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Mosquito Control Spraying Tonight

Collier's mosquito surveillance program has indicated high populations of salt marsh mosquitoes in the Naples/Port Royal/East Naples area that will be treated by a Skyvan airplane using Dibrom tomorrow morning—5/30/18 after 4:00 A.M.

About Misquito Control

From Mosquito Control: The science behind mosquito control is extensive, sound, and reliable. CMCD takes public health concerns seriously, and understands that some of those whom we serve may wish to avoid any contact with control materials. If this is the case, please be sure to sign up for notification, and check our treatment schedule frequently. Simply going inside during and for an hour after we treat your entire area will help prevent any unwanted exposure. 

Extensive scientific studies have shown that one of the most efficient adult mosquito control materials for Southwest Florida is a product called Dibrom. For more information about the safety of this product, visit our frequently asked questions page:

Despite the science above, my wife told me to bring in any kids toys that are outside. It's good to pick up every now and again anyways.

Lake Park's Cats in Trouble

Many neighbors are tremendously heartbroken over the recent loss of their beloved cats. A couple of cats were maimed or killed reportedly by a pack of dogs at the 1100 block of 8th Terrace North. Also, another an owner believes their cat was poisoned by an evasive toad. Yet another neighbor believes a possible hit-and-run occurred. 

Losing a pet can be just as hard as losing a friend of member of the family. They become incredibly special to their owners, and the loss will have a long and deep affect on them.

At first our cats need us... but then we need them. Our neighborhood wishes these affected neighbors comfort and peace during this difficult time. 

City to Address Lake Park Flooding

Last year's flooding events one way or another had a significant impact on almost everyone in Lake Park. Several neighbors lost everything. Many more who didn't were close—myself included. It turns out that Basin V improvements scheduled back in 2012-13 were deferred for higher priority projects. But this month, Streets & Stormwater proposed $350,000 in capital improvements to Willow Lake and drainage systems around 8th Terrace & 13th Street North.

We thank the City for taking on this project. Our neighborhood association is also re-committing to making sure that future Lake Park CIP projects are not delayed. We hope to provide better lobbying on behalf of our residents and neighborhood.

Lake Park Neighborhood Association Seeks Committee Members

Our Board of Directors is in full swing and is hoping to create meaningful change in the neighborhood. We have a few different committees and are looking for Lake Park residents to help with their duties. Each committee requires at least three Lake Park residents. Here's the roundup of them:

  • Membership Committee
    • Increase membership and awareness, plan a family oriented pool party, wrangle block captains, and identify/partner with local businesses and business owners in the community.
    • If you're interested, email Isaac Codrey at 
  • Governmental Relations
    • Foster and maintain strategic relationships with city officials, neighborhoods, and county entities. Consider CDBG, CRA, and other grant and funding opportunities. Lobby the City on behalf of the neighborhood. 
    • If you're interested, email Sam Saad at
  • Community Beautification
    • Work to develop a Lake Park Tree Plan, plan and participate in a code enforcement bus tour, signage beautification, and home of the month. Work to improve the overall aesthetic of Lake Park.
    • If you're interested, email Joanna Suero at 
  • Meetings & Entertainment
    • Planning and execution of: the neighborhood block party and annual meeting.
    • If you're interested, email Cathalin Miner at 
  • Public Relations & Newsletter
    • Solicit and write articles for the Lake Park newsletter, our flagship print publication. Help find sponsors and advertisers. 
    • If you're interested, email Karen Parry at
  • Auditing (Finance) Commitee
    • Take a look at the Lake Park Neighborhood Association's books--look at ways to generate revenue and curtail expenses. Create overall budget and work to allocate money for various committees to accomplish goals.
    • If you're interested, email Nick Spahr at 
If you have any questions or would like more information, please email me at

Code Enforcement Bus Tour

Most of us don't want code enforcement or the neighborhood association breathing down our necks every time a car isn't parked properly, the grass gets a little long, or a trash can gets left out an extra day or two. However, we also want a safe, decent, and respectable neighborhood. 

The purpose of the Code Enforcement Division is to promote, protect, and improve the safety, health, and welfare of our citizens. This is accomplished by providing equitable, expeditious and effective enforcement of city codes.

Board members and residents are invited to join local hero Roger Jacobsen on a "code enforcement bus tour" on Saturday, June 9th at 10am. Seating is extremely limited, but if you would like to join us as Roger explains code enforcement policies and best neighborhood practices on a bus tour of Lake Park please let me know.

I am encouraging neighbors to do the following:

  • Do not park vehicles in a manner that blocks sidewalks
  • Call ahead to schedule bulk pickup and avoid lingering trash mountains
  • Keep drainage and stormwater areas unobstructed and clear
  • Love and obey Roger Jacobsen and learn more at

Sizzle SWFL Restaurant Week is Here May 31st - June 13th

Sizzle SWFL Restaurant Week is a 14 day semi-annual, charity driven event that gives locals (and visitors) the chance to channel their inner foodie and try all the restaurant on their wish list. 

Restaurants offer specially crafted, two course lunch and/or a three course dinner with fixed price menus, starting at just $16 or $21 for lunch and $26 or $36 for dinner.  

The event allows people to try multiple restaurants that may normally be out of their price range and will send diners on a tasting tour throughout Collier & Lee Counties. Participating restaurants are not only known for their exceptional cuisine, they also spare no expense to give Restaurant Week diners an extraordinary culinary experience.

Learn Where to go for Restaurant Week
The Sizzle SWFL Restaurant Week event celebrates dining out at an affordable price and is produced to build awareness and make a positive impact on our diverse Southwest Florida culinary community. 

Restaurant Week showcases, and also strengthens our local destination’s brand and culinary reputation. Attracting tourists to the area increases business for hotels, shopping centers, entertainment and other local businesses. Everyone benefits from the impact of the tourism dollars spent in the area and all the restaurants that participate see increased traffic during the event.

The overall goal of Sizzle SWFL Restaurant Week is to encourage people to visit the best local restaurants during a normally slow time of year and help expose people from Collier, Lee and surrounding counties to our amazing Southwest Florida restaurants! Including:
  • Aldo's Italiana
  • Barbatella
  • Bha! Bha! Persian Bistro
  • Bleu Provence
  • Hob Nob Kitchen & Bar
  • Ocean Prime
  • Sea Salt
  • Tacos & Tequila Cantina
  • The Real Macaw
  • Vergina's 
  • & Many More!
Again, these places are offering specially crafted, two course lunch and/or a three course dinner with fixed price menus, starting at just $16 or $21 for lunch and $26 or $36 for dinner.  

That's All, Folks!

Thanks for reading this time's Lake Park Digest. I'm Derek Perry, the *ahem* President of the Lake Park Neighborhood Association. I send out emails on behalf of the neighborhood association. Feel free to email me anything you'd like included in future mailings. I hope to provide regular updates that will help our community stay informed and grow stronger.

And sign up for a commitee!

My mailing address is:
Lake Park Neighborhood Association
PO Box 11282
Naples, FL 34101-1282

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