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Coming Soon- Time4Care Refresh
We Went Paperless
EVV Live-In Caregiver Exemption Renewals
Temporary Sick Time (COVID-19) for CDASS Attendants
Continued EVV Compliance in 2021
EVV Telephony Option
How your EVV vendor decision impacts lives 

COMING SOON – Time4Care Refresh

A refreshed version of Time4Care™ is coming to CO. In keeping with our mission to continuously improve tools that make EVV compliance and self-directed home care easier, we are excited to introduce these enhancements to CO.

Time4Care will keep the same functionality, with the addition of new features, further enhanced performance and an updated layout and design. 

No action will be needed for existing Time4Care users.  When the refreshed version of Time4Care has been released you will automatically see the new features and enhancements.  New CO users will be simply download from either Apple or Google Play stores.

New Features

  • A new app dashboard landing page displaying the items most used and needed by the user immediately upon login, for ease and convenience.
  • A new “favorite” clock-in feature enabling the ability to mark favorite participant/service combinations for quick, one- tap clock-in.
  • A new alternate location feature. This feature enables you to enter your location where services occurred when a manual entry is submitted.
Reflecting the upcoming app refresh, the CO CDASS Time4Care user guide is being updated now along with the in app-user guide.

To learn more about the updates to the Time4Care EVV mobile app, click or tap this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) link.

We Went Paperless!

A reminder that starting April 1, 2021, we longer send out printed versions of our monthly newsletter in order reduce paper usage and clutter.

We currently offer our monthly newsletter on our website and via email.  This allows us to link out to other important program updates and PPL information to make sure you always stay current.

Should you wish to update your email we have on file, contact and include in the subject line "Email for CDASS Monthly Newsletter".

EVV Live-In Caregiver Exemption Renewals

Last year, the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) approved an exemption from EVV for live-in caregivers. The EVV Live-In Exemption is an annual exemption and must be renewed by the expiration date to avoid a break in exemption or the requirement of your live-in exempt attendant to clock-in and out for EVV compliance. If the attendant is meeting the live-in criteria, Part A or Part B of the form should be completed (under Part B, please select only one, either “Permanently” or “Extended Periods of Time”).

Please include supporting documentation (refer to the list below for supporting documentation that can be used) when faxing or emailing the attestation form to PPL. Supporting documentation can be submitted in the following forms: State ID showing residency, address listed on tax returns, automobile registration, voter registration card, utility or other household bill showing individual’s address, bank account statement, and/or Medicaid records. All documentation must be current or have a date within the last three months.

Documentation of live-in caregiver status must be sent with the attestation form to PPL. This can be faxed, emailed, or uploaded through BPM in the BetterOnline portal. See below for PPL’s administrative fax number (1-866-947-4813) and email on where to send documents (

If your attendant was approved for Part C on the EVV Live-in Caregiver Attestation form last year from HCPF, the form will have to be completed again for your attendant and submitted directly to HCPF for approval via email,, to renew that. Please do that as soon as you can as the Part C approval process can take weeks or longer with HCPF. These forms should only be sent to HCPF if renewing under Part C.
If your attendant still meets the requirements for being EVV live-in exempt, please complete the EVV Live-in Caregiver Attestation form with your attendant and return to PPL with supporting documentation at your earliest convenience.
If the EVV Live-in Caregiver Attestation form and supporting documents are not received for renewal, the attendant’s exemption from EVV will expire on the expiration date.

Temporary Sick Time (COVID-19) for CDASS Attendants

Sick time is available (at the Member/Authorized Representative’s discretion) to:
  • Pay a regularly scheduled attendant with flu-like symptoms who is being tested for Coronavirus COVID-19, or
  • Pay a regularly scheduled attendant who tests positive for Coronavirus COVID-19
Approval is needed by the Member/Authorized Representative as the funding for sick time comes directly from the CDASS budget. Sick time payment is still subject to CDASS program rules which includes the 130%  monthly allocation spending cap.

If submitting sick time, the Member/Authorized Representative needs to complete the official form.

A current pay rate on file for the Attendant must be used. Click here to download a sick form code. 

The form can be uploaded to BPM, faxed to 1-866-947-4813,
or emailed to

Sick time approved on the form needs to also be submitted through any time entry method and must be approved by both the Attendant and Member/Authorized Representative. Sick time submission follows the same deadlines as normal time entry and will pay on the next scheduled pay date if entered timely.

* We encourage you to continue monitoring your CDASS budget as Minimum wage changes and the use of Temporary Sick time can impact your budget. 

CDASS Attendant Directory

Are you interested in gaining additional work as an Attendant in CDASS? To join the CDASS Directory today:
Click here for more information
Increases Efficiency: Captures “real-time” data when clocking in and out daily. It is important to not edit or create manual entries unless it is necessary (Attendant was unable to use Time4Care when their shift started or ended) as manual entries are not EVV compliant.

Convenience: Clock in and out anywhere services are occurring. In addition, devices can be shared when using Time4Care as each user logs in with their own unique username and password. 
Airplane mode: If you experience a “technical difficulties” message, it could be due to a network connectivity issue. Try putting your device in airplane mode. This will allow you to log in and clock-in and out while your device is offline. Your time entry will be saved! 

Time4Care Updates: Please make sure you are downloading updates for Time4Care when available to experience new features and improvements. 
EVV Help Desk:  For technical support, please call 1-833-204-9041

Continued EVV Compliance in 2021

This is a friendly reminder to ensure your attendants who are required to clock in/out through Time4Care are doing so. Manual entries or edited time entries should only occur when necessary (the attendant was not able to clock in/out or a correction was needed to the service/rate category or time entry). Only employees approved for the EVV live-in exemption are not required to clock in/out through Time4Care.

Thank you for your continued efforts to meet EVV requirements.

EVV Telephony Option

PPL has options available to assist with EVV compliance. If you or your Attendant do not have access to a smart phone or tablet device with GPS capability for the Time4Care app, you can sign up for our telephony option. Telephony can be registered to the Member’s number on file. The Attendant can then call from that number to clock in/out through our automated phone system.

For more information or to register for telephony, please contact PPL Customer Service at 1-888-752-8250 or email

How your EVV vendor decision impacts 
so many lives 

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