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Spring Forward!
The clocks aren't the only thing 'springing forward' this week! Gallery 113 is springing into March with a new month of amazing art. Join us for our First Thursday reception, March 5, from 5-8pm and celebrate with our talented local artists.  Meet our artist of the month, Christine Beirne. Scroll down to read her artist's statement and view a sample of her vibrant and lively abstract landscapes.

Our featured artists and group artists will also be there to meet and greet, so be sure to say hello as you enjoy the art and refreshments.

Our gallery is located at 1114 State Street in La Arcada Court. We're open Monday-Saturday from 11am-5pm and Sunday from 1-5pm.

Please share/forward to family and friends. We look forward to seeing you! 

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Gallery 113
Artist of the Month - Christine Beirne
Christine Beirne

Show Title: Abstracted Landscapes
My exhibit, Abstracted Landscapes, explores the color and shapes of various landscapes without necessarily denoting a specific landscape. All of my pieces are painted on square cradled board – another way that artists can “signal” that the work isn’t meant to fit into traditional confines of “portrait” or “landscape”
I started working with cold wax medium about a year ago and ever since then, I’ve discovered many things that I could do with my paint that I couldn’t do with paint alone. This has brought about many changes in the way that I apply paint as well as my subject matter. This exhibit is my first full exhibit that shows the exploration of “Abstracted Landscapes” with cold wax.
My route as a painter is a little circular. My first painting was a landscape when I was 12 years old. I must admit — it was very good! There is a saying among artists that it takes 100 paintings to get a good one…this was my one good one for a long time… my paintings were a complete mess after that.
I was fortunate to have a good high school art teacher and I learned a lot from him — we explored various mediums and we drew fellow students playing jazz piano.
I spent my summers canoeing in Canada (we had lived in Quebec for a couple of years when I was young) so I developed a deep love for the outdoors. While I was at camp in Algonquin Park, I learned about Tom Thomson — a Canadian painter who would take his trusty canoe out every summer and paint the Canadian wilderness. I didn’t realize it until later, but his work had a huge influence on me.
I’ve run a non-profit gallery, became an Ojai Studio Artist and generally spend my days creating.
Enjoy more of Christine's paintings at: ChristineBeirne
Christine Beirne
"California Dreamin"
30" x 30" - Oil on Cradled Board
Mary-Gail King
24" x 18" - Oil

Show Title: The Secret Garden
Growing up in the Deep South I developed a great love of beautiful gardens and florals. My favorite gardens are those that you can't quite see. The gates at their entries beacon and promise to unveil the mystery hidden behind them. These paintings show those gardens revealed in all their beauty.
Read Mary-Gail's bio and enjoy more of her art at:  marygailking
Lisa Marshall
"Olallieberries Sunflower"
8" x 8" - Watercolor and Ink

Show Title: Flowery
In getting lost in the flowers, bugs and birds around me, I find myself. My inner hum is reflected outward and into my work. I'm sharing with the viewer what I see, and at the same time, designing the elements and controlling the details for a burst of color and the feeling of movement.
Enjoy more of Lisa's art at:  Skyheartart
Leslie Plimpton
"Count Axel von Fersen"
16" x 20" 

Dry Point Etching with Chine Colle & Monoprint

Show Title: I Love You Madly
Marie Antoinette is one of the most misunderstood people in history.  The French had previously been at war with Austria which they tried to bridge by marrying Louis XVI to Marie Antoinette.

Marie Antoinette was criticized for her extravagant spending, particularly on her clothing.  But in "Antoine's Revolution," we see that she was always setting the fashion.  She put on men's riding clothes to go out horseback riding.  She went all out when she became queen with her beautiful gowns, but she became increasingly uncomfortable and reverted back to her days as a youth in Austria, wearing a more casual dress that was actually more in line with what the lower classes wore.  It was thought to be "unqueenly" of her to wear this type of garment but it became the rage in fashion.  The last garment she wore to the guillotine was actually a simple white chemise, less than the beautiful gown you would expect a queen to wear on her last day on Earth.

In "Chaumette Silk Stockings," we see a fictional company selling the silk stockings worn by women in 18th century France.

In "Trendsetter, we see Marie Antoinette starting another new fashion trend, wearing an elaborate replica of a boat on her upswept hairdo.  She wore this in honor of greeting the captain of the ship that battled to victory against the British on behalf of our American Revolution.

In "I Love You Madly," we see her with Count Axel von Fersen, who is now known to have been her secret lover and the love of her life.  They exchanged love letters in invisible ink, in a secret language and they went to elaborate means to secure their safe transit.  In one letter to the queen, the Count wrote, 'I Love You Madly," these letters only having been discovered and translated in the last few years.

Enjoy more of Leslie's art at: LeslieFashionArt
Chris Provenzano
"Tuscan Red Nopales"
12" x 16" -  Oil

Show Title: My Favorite Things
Dressing up in costume, dancing, eating spicy, juicy food, a walk on the beach are some of "My Favorite Things." These are the subjects reflected in each of my oil paintings on display through March at Gallery 113.  
Enjoy more of Chris' art at: chrisprovenzano
Kristy Vantrease
"Where Fireflies and Crawdads Live"
16" x 20" -  Oil

Show Title: Aqueous
Marine subjects, whether our local coastline, inland marshes or thundering surf have become the focus of my recent work. I am always looking to expand my painting experience by searching for scenes with a natural beauty and serenity  that the viewer might miss in their rush through every day life. This could be as simple as the reflections of rocks in shallow water, waves breaking against the rocks or the sun setting over our beaches.   The more I paint, the more I see this beauty around me.
Read Kristy's bio and enjoy more of her art at: KristyVantreaseFineArt
Dona Wieckowski
"Sandy Beach Cove"
8" x 8" - Acrylic on Canvas

Show Title: Reflections
My artwork reflects my environment. I am a mixed media artist and have never questioned why I had to create in every art medium known to man, but just enjoyed the journey. I love stone sculpture, photography, semi-precious stone jewelry, pen & ink, ceramics, floral design, interior design, and off loom weaving.

After eight years as Gallery Director and Board member of the Ventura Artist’s Union, I moved back to Santa Barbara. I am now focusing more on my art and my medium of choice is acrylic paints with an emphasis on pouring and pallet knife techniques.  It’s an unpredictable and vast medium.  Creating two identical artworks is impossible and I love that aspect of this medium.

I shied away from titling my artwork at first, but then decided that what I create should have a title: one I feel reflects my vision.  I love that each person that views my artwork sees something different. I welcome your visions of my artwork.
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