jeff Hutzler
When those of us of a certain age think of high school athletics, we probably think of the traditional ball sports (football, basketball and baseball), and a few traditionally gender-specific sports (cheerleading, softball, wrestling or field hockey). Fortunately, the school athletics landscape has changed considerably in the last 20 years or so, affording students far more athletic choices than their parents and grandparents.
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To Be Social or Not…That is the Question By Director of Student Support Services/Learning Resource Center Micki Mighdoll

Before the media blitz hit and then grew with tornado-like speed in the 1990s, staying in touch with friends meant talking (on the phone or in person), writing letters and actually hanging out. Connections were made through play, activities, family dinners and events. The prevalence of social media today has cast a different light on communicating and has created an enormously different environment that is, I must admit, personally overwhelming. 
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World Trade Center Engineer Visits LJCDS 

La Jolla Country Day School welcomed Luis Prieto-Portar, Ph.D., for a two-day visit on Oct. 27 and 28. Dr. Prieto-Portar is an engineer with an impressive resume as the central figure in the construction of the World Trade Center and the developer of one of the first geographic information systems (GIS) for the United States Navy.
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Mock Presidential Debate 

The AP United States Government class presented a mock presidential debate on October 24 for Middle School students and October 28 to Upper Schoolers. Students played the roles of major party candidates Hillary Clinton (Natalie Boyer ’17) and Donald Trump (Alfredo Covarrubias ’17) as well as Libertarian Gary Johnson (Remy Reya ’17), Green Party candidate Jill Stein (Gabby Stryker ’17), and independent candidate Evan McMullin (Landon Nutt ’17).
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Fourth Grade Robotics Showcase 

After months of collaboration, problem-solving and perseverance, 20 fourth grade students from the after-school robotics program unveiled their projects at the Robotics Showcase on Friday, October 27. The students worked with touch sensors, sound sensors, ultrasonic sensors, motors and gears. Dog sled, rattlesnake and catapult robots were among the few displayed.
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Halloween Slideshow
Celebrating National Day on Writing
Becoming Brilliant Author
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Visit from Children's Author
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