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Welcome to the month's issue of The Ledger!
 What's in this issue? 
Read our November event recaps, committee spotlights, and get to know our alumni, current members, and pledge candidates with spotlight features!

Key Dates:
Dec 1: Roller Derby Social
Dec 11: Study Night
Dec 12: Study Night
Dec 19: Last Day of the Semester
Dec 22: Holiday Bash

Fall 2017


The Ledger: Volume 11 Issue 4

Complete the crossword after reading in order to win a $10 gift card! First two people to submit correct answers to win. Congratulations to our October Issue winners, Jessica Lam and Melanie Nguyen!

Crossing the finish line together!

Recaps of our November events including: Awards & Initiation Banquet, Professional Development Workshops, and Community Service
Awards & Initiation Banquet, Nov 30

We held our Awards and Initiation Banquet at the Hotel Maya on November 30, 2017. We would like to congratulate the Tau Candidate Class and Spring 2018 Officer Board on their initiation. Thank you to the current officer board for their hard work throughout this semester! Our Keynote Speaker, Roger Weninger, Managing Partner in Charge at Moss Adams LLP, presented us with an amazing speech. We celebrated the successes of our members with over 90 full-time and internship offers and numerous scholarships. The night was filled with great conversations and laughter, and was definitely a great way to end the Fall semester!

Keynote Speaker
Pictured above: Roger Weninger
(Regional Managing Partner,
Partner in Charge
at Moss Adams LLP)
Firm Awards
Pictured above (L-R): Sinai Rojas (Moss Adams winner), Jason Nogueda (Moss Adams winner), Adam Fixler (Moss Adams winner), Elisa Bravo (HCVT winner), William Fahr (HCVT winner), Michael Reeve (HCVT winner), Chase Rossi (KPMG winner), and Melanie Nguyen (KPMG winner)
Not pictured: Christopher Brio (Moss Adams winner), and Conor Reynolds (HCVT winner)
Outstanding BAP&AS Member and Outstanding Tau Candidate Awards
Pictured above (L-R): Carlos Rubio (Tau Candidate), Heather Flessing (Tau Candidate), Jodette Abarquez (BAP), Jessica Lam (BAP), Adrian Torres (AS), and Berenice Contreras (AS)
Certificate of Development Recipients
Pictured above (L-R): Frederick Okamoto, Redmar Agtarap, and Jenessa Santacroce-Witmer
Faculty of the Semester Award
Pictured above: Professor Sabrina Landa
Accounting Society Gold Member Awards
Pictured above (L-R): Luna Sakane, Sinai Rojas, Gabriel Limon, and Matthew Allen
Not Pictured: Virgilio Manalo, Leilani Wai, and Colleen Yu
Committee Chair Recognition
Pictured above (L-R): Resume Committee Chairs Danielle Latsch and Alex Malinis; Recruiting Chair Brent Tuanquin; Data Committee Chairs Adam Doty and Angelica Garcia-Potter; Public Relations Head Chair Julian Hyodo; Mock Interview Program Coordinator Jessica Lam, Academic Development Chairs Jessica Lam and Manuel Tamayo; ABSOC Chairs Manuel Tamayo and Adriana Ramos; Special Events Chairs Yzabel Balagtas, Chase Rossi, and Lina Hoang
Not Pictured: Recruiting Chair Eileen Byun; Chair of Social Media Derrick Hwang; and Mentorship Program Coordinator Fabiana Song
Alumni of the Semester Awards
Pictured above (L-R): Peter Velez, Dominique Nguyen, and Chris Quevedo
Certificate of Leadership Awards
Pictured above (L-R): Ailu Santiago, Michael Reeve, Angelica Garcia-Potter, Adriana Ramos, Jessica Lam, Jodette Abarquez, and Yzabel Balagtas
Director of Records Gift
Pictured above (L-R): Stanley Lam with a scrapbook from the Tau Class (Chef's knife not pictured)
Tau Class Initiation
Pictured above: Tau Candidate Class and Director of Records
CBA Scholarship Winners
Presented by Dr. Sudha Krishnan
Many Raffle Winners!
Pictured above: Andrew Davis with his winning ticket!
BAP&AS Elections, Spring 2018 Officer Board
Outgoing Fall 2017 Officer Board
Pictured above (L-R): Martin Barrett (President), Shane Howard (Director of Professional Development), Sarah Chavez (Director of Accounting Society), Sodenni Wang (Director of Correspondence), Taylor Berecz (Vice President), Cristhian Jimenez (Treasurer), Stanley Lam (Director of Records), and Sean Miranda (Associate Treasurer)
The votes are in! Officer election speeches were held om November 15 in KIN-059. Shortly after, election polls opened up on BeachSync where members voted anonymously. Beta Alpha Psi is excited to have Taylor Berecz as the President for Fall 2017, Jessica Lam as our Vice President, and Sean Miranda as our Treasurer. Stanley Lam will be returning to the board and taking the position of Director of Professional Development. New to the board will be John Gawaran as the Director of Records, SooJin Kim as the Director of Accounting Society, Brent Tuanquin as the Director of Correspondence, and Vincent Nguyen as the Associate Treasurer.
Incoming Spring 2018 Officer Board
Pictured above (L-R): Sean Miranda (Treasurer), John Gawaran (Director of Records), Jessica Lam (Vice President), Taylor Berecz (President), Brent Tuanquin (Director of Correspondence), Vincent Nguyen (Associate Treasurer), SooJin Kim (Director of Accounting Society), and Stanley Lam (Director of Professional Development)
Community Service Projects, November
LA Food Bank, Nov 3
Los Angeles County is home to one of the largest populations of any county in the nation. We are also home to one of the largest accounts of hunger. Since 1973, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank has distributed more than 1 billion pounds of food. On Friday, November 3, BAP&AS members assisted the LA Food Bank by sorting over 12,000 pounds of food in just four hours! This would not have been possible if it weren’t for all the hardworking members who participated and showed their support.
Professional Development, November Workshops
Excel Workshop, Nov 9
In collaboration with ALPFA, our Excel Workshop took place on Thursday, November 9 and was taught by our very own Beta Alpha Psi, Allen Au from EY. Allen taught out attendees numerous Excel shortcuts that are important to become more efficient at using Excel. Thank you to Allen Au for taking time out of his day to teach our members!
Public Speaking Workshop, Nov 14
The Public Speaking Workshop was led by members of the Toastmasters International Club in Long Beach. They went over the benefits of having a strong public speaking ability in a person's career. The group also covered key tips when giving a presentation including maintaining eye contact, limiting the use of notes, and avoiding clutter words. Overall, the workshop was very helpful and we learned a lot about this powerful skill.

