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Welcome to the month's issue of The Ledger!
 What's in this issue? 
Read our February event recaps, learn about some of our committees, and get to know our alumni, current members, and pledge candidates with spotlight features!

Key Dates:
March 1: Meet the Firms
March 3: Interview Day 
March 10: Los Angeles Regional Food Bank
March 11: BAPsketball Spring 2018
March 13: Comm. Umbrella Workshop
March 14: Managing for Success Workshop
March 16: Second Harvest Food Bank of OC
March 17: Venice Beach Clean Up

Spring 2018


The Ledger: Volume 12 Issue 2

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Hitting the ground running!

Recaps of our February events including: Big Buddy Little Buddy, Mock Meet the Firms, Meet the Firms, and Professional Development Workshops
Big Buddy Little Buddy, February 3

Our Big Buddy Little Buddy social event had about 20 professional alumni and 100 members in attendance on a beautiful Saturday morning, taking place at El Dorado Park.  The Special Events Committee arranged fun activities, such as throwing darts, shooting water guns, spinning around while doing the “dab” pose, and musical chairs. In the spirit of the Winter Olympics, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams received their deserved medals, allowing them to be first in line for lunch. Thank you again to all the professional alumni who were able to attend and share their knowledge with our students. 

Mock Meet the Firms, February 22

Mock Meet the Firms, held at the Pointe, prepared our students for the upcoming Meet the Firms event. The event was led by Stanley Lam, the Director of Professional Development, who introduced the agenda, as well as the presenters. The presenters included Cristhian Jimenez and Michelle Lui who guided students through the preparations for before Meet the Firms; Mikey Reeves and Nia Salapare who reviewed the do’s and don’ts during Meet the Firms; and lastly Chase Rossi and Sunny Scarbrough who stated the importance of following up after Meet the Firms. After the presentation, students were able to practice their networking skills by speaking with student mock professionals.

Meet the Firms, March 1

On Thursday, March 1st, Beta Alpha Psi & Accounting Society hosted Meet the Firms at The Westin Long Beach, a new venue with a beautiful ambiance. Over 20 firms were represented, including KPMG, HCVT, Moss Adams, and Deloitte, with about 150 students in attendance. Students were able to network with professionals to learn more about different public firms, private companies, and government agencies. Our sophomores, including a majority of our pledges, were seeking out opportunities to attend SLCs for this summer. Good luck to those recruiting this semester!

Professional Development, February Workshops
BAP&AS Members Orientation, Feb 6
The BAP&AS Members Orientation was led by Chase Rossi and Chazz Randolph on February 6. They overviewed the topics of speaking engagements, workshops, networking events, formal events, and social events. They also spoke about the basics of the accounting profession so that new members had the opportunity to learn about what the profession is actually like. Guests Mikey Reeve, Michelle Lui, and Marco Cruz also shared their experiences with different sized firms and private industries. 
Resume Workshop, Feb 8
This semester’s Resume workshop was led by Alumnus Wei Zhu. The workshop started with an interactive critique of sample resumes. From there, Wei dissected each part of the resume to go over formatting and content. After going through the presentation, members of the resume committee went around and provided assistance to members by reviewing their resumes.
Digital Etiquette Workshop, Feb 13
Led by David Velasquez and Sodenni Wang, the Digital Etiquette workshop covered what not to post on social media, when and how follow-ups should be formatted, and how to create your own personal digital signature.  After the workshop, each attendee was asked to send a follow-up email to the presenters, as proof of understanding the content covered.
Cover Letter Workshop, Feb 14
Our Vice President, Jessica Lam, hosted our Cover Letter workshop on February 14. She broke down the anatomy of a cover letter and explained the different parts in detail. We were given a template as well as good examples to reference from as we prepared to write our own. 
Speed Interviewing Workshop, Feb 20
At the Speed Interviewing workshop, members were able to practice their interview skills by responding to questions given to them by veteran BAP&AS members, who then gave them feedback on their performance and what they could do to improve. After their interviews, students were able to share their experiences in a group, and discuss ways they could do better in the future. 
Asking Good Questions Workshop, Feb 21
The Asking Good Questions workshop was led by President Taylor Berecz. With Meet the Firms a week away, it was an invaluable workshop for those members who have trouble with questions to ask professionals. The workshop was a great opportunity for members to practice and receive feedback. Members collaborated and constructed questions that could lead to memorable conversations. 
The Green Initiative

Beta Alpha Psi & Accounting Society is taking steps to go green!  As presented by our Associate Treasurer, Vincent Nguyen, at the Town Hall earlier this semester, our organization goes through a lot of water bottles. With the help of the pledge class, we have started collecting them during meetings and other events. Since taking this initiative, Vincent has so far collected over 500 water bottles!

