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No not me, but you - my lovely clients and readers all seem to be on the move, all at the same time. Is this the result of living in a year-long global pandemic?

The construction and interior design industry are booming with so much interest and demand. And although I still feel like we are working with one sanitized hand tied behind our back most days, I am loving each and every moment. 

This time last year we really did not know what to do and so everyone retracted and held their breath waiting for all to pass. Only it didn’t, and so by May when we realized that travel was going to be out of the question for the summer, we all focused inward onto what we could control - namely our own home, our shelter from the storm.

We started to search for what we needed to rest, work, and play and that has resulted in this huge upsurge in the real estate market. We currently have projects in Cottage Country, Collingwood, Durham, and many more in the heart of Toronto. 

With movement there comes optimism, and we all need a good dose of that, along with a shot of vaccine!
Design Inspiration Board - Gillian Gillies Interiors
We just added our GGI montages to our Pinterest page as well as making them a permanent story on our Instagram feed. Some are for colour inspiration others are for specific types of projects.

This collage is our design direction for a current project. It is a beautiful new build home in Toronto, and we are looking to combine natural materials and finishes with a laid-back yet tailored Californian feeling. 
Design Tray - Gillian Gillies Interiors
We are currently working on a lovely project with a past client. Truth be told, most of my projects are with past clients - we have a very high rate (>95%) of both returning and repeat clients so most of the time we are working with people we know or who have been recommended to us.

This client initially found me online a few years ago when she was making a big move in her life. And now, as she is making another big move, we are delighted to be working with her again.

Her new home is beautifully situated with an incredibly large outdoor space. We are renovating a few rooms including the principal bedroom, walk-in closet, and en-suite.

My client has a beautiful en-suite in her current home that we designed in 2018. The one in her new home is not so beautiful (yet!) so we are delighted to be able to transform this space into a gorgeous spa bathroom. 
Spa Bathroom Design - BEFORE - Gillian Gillies Interiors
Above is how it currently looks; my client is not a bath girl (it is the only thing we agree to disagree on) so having this much real estate dedicated to this size of tub in her en-suite doesn’t make any sense.

She loves a large bright walk-in shower, and this is neither. So, we are going to move the vanity in front of the window and add a make-up area, move the water closet to where the shower currently is and put the shower where the vanity is……….!

I saw this layout the moment I walked into the room. Thankfully, the floor joists agreed (they are running in the desired direction) and so work will start here in May!
Floor Plans - Layered - GGI
My clients love plants and so we are building a raised planter that will fill the void in the bay window. The mirrors are on a sliding track so they can move easily to access the window behind. The roller shade will be automated so it can be raised and lowered easily.

So many small details do really make all the difference on a daily basis. I want to leave this project and all my projects with my clients knowing they were cared for, and that we really tried to think of everything. 

The colour palette is a blend of natural wood, mother of pearl, oil-rubbed bronze, ivory and milk chocolate. It will be divine. 🤎
We are having fun with our weekly Instagram book club stories. Last week we featured the team’s current reads which you can see above. Having had to postpone my trip to India in 2020 I am desperate to read Lisa’s pick of Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.

The reading list shows what a varied and creative group we are. I love my all-female team and want to take this moment to salute you all - International Woman’s Day is every day at GGI. We blend all our backgrounds, ethnicities and tastes into one big melting pot and then we make magic happen. 

For those who observe Passover and Easter, we wish you a relaxing and happy occasion however it is that you're able to celebrate.

Thank you for your continued reading and support, here’s to Spring.
Gillian Gillies
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