Shaping the Future

Meet some of the faculty that make CSULB's accounting program great!
Professor Sabrina Landa
Accounting Professor, CSULB

What do you like about CSULB?

I really enjoy the students. They are dedicated and engaged, especially in the higher-level courses. It’s encouraging to see students that are working hard to become accountants. There’s a great atmosphere here which stems, I gather, from the Accounting Society and Beta Alpha Psi. The comradery amongst the students involved in this combined organization is great. I also have enjoyed working with the professors in this department. I came to this school as a lecturer, primarily with a practitioner background and a few years of teaching. I enjoy working alongside some of the instructors, learning their backgrounds and how they became tenure track professors. It has been a good opportunity to glean from their work and research as I start my career in teaching.
Do you have any advice to students who will start a full-time job in accounting?

Follow your passion. That is my best advice at this point, which worked for me. If you enjoy doing what you do, people will notice. You’re going to do a better job at something you enjoy doing than what you don’t enjoy doing. That is not to say you’re going to like every aspect of your job, sometimes you must “suck it up” and do the “dirty” work, so to speak. You should however, ultimately aim for the path that you most enjoy and will dedicate yourself to whether that be: tax, audit, consulting, non-profit accounting, internal accounting, etc. Also, you shouldn’t go in to work with a bad attitude, just like it’s best not to go into a classroom with a bad attitude. This disrupts the entire flow of your intent and purpose. To be well respected and reach your own personal goals, you’ve got to have the right mindset.

Professor Praveen Sinha
Accounting Professor, CSULB

What motivated you to study accounting?
My father was in public accounting and so was my brother and his wife. So I was in public accounting doing bookkeeping for around four years. I knew accounting quite well without formally getting professional training in the industry, and I was pretty good at it. Bookkeeping was my summer job. My father’s firm used to audit small unions and their fees were very small too, but I would get half of the fee collected. I believe it helped me develop good work ethics since I would work full-time during the summers. My father was also a professor of accounting; my brother went into the business side and I went into the academic side of his career.
Why didn't you try public accounting?