BAP&AS: Past, Present & Future

Once a part of BAP&AS, always a part of BAP&AS! Our alumni are an important part of keeping our organization strong.
Mark Shank
Deloitte (Incoming)
How did you manage to work full time, pledge, and take some of the hardest accounting courses all at the same time?
It really just took some sacrifice. I had to put in 12 to 15-hour workdays and stay focused on why I was doing it. I couldn’t spend as much time with my girlfriend or family which was the most difficult part. I was lucky to have the rest of my Tau class which made the whole experience enjoyable and easier to get through. Overall, I just had to stay motivated and I am really happy that I went through the experience.
What has motivated you to continue to come back to attend our events? 
With the amount of support and guidance I received, I felt like I had to do something to give some of that back to the organization. The people I met during my pledge process made a lasting impact on my life.  I know how important they were to me so if I could do that for someone else, I would be glad to.
Julian Hyodo
What was your favorite Accounting class?
Advanced Accounting. It was hard, but when you work on a problem for a couple hours, it's a great feeling when you finally understand it. 
What do you do at work?
We do both Audit and Tax. In terms of liking one or the other, I really like Audit more than Tax. With that said, I've only done Audit work so far.

What was your favorite concert that you attended last year?
Last year, I went to several concerts and music festivals, but I would have to say my favorite one was SnowGlobe. I'm a huge Porter Robinson fan and he was my favorite act.
Ailu Santiago
HCVT (Incoming)
What motivated you to study accounting?
I liked my math classes growing up but I didn’t really see a career in it when choosing my major. My mom graduated college with an accounting degree but did not pursue a CPA certification; therefore, through her, I learned basic knowledge as to what accounting was. And that is where it all started.
What do you like to do in your free time? Now that you are out of school, how does that affect your “free time”?
I have been going hiking every Saturday with my friend. We have been going hiking at different places every week since January, so we made it a goal to do 52 hikes in one year. We will see how that goes. It’s been fun to start our day seeing God’s beautiful creations. After a hard hike you just feel so accomplished, and then we get to go eat after. 
Rick Cardenas
What has motivated you to continue to come back to attend our events?
I got a lot of advice and a lot of help from alumni when I was recruiting at CSULB. I got a lot of tough love and extremely beneficial advice from these mentors, and it gave me role models that I could look up to. It inspired me to try and be a role model like them and motivate students in any way that I can.

What is your favorite thing about working at KPMG?
The firm does an amazing job at selecting people from all different walks of life. They are building teams that work efficiently and effectively together while making sure to sprinkle in some fun!


Putting the Spotlight on our Members

With over 200 members this semester, it can be hard to get to know everyone. Here's to getting to know our members more, whether they're new or veteran members!
Conor Reynolds
Why did you choose Accounting?
I was originally in Finance but I realized that, with Accounting, there was a larger door of opportunities in a career field. I wanted to choose the major with more stability in securing a job after college.
What drew you to the firm you're going to intern with?
The people at HCVT really drew me to the firm. Getting to talk to everybody was so nice and easy, I got along with everybody and I could see myself having a future with them as coworkers in this firm.

What is one thing on your bucket list?
To see all 30 baseball stadiums since I’m about through half of them. I’ve been working on it with my dad and brother, but that’s my ultimate goal before I start my career in Accounting.

Nia Salapare
What inspired you or motivated you to choose Audit?
I chose Auditing because I see myself as a natural skeptic. I also enjoy learning about various businesses, which I will be able to do as an auditor for my clients.

Besides BAP&AS, are you involved in any other orgs on campus?
I am the current president for ABSOC and I am also taking part in the Ukleja Center of Ethical Leadership and works beside Kathleen Lacey. Inside of BAP&AS, I host numerous workshops and events to guide BAP&AS members in professional development.
Cindy Moreira
What inspired you or motivated you to specialize in tax accounting?
I want to serve the community with an expertise and was able to find that with accounting, specifically in tax, is where I could help clients become aware of their eligible credits and receive more money back.
What do you plan to do after graduation?
I am graduating this semester and will be starting with RKE in October. I plan to travel during the summer and take at least one CPA exam. 

