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April 21, 2017
Letters from the administration 

Recipe for Happiness and Success 
By Dean of Academics and Student Life Dave Jenkins

My wife, daughter and I have been going to Cabo San Lucas during spring break for years. This year was no exception. The weather in Cabo this time of year is not much different than in San Diego. In Cabo, however, there is no lawn for me to mow or other things on my “honey-do” list. Much of our time during spring break is spent relaxing and reading. While on break this year, I read Shawn Achor’s The Happiness AdvantageAchor suggests most people follow the formula “you work hard, you become successful and then you become happy.” For students, this often means “if I work hard, I will get that good grade, and then I’ll be happy.” Achor suggests that the formula is broken and argues that happiness breeds success. I don’t disagree with him.
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Teaching Students First, Subjects Second: Developing Metacognitive Skills
By Head of Middle School Colleen O'Boyle
Metacognition. Knowing about knowing. Is kindergarten too early to understand the significance of why something is important? Is fourth grade too premature to understand perspective and point of view? Is sixth grade too young to expect students to provide evidence for how they know something is true or correct? Is 10th grade too late to expect students to know how to make connections or the reasoning behind the how or why something applies? And would we be remiss if by 12th grade our students couldn’t employ supposition or the understanding that in uncertainty one questions the status quo and embraces speculation? 

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Elaina Sassine '18 Competes in MIT Research Competition

Congratulations to Elaina Sassine ’18 who earned honorable mention in the women and gender studies category in the final round of the MIT INSPIRE national research competition. MIT INSPIRE is the only national high school research competition in the humanities, arts and social sciences. With nearly 600 total entries, Elaina was one of 105 finalists who was invited to MIT to present her research findings.

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Lower School Student Shares Her Experience

"I know that my teachers are always make me a better person."
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