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Dear Members,

The NSWTA founders created competitive tennis opportunities for women nearly fifty years ago. We thank them and the past presidents as we continue to grow and change, providing greater opportunities for our members to participate, even into their nineties. 

I’m excited to announce a number of enhancements that our NSWTA board has recently approved and will be presenting to our members for a vote at our annual meeting in Houston on March 30th. The proposed changes reflect the evolution of NSWTA and refresh our name and image. We strive to connect with more players, encouraging them to become members and participate in more tournaments. That’s how we form the life-long friendships we treasure while pursuing our passion of playing the great game of tennis.   

The Changes We’re Making That Members Must Approve - Please Vote!

1) A New Name: We propose National Women’s Tennis Organization (NWTO). Our new name expresses inclusivity. We are no longer a limited group of senior women, but now we span a broad range of ages between 30 and 90+. The acronym NWTO is unique enough to set it apart from the other major tennis associations: the USTA, and WTA.  

2) A New Logo: A contemporary symbol with 3 background colors: white, grey, and black.
Click here for enlarged logos

3) New 501(c) (3) Status. The board seeks to convert the corporate status from 501(c)(4) to 501(c)(3) enabling our organization to solicit tax deductible donations. With the new status, we will be able to raise substantial funds to benefit both our members and charitable organizations supporting young women.  
501(c)(3) Application    501(c)(3) Attachment 

4) New Bylaws: A change to 501(c)(3) requires new bylaws. New provisions include:
  • The board has the power to call special membership meetings.
  • Statement of purpose for charitable and educational purposes and for amateur tennis competition.
  • The board has the power to amend the bylaws with a two-thirds vote. 
5) BylawsClick here

6) New Conflict of Interest Document: Florida law requires that directors of a non-profit sign a
Conflict of Interest document

7) New Articles of Restatement of NSWTA and Amended & Restated Articles of Incorporation for NSWTA: These legal documents are required to be filed with the Division of Corporations, Florida Department of State, to change the name from NSWTA to NWTO. New Name Corporate Document

8) 2019 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

I am confident that these changes will help to move us further along our journey to become a more professional organization and one that you’ll want to continue to be affiliated with. I am prouder than ever to be a part of NSWTA. I hope you are too. 

See you on the courts, and hopefully in Houston to vote at the member meeting! 

Leslie Airola-Murveit
Co-President NSWTA
Incoming NSWTA Directors and Co-Presidents
It's Time to Vote!

Per the bylaws, Andrea Barnes and I have the opportunity to select seven women to serve on the NSWTA Board of Directors for a two year term (2020-2022) subject to member confirmation. As a member in good standing, you have the chance to shape the future by confirming these directors on March 31 at 5:00 pm at the Houston Racquet Club. Our group of proposed directors represent five USTA sections and five age groups and include: Debbie Burgess, Chris Grant, Kim Dean, Lois Harris, Lizl Kotz, Kaysie Smashey and Karin Weiner. They will join eight current directors who will serve until March 2021: Leslie Airola-Murveit, Andrea Barnes, Elizabeth Barnhill, Colleen Clery Ferrell, Vicky McEvoy, Julie Thu, Alisa Yee, Anna Zimmerman.  

Nominee Information

We thank outgoing board members: Carol Clay, Kathy Foulk, Anna Greer,Jenny Klitch, and Abbi Neuthaler for their service and contributions over the past three years. They kindly agreed to serve an extra year after the membership approved staggered board terms via the new bylaws.

In even years, the Nominating Committee selects a president elect to serve for one year with the expectation that she will then serve as president for a two year term.  This year the committee has nominated co-presidents Elizabeth Barnhill and Lois Harris to serve as co-presidents elect. I am thrilled with their choice! Please review the
Nominating Committee Report and vote to confirm them on March 31 at 5:00 pm in Houston. 

Directors and our consultants Yolanda Thierren, Kim Mark and Pam Simons have been busy with committee work. See their annual reports:

Membership - Elizabeth Barnhill
Treasury - Anna Zimmerman and Yodie Thierren
Communications - Julie Thu, Pam Simons
Budget - Andrea Barnes
Ambassador - Brenda Carter and Cindy Babb
ITF - Carol Clay
NSWTF - Donna Fales

MEETING AGENDA 2020  Click here to view

Donations to the NSWTA
We would like to thank and acknowledge our January's donors: Yodie Therrien, Lisa Miller, Jeanette McGlone and Carolyn Burch. Thank you for your support!

