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@8 Pisces

LA – Feb 26  – 6:58 am
NY – Feb 26  – 9:58 am
LONON – Feb 26  – 2:58 pm
SYDNEY – Feb 27 – 1:58 am
AUCKLAND – Feb 27 – 3:58 am

Hi Everyone, and Happy New Moon!

For the next few days, the moon is 'dark', the time where we want to rest, relax and recover from the demands of the last few weeks, or months.  Even if you have a full work schedule, you can entertain thoughts of peace and ease, finding ways to lighten your mind, fuel your enthusiasm and appreciate life.
You can also Invoke 'slacker manifesting' at this time.

What is it? 

Here's a rundown from Abigail Steidley. Read her in full on Jeannette’s blog.

I use this approach with everything (albeit not perfectly, mind you! Sometimes I forget and start over-efforting).

  • Do nothing.
  • Ignore it.
  • Listen for ideas.
  • Take action on the ideas.

It’s the recipe for instant manifestation. I have learned not to put one ounce of mental or physical effort into anything until I have done nothing, ignored it, and listened for ideas. Yes, this is the exact opposite of everything we learned in school.

We want to prep on the dark phase, because this is not just any old new moon!

It's a Solar Eclipse, where the moon stands between the Sun and Earth, cutting off the light of the Sun. This solar eclipse pulls in the Lunar Nodes (a necessary ingredient for any eclipse) bringing new possibilities our way, as if by chance.

All you have to do is have eyes open and a readiness to receive.

It's in Pisces, after all!

Things to do on the Pisces New Moon Eclipse:

Love life
Dream big
Cast a spell
Make a wish
Help a friend
Share a meal
Help a stranger
Immerse in the arts
Read your favorite fiction
Spend some time in nature
Be with your animal friends
Receive like you never have before

Over at GVA we are talking all about the Enchanting Eclipses. If you haven't seen the New Site, drop in. There is a free membership option that allows you to try it out with the Essential Astrology course and access to posts you will love. Drop in any time.

Kim's Writer's Corner - BIG NEWS ALERT!

I'm thrilled to announce the sale of a three book, Young Adult Fantasy series to publishers in the USA. My agent is still hammering out the contracts, so that's all I can say, other than, all three books are written, so the release dates will be sooner than imagined.

I'm over the moon!

More info and details to follow. Take a peek of the Moonboards here, and thank you everyone who has supported my novel writing.

Bless you all!

Have a wonderful, clear intention New Moon Eclipse!
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