I found the research part of Accounting to be more fascinating because I was always curious. So I’ve been drawn primarily to the academic side of accounting. The accounting work I did in the summers never got me excited to take it as a lifetime job, and you must always enjoy what you do. I still conduct research and recently had a publication in “Corporate Ownership and Control” journal that looked at how implementing ERP systems can affect the quality of earnings.

BAP&AS: Past, Present & Future

Once a part of BAP&AS, always a part of BAP&AS! Our alumni are an important part of keeping our organization strong.
Jose Olmos
Onisko & Scholz

What effect has BAP&AS had on you, personally, professionally, and/or academically?

I’m very grateful for the organization because on day one they put me in the right direction. Beta Alpha Psi has enabled career opportunities, prepared me for job interviews, networking events and fine dining etiquette. They really motivated and pushed me towards my goal. I also made long lasting friendships.

What is your favorite thing about working at Onisko & Scholz?

My favorite thing about working at Onisko & Scholz is that I get to learn how wealthy people manage their wealth, investments and how they operate their businesses. I also enjoy other projects such as bookkeeping, reconciliation and furnishing fiduciary reports.

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

A penguin. They know how to party.

What inspired you or motivated you to study accounting?

I did it for the money, glory and fame. Before I enrolled in CSULB, I saw that having a career as an actuary would be a great fit for me since I was good with numbers. I declared my major in accounting and the rest is history.

Ryan Yee

What would you suggest to students to help ease their stress at an event like Meet the Firms (or any big event)?

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. To do that, you have to stay motivated to constantly learn, whether if it’s going to workshops, asking a friend to critique your resume, or even networking within BAP&AS. Find some people and just talk to them and get to know them, because that’s all networking really is. It’s also always good to be a little nervous too; it means that you care. Just don’t let those nerves get to your head. Finally, don’t be afraid to show a bit of your personality. That’s what makes you unique and stand out.

What is your favorite thing about working at HCVT?

I’m going to be like every other alumni and have to say the people and the culture. As cliché as it is, it’s true. There’s a reason why people go to the firms they go to, and it’s usually for those reasons (although there are others). I felt like I connected with the people at HCVT easily and that my personality fit in with the firm culture, which was important to me. HCVT is a firm that I actually want to be at. I enjoy the people I work with, the partners and firm actually care about us, and I find what I do interesting.

Putting the Spotlight on our Members

With over 300 members this semester, it can be hard to get to know everyone. Here's to getting to know our members more, whether they're new or veteran members!
Kennedy Romero

What motivated you to study accounting?

When I was in high school I noticed I was good in the business industry and one of my future goals in life is to be a CFO. Being an auditor is great experience for that goal since you get a lot of exposure to the businesses you audit.

As someone who has studied abroad in Spain, would you recommend studying abroad as an undergrad?

I 100 percent recommend studying abroad! It can be the best experience of your life and help you grow as a person. You will really learn so much about yourself and what you want if you take the chance to go study abroad.

What is one of your life goals?

To be able to provide for my family and be able to work hard enough so that in the future I can live a calm life that’s not too complicated. It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy so I just want a good life that isn’t crazy extravagant.

Celine Tran
What is one thing on your bucket list?

Ziplining in Puerto Rico because they have the longest zip-line cable in the world.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

Hummingbird because they make people happy.

What were you most afraid of as a child?

Men with moustaches because they reminded me of pirates. I would cling on to my mom’s leg.

Is there a teacher or professor that was very influential in your life? If so, who and how so?

My senior year history and economics teacher, Mr. Chavez. He went beyond teaching us about history and economics. He spent a lot of time talking to us about life after college and enriched us with his experiences.

