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Dear CRAG supporters
We would like to remind you of another very special CRAG tea concert coming up:

This really is a concert not to be missed. Fretwork are a world class ensemble and it is a great privilege to have them playing in Charlbury again. They will be performing a classic programme of viol consort music, which should be full of atmosphere and pathos.

An added bonus is that we will finally be offering teas again! If you know you are coming please book your seats - it helps us with numbers and assures you a place. We are hoping to have a card machine set up for ticket payments this time which should make things easier. And as usual we will also be accepting additional donations.

The need to raise funds to support the terrible plight of refugees throughout Europe and beyond is ever more urgent, and we would like to make sure that our money is used to support everyone, including Ukrainians. This concert will raise funds for two charities who we know are doing incredible work - The Refugee Community Kitchen in Calais, who are currently overwhelmed by the need to provide hot meals for the people stranded there, and Choose Love who have created a specific section for Ukrainian support whilst continuing their amazing work elsewhere.

Tickets £12 (£6 under 16s) can be purchased at Cotswold Frames or booked in advance by phoning 01608 811558 or emailing

Limited tickets may also be available on the door.

Write to your MP as soon as possible and urge them not to vote down the Lords' amendments to the Nationality and Borders Bill

The Nationality and Borders Bill is now in its final stages in Parliament. The House of Lords recently rejected two main clauses in the Bill. It now looks as though the Bill might be going back to the Commons on Tuesday 15 March for MPs to consider, and it's vital that MPs don't reverse all the positive amendments made by the Lords. 

PLEASE write to your MP, making some or all of these points: 

As introduced last year, the Bill:

  • says that anyone who arrives at the British border without a visa is a criminal who can go to prison for 4 years 

  • allows Border Force officials to intercept and board migrant boats in the Channel, and turn them back, although Europe’s human rights court has ruled pushbacks illegal – and officials will be immune from prosecution and civil claims for migrants’ death or injury during ‘reasonable’ pushback operations

  • says that any refugee who has travelled through a ‘safe third country’ can be removed to any ‘safe’ country, however far away and no matter what the person’s ties with the UK

  • say that in the meantime they will be held in barracks and similar accommodation

  • says that if they can’t be removed, they will be allowed to claim asylum – but even if they get refugee status they can’t settle or bring families, and will get only a temporary 2-year stay

  • contains no new safe legal routes for refugees to reach the UK or join family members here

  • allows the Home Office to remove citizenship without notice in a wide variety of situations

The Lords voted to remove the worst clauses, so that it will not be a crime to seek asylum, and refugees will not be penalised or prejudiced for the route they took to get here. Border Force officials must comply with international obligations, and the no-notice citizenship-stripping clause has gone. They also inserted clauses allowing refugee family reunion and the right to work for asylum seekers. 

For the sake of all current and future refugees and for the international asylum system, it is vital that the clauses criminalising asylum and ‘offshoring’ asylum seekers are not reinstated. 

Please urge your MP not to vote down the Lords’ amendments - WRITE TODAY
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