Welcome New Members of 2020!
A big welcome to our new members as of January 2020: 
Charo Aguilar, Jean Ainger, Elizabeth Bohac, Irene Bretzel, Rosemary Buker, Gill Butterfield, Shagg Catri, Jaqueline Clark, Mary Jo Colonna, Caridad Vivian Coto, Marie Collyer, Davida Dinerman, Candy Doud, Lydia Eitel, Shula Feuer, Rosie Fortna, Juliane Gramigni, Cynthia Hoefer, Elizabeth Kibler, Chritine Kingsley, Donna LeRoux, Nancy Lucas, Penelope Maag, Hilary Marold, Brenda Neurell, Aimee Norris, Anna Palmer, Simmy Pell, Brenda Pfaus, Zonia Sandoval, Christine Strohm, Marsha Thomas, Carol Ann Vest, Eileen Walker, and Donna Wyse.
RHYTHM By Mary Hill
Rhythm is the 3rd Fundamental Principle of Tennis. It can be defined as “a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement”. The key to rhythm is creating time. This means being attentive to the 3 R’s, like Matts Wilander stressed. The first R is Ready: be unweighted, like the skier or basketball player, just before your opponent strikes the ball. #2 is Read: turn using the non-dominant hand to prepare the racket and body. Use your opponent’s service line as your benchmark and practice reading and preparing before the ball crosses that plane. #3 is React: get behind the ball before the ball bounces.

Each individual has her own rhythm, based on her abilities to perform the 3 R’s. This successful sequence of events can lead to a fluid, effortless stroke, one that will not be influenced by her opponent’s change of pace or her opponent’s form or body language. If we believe Jim Loehr, who said that intensity is the biggest predictor of the outcome of a match, then we should develop the quickest, most consistent R’s we can. This habit will give us a “strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement” and give us a consistent rhythm.
Minnesota National Girls & Women in Sports Day
December 12, 2019 

Help us celebrate Dr. Belmar Gunderson a 2020 Legacy Award honoree. The University of Minnesota has long had storied athletic programs for both men and women, and the University’s success on the women’s side is thanks to Dr. Belmar Gunderson. Thanks to Dr. Gunderson’s leadership and mentorship, the University of Minnesota has produced thousands of successful female athletes. Her advocacy helped usher in a new era at the university, and women around the state – and country – have flourished. Read more
Les Grandes Dames, Palm Beach Gardens
January 28 - February 1, 2020. Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
By Pam Simons
Many of you have read the recent Wall Street Journal opinion piece titled  “Beating Old Age in Straight Sets”. It is amusing. The author has no answer to why he, at 79, can play better tennis than he did at 50. He wonders whether his tolerance for a high level of activity is what keeps him going. (He plays tennis four times a week, jogs a mile three times a week and walks for 25 minutes every day. He folk dances.) “I am wired to be on the move,” he almost shrugs. Well, that ain’t news to the ladies of the NSWTA.
Read more
Les Grandes Dames, Lamita Jabbour Cup
February 5-9, 2020. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

By Sue Kimball
The week started with wonderful sunny weather, a trifle windy, but we can deal with that – not so with the torrential rain greeting us on Friday morning and continuing until early afternoon. The grounds crew did an admirable job getting the courts ready for afternoon play and somehow the schedule was rearranged and communicated to players with minimum disruption.

Read more
Upcoming Tournament Deadlines

Tennis Channel USTA National Husband Wife Combined Age 100, 120 & 140 Grass Court Championships
March 8-14. Mission HIlls Country Club, Rancho Mirage, CA
Entries close: February 21 

NSWTA Championships / Anne Geier Cup 
March 11-15. Daniel Island Club, Charleston, South Carolina
Entries close: March 1

USTA National F-D, Senior. F-D Super Senior F-D, Ultra Senior F-D & Mother Son Indoor Championships
USTA National Father-Daughter Senior, Super Senior, Ultra Senior, and Mother-Son Indoor Championships
March 13-15. South Barrington Tennis Club, Barrington, IL
Entries close March 6  

USTA National Women's 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85 & 90 Clay Court Championships (ITF Grade A)
March 30-April 5. Houston Racquet Club, Houston, TX
Entries close: March 14
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Elite Tennis Travel offers discounts and upgrades to all NSWTA members on all trips booked before April 30, 2020. Mention the NSWTA when you book individual tickets to the Miami Open and receive a 5% discount, 10% discount on trip packages for groups of 5+ and room upgrades and/or complimentary breakfast where available.
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