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Neighborhood Alert

This is an important message from your Lake Park President, Terry Hutchison, and your Board of Directors.

Actions being considered by the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and the Naples City Council could adversely impact our homes and beloved neighborhood. As members of this beautiful community, we all have a common goal of protecting and enhancing our neighborhoods. Together we must stand to combat any action which may negatively impact those interests. Your influence matters!

The issue is the spending of multi-millions of dollars by the CRA and the City Council to erect yet another massive parking garage on 5th Avenue. It is evident from this proposed action that the City of Naples is disproportionately concerned with one area of town, namely 5th Avenue and areas west of Highway 41. Whereas areas that could greatly benefit from such spending, like our neighborhood and its surrounding businesses, are not considered as areas needing equitable investment! We cannot allow the City to cherry pick and prioritize areas of the city to effectuate such expenditures based on affluence and political leverage. If we care, we need to ensure our voice is heard.

Resident Call to Action

We ask that you please take some time to educate yourself about this issue. Learn both sides. Then take action for the protection of your neighbors’ and community’s financial interests. In order to most effectively spread this important message, please inform as many people as you know that may have their livelihoods and investments negatively impacted by misguided spending of taxpayer funds. A key official has already admitted they can’t verify details on how millions of CRA dollars have already been spent!

To take further action, please do the following:

  1. Learn more at
  2. Sign the Coalition petition at that same website opposing the garage at 4th and 4th .
  3. Read the blog posts for more up-to-date information at
  4. Attend the CRA Meeting at which this will be discussed at length Tuesday August 15 beginning at 8:30AM in City Council Chambers. City Council Meeting following day, Wednesday at 8:30AM.
  5. Contact City Council. You can email them at, or write a letter to City Council, 735 8th Street South, 34102, or call the Mayor at 239-213-1000.
  6. Write a letter to the Editor of the Naples Daily News; advice and requirements are
Warmest Personal Regards,

Terry Hutchison
President, Lake Park Neighborhood Association
c: 239-771-1042
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