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Lake Park Neighborhood Block Party TODAY Saturday, November 10, 2018

This year is going to be our best block party yet! We are bringing back some old traditions and creating some new ones along the way. Here’s all the information to share with friends, family, and neighbors.

ALL - this email is a rehashing of the last block party email. There's no new information and this is meant to serve as a reminder or refresher for those who didn't pay close attention before.

Randy Packard dropped off the smoker, Luke Fredrickson dropped off port-o-lets, and the rest of us are scrambling around all day to get everything else in place. Also, thank you for all of the dish registrations! Keep 'em coming! Tell some friends and neighbors about today's block party!


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WHO: Lake Park's residents, friends, and neighbors
WHAT: Annual Block Party
WHERE: 971 11th Street North, Naples, FL 34102
WHEN: Sat. Nov. 10, 2018 - 6pm food - party until 10pm
HOW: We all get together and be rad neighbors. And you throw in money. And you bring beer. And you register a dish. Read all about it below:

Money Talk

Last year saw a lot of confusion about the entry costs for the block party. I’m going to make it crystal clear: everybody is invited and it is free to all.

With that said, it is an expensive party and I don’t want to be the Lake Park President who bankrupted the neighborhood association or had the block party to end all block parties.
So we are asking that people pay their membership dues or provide a ten dollar donation per household. Neither of these are mandatory, just encouraged. You may pay your dues in advance online, or you may pay your dues or make a ten-dollar donation the night of with cash, check, or debit/credit card.

Please reach out if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or need additional information.

Food Talk

Like block parties past, Randy Packard's lending us his giant grill/smoker. We are going to cook hotdogs and hamburgers for everyone per our bylaws. You are welcome to bring any other meats, vegetables, and trays to cook on the grill. Please bring these items around 6pm (don't show up at 10pm expecting to cook chicken).


This year we are doing a return to the "neighborhood feel" of having everyone bring their favorite dishes for a pot luck block party. We are asking that everyone register their dishes on our website at (but you can also just email me with what you're bringing).

Chances are you'll be fine -- but when we get our 6th tuna cassarole registered, I'll reach out and make sure you know that five other people are bringing the same thing.

Please commit to bringing something so this thing works, everyone has food, and we all feel pretty cool about ourselves. And after you commit to bringing something (by registering online or emailing me), please find a neighbor and encourage them to do the same. Need help or inspiration? Check out "45 Easy Potluck Recipes!" or "35 Easy Potluck Recipes Ready in 30 Minutes or Less."

Kid Talk

Lake Park loves kids. Lots of kids live here. I have a kid. Other event organizers have kids. Other people going have kids. There will be kids.

The primary source of their amusement will be the inflatable bounce slide thing, like normal. There will be food, music, a fenced property, other parents, other kids, a firetruck -- all sorts of kid stuff. This is a kid friendly, family friendly event. Bring your kids. Tell your kids. Get stoked.

If you don't like kids, that's cool too. Don't tell the kids. Or the parents. You don't have to go into the bounce thing. You could even avoid the kids altogether by showing up after kid bedtime. But they're not that bad because they will be consumed by the other kids and the bounce inflatable thing.

Booze Talk

This is a BYOB event. There will be water and sodas provided. However, bring your own bottles (cans, preferably though).

I tell you what, bring beer for other people, too. Let's get so much beer here that I have to take it all home with me at the end of the night because it didn't get drank. 24, 48, 100, 300 racks of beer or whatever they sell down at Costco. Bring me all the beer. IPAs, Porters, Stouts, Wit Biers, Domestics, Imports, Cervezas, Ciders... bring it all.

Clear Your Schedule and Tell People

Do you already have plans this weekend? Cancel them. Or switch things around. Fold your plans into this block party. Figure something out and get you and your people to this block party. Let's make this one the greatest one yet!

And please tell a neighbor. Not just about the block party, but tell them about my email, about the neighborhood association, about how there are people out there that care about them and want to party with them.

Our neighborhood's cultural identity rests upon this block party. Don't let us down.

That's All, Folks!

Thanks for reading this block party announcement. I'm Derek Perry, the President of the Lake Park Neighborhood Association. I send out emails on behalf of the neighborhood association. Feel free to email me anything you'd like included in future mailings. I hope to provide regular updates that will help our community stay informed and grow stronger.

My mailing address is:
Lake Park Neighborhood Association
PO Box 11282
Naples, FL 34101-1282

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