What do you like to do during your free time?
I like to go to the gym and the student health center to invest in self-care treatments like getting a massage and acupuncture. 
Beatriz Aguilar
What effect has BAP&AS had on you, personally, professionally, and/or academically?
Personally, I’ve made a lot of friends through BAP&AS. Professionally, I think I’ve learned a lot more about the accounting profession and the different areas to work in. I’ve also developed my interviewing and resume writing skills. Thanks to BAP&AS, I got the internship I am currently working in.

What inspired you or motivated you to study Accounting?
I had a professor in Junior College who was very strict and stern in her grading but she really inspired me to enjoy accounting. I had to study hard in order to pass her class. After that, I ended up liking accounting. 

A Look Into the Upsilon Candidate Class

Get to know the future of Beta Alpha Psi and catch a glimpse into how the pledging process is going for the Upsilon Class so far.
Elvia Lucero
How has your time as pledge class Secretary been?
My time as Secretary for my Pledge Class has been such a great experience already. I’ve learned so much, met so many great people, and I’m looking forward to the fun events we have in store for everyone. I love being an Upsi aka Upsilon class candidate. 

What song would best sum you up?
Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi, it describes me and it’s my #1 choice for Karaoke.

What is one thing that never fails to make you smile?
Videos of Corgis trying to jump into water. YouTube it, it’s hilarious, poor little guys are challenged by their tiny legs. 

Angel Romero
How has your time been as pledge class Vice President?
It’s been pretty time consuming, but I like being in my position. Planning events is something I enjoy and being on the pledge board provides a lot of those opportunities. 

What do you do during your free time?
I love playing basketball, it’s my passion. I also like trying new thing and meeting new people.

What is your dream travel destination?
My dream travel destination is India. I love their culture, eat their food often, and enjoy watching Bollywood movies.
Marissa Van Malderen
What do you hope to gain from the org?
I hope to break out of my shell more because I am a shy person, as well as I hope to receive an offer for a Summer Leadership Program. I really want to get more involved and learn more about accounting, and that is why I joined. 
What do you like to do outside of school?
Outside of school, I like to be active, though I am not doing very much currently because I am so busy. I like to go hiking, going to the beach, tanning if it is not too cold, and playing with my dogs when I go back to my parents’ house. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends, going to dinner, and getting boba. Though I’m not dancing right now, I declared a dance minor so that I could perform with the dance class that I took last semester. I dance ballet and contemporary. The dance classes are a four-hour commitment, so I could not fit it into my schedule this semester, but hopefully, I will be able to take a dance class again and graduate in Fall 2019. 

Cho Lwin
Why did you choose to study Accounting?
I believe that accounting is the most important part of any business. It’s the foundation and everyone should have a basic knowledge of Accounting.

What is your dream job and why? 
Since I was young, I was very passionate about being a teacher. My dream job is to be an Accounting professor. I know I need my Masters and PhD so right now I want to work in public accounting and get my CPA. 

What is something in your bucket list?
I really want to support my parents who have done a lot for me. They have provided me with an education and I want them to be proud of my accomplishments.


An Ode to Our Committees

Every semester, our committees help run the organization as our backbone. Here's to all their hard work and dedication to keeping us strong!
ABSOC: Building strong relationships with CBA organizations
Co-Chairs Christian Castro and Jason Plourde
The ABSOC committee, led by Co-chairs Christian Castro & Jason Plourde, represent BAP&AS at the ABSOC meetings. Their roles as ABSOC chairs are to be the faces of Beta Alpha Psi at the bi-monthly meetings. They relay the information covered in these meetings to the Beta Alpha Psi board. This ensures that our organization is up to date with the activities and opportunities presented outside of Beta Alpha Psi. Christian and Jason coordinate and communicate with the other ABSOC organizations to establish networks outside of BAP&AS.
Special Events: Making sure our BAP&AS events run smoothly
Co-Chairs Connie Chan, Elise Potts, and Giovanna Ulloa
The Special Events Committee, led by Connie Chan, Elise Potts, and Giovanna Ulloa, is in charge of planning, organizing, and executing all BAP&AS events. They kicked off the first official week of BAP&AS with the Spring 2018 Meet & Greet, an event highlighted by great food, two fun tournaments, and a fantastic turnout. The following weekend was Big Buddy Little Buddy, where new, returning, and alumni members spent a fun-filled afternoon competing, networking, and building relationships. March arrived alongside Meet the Firms. The night was a great success and featured many positive reviews from both students and professionals. Overall, the Spring 2018 Special Events Committee chairs, as well as their dedicated committee members, have worked together as a team to provide every member of BAP&AS with opportunities to build lasting connections and further their career development.

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