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Kansas City has the honor of hosting the US Coffee Championship Qualifying Event, from February 2-5. The USCC offers this preview: “Great communities can be built and continue to grow and thrive, through competition. The specialty coffee community has embraced this idea. Baristas and coffee professionals throughout the country have defined their role as at the frontlines of the specialty coffee industry and have used friendly competition to push each other forward in the areas of skill and service. The United States Coffee Championships (USCC ), have has raised the bar for not just what we expect from ourselves, but also for what we strive to deliver to our customers. In 2016, the United States Coffee Championships take place in the U.S. Coffee Championships Arena and features the U.S. Barista Championship, U.S. Brewers Cup, and the Roasters Guild Roasters Choice competition. Now is the best time in history to witness the skills that help define the specialty coffee industry on display and being pushed to greater and greater heights!” Judging and volunteer spots are still open for the qualifying event. Please consider helping the national coffee community by offering to help where you are needed behind the scenes. Kansas City’s coffee community is proud to have such enthusiastic supporters, and if you have any questions about what it looks like to volunteer, talk to us at ATC.


ATC Needs Volunteers! We are hosting a judge calibration event on February 1 and need help making the mandatory process smooth and pleasant. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Tooti Roe by emailing


ATC is open M-F from 10 AM-4 PM.

We are not open on Saturdays anymore, but will occasionally have special Saturday events.

Stay tuned for a spicy food and coffee pairing event on March 12. Details to follow.
Check out our site for our new series of comprehensive brew guides and product reviews!

Each month we hope to showcase a different brew device or tool. We will break down everything you'll need in your kit to enjoy that device, how to use it properly, and help you figure out if that device is the right one for you. 
Bonavita Wide Base Porcelain Immersion Dripper
Pros: Consistent and forgiving, has remarkable heat retention, is easy to clean, and produces a pleasant and friendly cup.
Cons:  Not particularly dynamic, not ideal for sharing.

Workbench Coffee Labs: Q Arabica Combo Training & Exam

January 4-9 – Daily 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. | Cost $2,000 | Limit 6 | Register Online

Tracy Allen is a leading US roaster, trainer, and consultant to the coffee industry. Allen offers his expertise in this full six day orientation and testing event. The course is designed to discern abilities regarding sensory awareness and evaluation protocol. There are three days of instruction, training, and practice the are followed by three days of testing. Passing students will be issued Q Grader Certifications by CQI.

Instructor: Tracy Allen

Categories: Roasters, Coffee Professionals, Consultants, Green Buyers, Sourcers


Workbench Coffee Labs: SCAA Foundations of Coffee, Barista Level 1 & Barista Level 2 / Pathways & Exams

January 11 - January 15 - Daily 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. | Cost Varies | Limit 12 | Register Online

Students have the option to sign up for several combinations of Pathway offerings; please refer to the signup site for the breakdown of offerings, dates, and pricing rates for SCAA members and non-members. Foundations of Coffee: serves as the introduction to all of the Pathways and builds a vocabulary, both spoken and sensed, that will serve each subsequent class in any chosen course of study. Barista Level 1 Pathway:  Learn the basics of espresso preparation, milk, and drink building in the Level 1 Barista Pathway. With access to the best tools, coffees, and industry leaders, Level 1 Barista students receive expertly lead training and a comprehensive introduction to the espresso craft. Barista Level 2 Pathway:  Level 2 Barista Pathway students will be presented with practical, advanced techniques to aid in their pursuit of espresso mastery. Students who complete Level 2 will be well prepared to lead behind the bar.


Instructors: Firedancer Coffee Consultants

This class is intended for: Baristas, Cafe Trainers, Coffee Professionals


WORKBENCH: Espresso Techniques and Instincts: Look Ma, No Hands!

January 20 – 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. | Cost $225 | Limit 4 | Register Online

While the scale is a fantastic tool that can help newer baristas find consistency, it doesn't tell you everything. If you are looking to build your barista instincts and further develop your tasting abilities, Q-Grader and competitive coach Holly Bastin will take you through the process of refining your tasting and technical prowess on the bar. Come to class with a full stomach.


Instructor: Holly Bastin

This class is intended for: Baristas, Cafe Trainers, Coffee Professionals



 Workbench Coffee Labs: Foundations of Coffee and Roaster Level 1

January 15 - 19 – Daily 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. | Cost Varies | Limit 6 | Register Online

This 5 Day intensive workshop, offers the opportunity to take all Foundations of Coffee classes as well as classes required for Roaster Level 1 Certificate Programs. . Foundations of Coffee serves as the introduction to all of the Pathways and builds a vocabulary, both spoken and sensed, that will serve each subsequent class in any chosen course of study. Roaster Pathway Level 1:  Establishes the roasting craft with coursework sample roasting and production management and safety. Students still must complete and pass the Written eExam (online exam) as well as sign the Roaster Code of Conduct.


Instructor: Mike Ebert of Firedancer Coffee Consultants

This class is intended for: Roasters, Coffee Professionals, Consultants


Workbench Coffee Labs / Tri-Tuesday
February 9 – 3:33 p.m. | Cost $10

Move through twelve, three-bowl sets, choosing the odd coffee in each set. There will be two themed tables, with different levels of difficulty. This practice session is self-scored and a non-competitive way to build your professional palate. We set it up. We clean it up.

This event is intended for: Amateurs and Professionals, Baristas, Roasters

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