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6-Notes on Sunday

Happy Blocktober there!

Hi TEAM ! Welcome to the new 6 Note Format! 

We will be using our Training 4 Ultimate Framework and giving y'all notes under each of the 4 spheres of PEAK performance & the four Pillars of MPFPT.  We be alternating between 4 Spheres format 6 Notes and 4 Portals format will be sharing notes that are either:

  • Nutrition 
  • Lifestyle 
  • UST - (Ultimate Skills Training) 
  • 4 the mind 

  • Movement Quality
  • Speed & Agility
  • Strength & Power 
  • Conditioning 

MPFPT Sphere Note - The moonshots of 2019 & the Marshots of 2020. 

PEAK SZN is Here for our USA Ultimate Stars! Many of our brightest stars will be obitting around and landing in the San Diego Jam Rock next week to take their moonshot.  We've got some strong and finely tuned space ships floating around and ready to light it up and take their moonshot.  Follow the action, say hi to Tim and the BE Ultimate Jamily in San Diego.  If you are competing we love shout outs. Tag us so we can celebrate you and pass that fire! 

Lets build our launch pads, assembling high performance spaceships, tune them up, add some fire by sparking fires and passing fires.  Once we ignite the spaceship next we shoot Moon.  The journey to the moon is better together and we want you to come with us. Don't hesistate. Lets go.  2020 is your year and it ifs your year its out year too!

MPFPT in 2020, let's rebuild our foundation & shoot ... the moon?
Is the moon a big enough target? We've been working hard to BE like Beyonce who can "call my girls and put em all on a spaceship"  Once you have your spaceship built. Where will you go?

To the moon? The NASA Station?  Perhaps you'd just chill out in orbit? To inifity? Choice is yours, aim big! You know stars and meant to shine!  MP Ambassador Helen is headed for Mars and we know she can do it if we keep passing her fire to fuel her journey.  

Moonshot, Marshot, NASA, Infinity. It's your book you decide where you are headed.
We just hope you do it all out.  Its about the process
and that goes Dream, Strategize, Execute, Reflect, Repeat. 

We make the Execution part easy with PEAK +
We start Nov 4th.  Lets go. 
PEAK + Off SZN Opens Nov 4th -
Spaces are limited!  

Just reply to this email or reach out to for more info!
Or visit 
1 on 1 sessions also Available with Tim in Boston November & December only.

Nutrition Sphere BOOST! We are partnering with Laird Superfood! 

We've been working on this deal since Laird and Gabby started the company.

Finally, it has come to life! Our Jam Fam get 20% off of ALL products!

We've been working towards this moment since the day Laird Superfoods launched. We are so proud that it's finally here and we can share it with you so we can all benefit.

Laird Superfood is a brand that we deeply believe in who have proven time and again the importance of Nutrition and Lifestyle sphere boosts for Peak Performance.  

Check out the post here and get to know Gabby, Laird and the Laird Superfood fam!  We are excited to blend our FPT & Training 4 Ultimate communities with the XPT life community.  Let's see how it shapes up, one day perhaps we will get out to the XPT Life zen farm for some training.   Who knows maybe we can even convince Laird and Gabby to play some BEACH ULTIMATE with us!  #moonshot

Be sure to pass the fire and tag @timmmorrill @morrillperformance @lairdsuperfood and @yourTEAMandTEAMMATES to share the love and help us all to BE Better Than EVER!

Lifestyle Sphere Boosts: You can have an AT HOME SAUNA for under 500$?! Its true! —
Sauna is fantastic for your physical and emotional health, but we can't always make it to the gym. In home sauna's are bulky and relatively expensive. We found a solution!  Did you know about this fantastic alternative from Amazon! For only 500$ it's well worth the investment.   Want to compare models?  Check out this 2019 Sauna Blanket Review!  Not a believer in Sauna therapy?  Go to school with Dr. Rhonda OR listen to here talk to selling Joe Rogan on Sauna in less than 6 minutes. 

SST Sphere Boosts - UST - Ultimate Skills Training —& Meet @bodybyulti! 
Check out Jake @bodybyulti and Timbro getting out to the field to run some of the most recent PEAK + In SZN UST <---> FPT portal blended drills. These are super fun and super easy to integrate into your practice / training.  All you need is a disc and a superfriend! Speaking of Jake, our Framework and LIVING IT, check out this great post on Jakes clever new insta handle @bodybyulti showing us a day in the life of living the T 4 U lifestyle.  Sphere integration at its finest out at the ZOO!  

Jamily Contributor Note - PASSAFIRE!  This is all about passing fire.  Stay lit and keep your jamily lit.  Be the fire then pass it  by making posts like Jakes!. Be sure to tag us and #mpfpt and #training4ultimate & #fuelyourjourney to get some flames building around these parts.  We are going to need all the fire we can get going into this Off SZN! 

4 the Mind (a boost from 4 U. Note from Tim):

"Spotify will change your life" said a friend of mine upon going a few years without Spotify
(I chose audible instead)  Well she was right. Spotify has changed my game and my life and I'm grateful to her for bringing me back to the light. She passed me a fire and now I'm passing you all a fire by sharing my dopest playlist to day.  

It's Called Launch Pad Jam!  BE Inspired with 4 hours of humili-zenjamvibes made special 4 U.  Launch Pad Jam 19' is a combo of Dub Flow to loosen up, Jam Mode Flow to WORK and a few love songs missed in to keep you cheesing while you jam out. Overtime this playlist becomes your swag on switch!  It is also all clean listening = minimal cuss words & appropriate for all audiences.  

6th note:  Mens Journal & Ultimate Frisbee? put out an Ultimate Frisbee workout, to challenge their readers. Some of it will probably look familiar! Check it out Jamily and see if you can handle it.  Note the Laird Hamilton workout halfway down.  See! Frisbee time with the Hamilton jam fam is meant to BE! #voodoo #XPTmeetsFrisbee 

Please give us feedback and offer suggestions by replying to this email or reaching out on Facebook or Instagram

Wishing you the ultimate week!

The Morrill Performance TEAM


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