A Last Glimpse Into the Tau Class

Get to know the future of Beta Alpha Psi and catch a glimpse into how the pledging process went for the Tau Class this semester!
BAPsketball Social, Nov 5

The Tau Pledge Class held a successful event at Cerritos Park on Sunday, November 5. Seven teams made up of BAP members and alumni participated in the basketball tournament. Each game lasted about 10 minutes each. The final winners were Michael Reeve, Caroline Austria, and Justin Toji. Those who did not participate in the basketball tournament socialized, and there was plenty of food for everyone including fried rice, salad, hamburgers, and hot dogs. This was the second successful BAPsketball event held by the pledge class. Overall, everyone had a great time!

Comedy and Magic Night, Nov 16
The Comedy & Magic Night was held at the famous Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach. It was a lively event that showcased a great group of entertainers and comedians. This event was organized by the Tau Candidate Class, and in attendance were people representing the Sigma and Rho class, in addition to various alumni. The show featured a magician who seamlessly combined comedy and magic, and four talented standup comics. The host of the show was also a comic, and he provided comedic relief in between bits. Overall, the show was extremely enjoyable. One comic engaged directly with BAP itself, which proved to be a big hit. The event seemed to fortify bonds between members, and proved to be a great event as students headed into Fall Break.
Meet our Pledge Class, Candidate Interviews
Antoine Banks
What motivated you to study accounting?

In the Marine Corps, you have officers with degrees in many different subjects, and they talk to the younger marines. I personally, had a lot of staff who were accounting majors in college, and they told me that the way that I think would allow me to be successful in the industry. They’d talk about the industry and how it works, and they encouraged me to consider that path. I took my first accounting class, it clicked and I ran with it. From there, I stayed motivated to study because I genuinely had an interest to be better and learning the content. I strive to learn everything, even to the most minute level. Basically, the leadership I experienced in the Marine Corps inspired and motivated me to study accounting.

Joshua Sanchez

What are your interests and hobbies?

I really enjoy sports. My hobbies consist of soccer, football, and fantasy football. I also enjoy spending time with my girlfriend by going salsa dancing and exploring new restaurants around downtown Long Beach. During the winter, I enjoy snowboarding.

What is your favorite subject to learn and why?

I really enjoy philosophy. I enjoy learning about this because it forces you to look at one thing from many different perspectives. It forces you to analyze arguments or ideas to their core. I believe that it helps us create a deeper sense of understanding for ourselves and the world around us.

An Ode to Our Committees

Every semester, our committees help run the organization as our backbone. Here's to all their hard work and dedication to keeping us strong!

Data Committee
Co-Chairs Adam Doty and Angelica Garcia-Potter

The Data Committee has the role of processing data, ensuring the accuracy of statistics, and business intelligence for the organization. This semester, surveys were implemented to increase the volume of data and seek more relevant information to improve internal organizational processes. Professionals, alumni, and other stakeholders look at our organization and want to be able to analyze it from a business perspective. Our Data Committee provides the means for interested parties to do so.

Public Relations Committee
Chair Julian Hyodo, Chief of Social Media Derrick Hwang

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for BAP&AS' monthly newsletter, The Ledger, as well as managing different aspects of their social media presence which include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. The Ledger is a platform that highlights Beta Alpha Psi’s members and alumni by interviewing and sharing their insight and experiences in the professional environment, as well as their experiences with Beta Alpha Psi as an organization. The committee also aims to shed light on BAP&AS culture by capturing the variety of social, professional, and volunteer events that the organization hosts. The real value of this committee, however, lies in the fact that it provides provides students with 1-on-1 time with professionals, opportunities for professional development, and ultimately, exposure to many different firms. At the end of the day, most students attribute much, if not all, of their recruiting success to BAP&AS, and it is the job of the PRC to share and celebrate our members’ successes.

Special Events Committee
Co-Chairs Yzabel Balagtas, Linda Hoang, and Chase Rossi

The Special Events Committee, led by Yzabel Balagtas, Chase Rossi, and Linda Hoang, is in charge of planning, organizing, and executing BAP&AS' big five events. The committee chairs meet frequently to discuss new ideas for the big events throughout the semester. Their goal is to create fun and inventive events in varying themes to facilitate networking opportunities for BAP&AS members and professionals. One of newest idea implemented was switching professionals with other groups of students throughout the day at Big Buddy Little Buddy. With recruiting season in full swing, the committee chairs collaborated their ideas in order to make Meet and Greet and Mock Meet the Firms successful and help prepare students for the largest networking event for the semester, Meet the Firms.

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