Our Annual Membership Meeting is in two hours. This is your invite with information about the meeting and why you should attend.
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Reminder About Tonight's Annual Meeting

It's been a year already, and a lot has changed. Terry Hutchison first became our president and then was elected to City Council. Lake Park's leadership led the way on some critical issues, including D-Downtown Redevelopment, the 4th-and-4th Garage, and Hurricane Irma aftermath.

Who: Lake Park Neighborhood Association

What: Our Annual Membership Meeting

Where: Oaisis Church, 1074 10th St N, Naples, FL 34102

When: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 6:30pm
It's time to get together, hear from city officials, our outgoing board, and elect a new board of directors. These people make decisions on behalf of our neighborhood when interacting with our city and other neighborhoods that have far reaching effects and implications. 

Annual Meeting Agenda

  1. Last Year’s Meeting and Board Report – Derek Perry
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Nick Spahr
  3. City Manager’s Report – Bill Moss
  4. Police Dept. Report – Master Officer Walden
  5. Code Enforcement Report – Roger Jacobsen
  6. Tree Committee Report – Joanna Suero
  7. Website Committee Report – Derek Perry
  8. Introduction of New Members
  9. Election of Directors
  10. Unfinished Business
  11. New Business
  12. Adjournment

Election of Officers

We will have a ballot at tonight's meeting to elect three new board members. The top three individuals getting votes will be voted onto the board. However, if there are three-or-less names, the nominees, by default, will be appointed to the board. So, if you are interested in serving on the Lake Park Neighborhood Board of Directors, please respond to this email, or make it known during the introduction segment during tonight's meeting.

Why Bother Coming to a Meeting?

1. Represent Yourself, Your Neighbors, Your Ideas

Community boards tend to skew older: Members are selected by city council members, so they’re usually well-entrenched in their neighborhoods, and new positions open up only on an annual basis, and often in small numbers, as there are no term limits.

It's fair that longtime residents who are deeply invested in their communities should be at the front of the line for CB appointments, as they likely have a strong grasp of their neighbors' concerns.

On the other hand, residents newer to an area who want their own needs reflected on agendas have an opportunity to make that happen by attending meetings. So why not bring some much-needed young blood to your local meeting? If you love your neighborhood and plan to stick around, it’s worth the investment of your time. 

2. Meet City Staff and Representatives Face-to-Face

Perhaps even more effective than weighing in on a board vote is giving your City Council rep a piece of your mind directly. Council members, as well as other officials from local organizations, frequently attend meetings to address the board. And they want to hear about residents’ concerns—they have to run for re-election, after all.

Plus, someone who recently got involved points out, “Most of these organizations, even the council members, have pretty poor outreach because of budgets and expertise. So you have to go looking for it.”

3. Get a Better Handle on Local Politics

While it is tough to advance to the role of official member, appointment to a neighborhood association is an entry point to politics: Community board members sometimes do advance to positions on the city council and beyond (see: Terry Hutchison). And attending meetings will provide a deeper insight into the workings of local government, including how proposals move down the pipeline and various departments interact with one another

4. Have a Real Impact on Improvements in Your Neighborhood

Attending meetings is valuable, not only for voicing your own opinion, but for connecting with others in your community, as well. For locals who are curious or concerned about the future of their area, sitting in on a meeting will give them an inkling of what’s to come before anyone else finds out. (Source)

Who: Lake Park Neighborhood Association

What: Our Annual Membership Meeting

Where: Oaisis Church, 1074 10th St N, Naples, FL 34102

When: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 6:30pm
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Lake Park Neighborhood Association
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