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Upcoming Events:
Studio South Recital: March 19th at 4 pm (see Google calendar on website)
Classical Singer Competition: March 26th, U of Northern Colorado in Greeley 

Audition Tips:
 We are starting into recital and competition season, so we thought some tips on auditioning would be useful to all of you! Here are some of our favorites:

1. SUCCESS is dependent on the following:
      60% is showing up…
       25% is showing up with the right attitude, “I need to do something to improve”
       10% is showing up well-prepared
        the rest is talent and hard work

2. Audition Preparation “The Marvel Method”  (N.Y. City)
Be responsible for ALL parts of the audition.  Present yourself before, during and after as the person you want to portray…i.e; fun-loving, well-prepared, etc.
Be confident and well-prepared…this makes them feel comfortable and relaxes you and insures success.  Be musically and dramatically a part of your songs. 
Think of the auditioners as equals.
Text: 100 ways to say it, week one LISTEN…how does it make you FEEL?
          Next week, READ the text many different ways for meaning.  
The following week, PUT IT TOGETHER.  Then PRACTICE in front of a mirror
until you have what you want.
Audition space:  create blocking for your audition process, whether spatial, physical or geographic.  Where does it take place and what is there (chair, table, mirror etc)?  What are the emotions: rejection, happiness, sorrow etc. 
Beautiful moments have to ‘happen’ outside of you…see it and send the emotion out of you!  The costume determines how the character should move i.e. move as if wearing a long classical gown, clown suit, ballet tutu, etc;
Before an audition, ask if it is OK to use space; 99% of the singers do better if moving and using the stage.  Use the introduction to establish your character, space and tempo.
Be honest about what your strengths are and downplay your weaknesses.
Silently mouth words to set tempo with accompanist, and to establish emotions and gestures.

Commit to expressing the text with your body.  By taking away the voice, you are forced to do this.   Know where each thought begins and ends.

3. Introduce yourself and your songs with the same energy you sing with.
Then look down as you think about your piece, character, how you wish to present it, and then bring your head up as cue to accompanist.

4. Audition attire: Girls: wear make-up, hair back, jewelry (not too big), no open toes, panty hose, no large patterns, not too short (at or below knees best), and no cleavage.  Guys:  suit with jacket, tie, and dress shirt, dress shoes.

5. Be confident and have fun!

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