Your Affirmation - "May I be peaceful and open my heart to the joys of life each day" 
Welcome to my May newsletter with information on upcoming events & classes, my featured flower essence for the month, Angel healing guidance and a video chat with Marian Trench on understanding anxiety. Hope you enjoy it. Love Sharon 
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Mindulfness Classes

Sharon will be running her next set of 6 Week Mindfulness classes starting next week in Tuam and Galway city. They are for one hour per week every Tuesday/Wednesday night and open to everyone. See link for full details

Your guidance card for May
It's time to get going. There is nothing to fear. Take the first step, just do it and you will find that all will work out for you. The longer you procrastinate, the harder it will be. It's understandable that you feel unsure of yourself, the first step is sometimes the hardest. You have much to offer and you will realise this as you move out into the world. Be brave. Even if you intitally make mistakes, you will be well received. Treat every day as a learning experience. As your confidence increases, so too will your self-esteem and success. You are a sincere and beautiful person, do not doubt yourself.
Affirmation " I surrender my fear and replace it with love. I see myself moving out into the world with ease. I give thanks for all I learn and experience. Each new day is full of possibility"
Mindfulness workshop in Galway
Sharon will guide through practical Mindfulness techniques to help you in your daily life and our wonderful speakers will share with you their stories of how they dealt with anxiety, depression and phyical illness and fulfill their dreams and goals. ALL proceeds go to Aware - shining a light on depression
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Realising your dreams and goals - mp3 guided meditation by Sharon 

We all have many dreams and goals in our lives but may sometimes be of the belief that there are too many obstacles and challenges to face before starting or realising we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. In truth the only one stopping us from reaching our true potential is ourselves. In this meditation Sharon will guide you to look at what your fears, obstacles and challenges are and how they physically cannot stop you from moving forward on our life path. You will realise that with our free will and choice we can move forward through any situation and attain anything we really want in our lives.

approx. running time 25 minutes.

Order your bottle of flower essence drops
In this edition of 'Conversations with Sharon', I speak to Marian Trench who speaks openly about her experience of dealing with anxiety and how it affected her life. She gives a truthful and honest account of the thoughts and feelings that overwhelmed her at the time and the steps She took to help her deal with the issues that led to her to going on a journey of self-healing and self-discovery.

If you would like to be featured on 'Conversations with Sharon' to share your story to help and inspire others, contact her by email

Back Flower essence drops

White Chestnut is the remedy for unwanted thoughts and mental arguments that intrude into the mind and stop us concentrating.

White Chestnut thoughts are often described as 'worrying' - but they are not necessarily anxious or fearful, more repetitive. They worry at us like a dog worries a bone. White Chestnut thoughts go nowhere. They circle round and round in the head like a looped recording.

The remedy helps us think straight. We can deal calmly and rationally with any underlying problems that might be causing the trouble.

Drops are safe to use at any age and work on our emotional and mental levels.
May help with students doing exams to relax and re-focus.

Monthly Classes 
Mediation classes held monthly in Galway city & Ballinasloe
Angel Reiki Group Healing held monthly in Galway
Reiki Energy Therapy Training
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