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TRIO IMAGE - Gillian Gillian Interiors - September 2020 Newsletter
We have lots of gorgeous things in the mix currently and have some lovely installations scheduled to be completed before the end of the year.

Notice that I refrained from using the word holidays……. I know, I can hardly believe it myself, but we are officially in the countdown period and several vendors have already issued their shut off dates for orders.
GGI Interior Design Tray, Gillian Gillies - 4
Things are still moving along in terms of furniture and furnishings – they are simply taking longer. Less staff in warehouses and in workrooms (to allow for social distancing protocols) does mean stretched lead times, but I am finding that everyone has settled into their groove.

Kitchen appliances have taken the biggest hit during COVID, with several large US brands not available until early next year. There are always other options, and, in all cases, we are finding great alternatives, so don’t be deterred if you have your heart set on a new kitchen.
I am slowly getting used to having to schedule an appointment to go to my showrooms; gone are the days of simply wandering in and for them to always have an endless supply of snacks and beverages. Now we book, usually a few days in advance to get a 90 min slot. And there are no more snacks….. I miss the snacks - there was always good chocolate to prevent us getting hangrey!

The two trays above are approved design schemes in a client’s home. I love taking a picture of the key design elements in a home once all has been approved. It is a great visual for the project once all the sampling has been tidied away and decisions have been made, sometimes months in advance of installation happening.

At a quick glance, the tray allows us to see the room or the floor of the home and ensure if any additional elements are in alignment with the original selections. It also gives our clients a snapshot of all the design loveliness that is to follow the drywall dust! 

We have recently added a permanent story to our Instagram feed of our favourite trays and we will add and update this frequently. New permanent stories are designed and will go live over the next couple of weeks, a change of season always signals a change of story. 

When I begin the process of sourcing for a client project, things do get stacked in a tray. There's normally multiple trays and then we edit and edit and present our final selections. They never all fit in one curated tray, they are spread all over our boardroom table and onto the surface behind, but at some point, we take our main selections and snap a shot! 
Kelvin colour chart, Shutterstock
It is the end of September and so it's time for my annual light bulb rant! LED lighting can be lovely – I have LED’s in the studio and at home; they do not emit any heat, last for 10+ years, and are very energy efficient.

However, if you buy the wrong colour tone it can make it look like you plan to operate on your kitchen island instead of simply eating breakfast. They will also drain all the colour from your beautiful furnishings as well as yourself and other family members, so please follow my lead and only buy the following –

WARM WHITE - this will be marked as 2700 K (Kelvins)
SOFT WHITE - this will be marked as 3000 K (Kelvins)

Anything with a higher number than 3000 K, or if it refers to DAYLIGHT, do not go there, E V E R.

Daylight sounds lovely (who does not want more daylight in their home), but LED daylight is blue and really looks like cheap fluorescent lighting from the ’70s. Your home will glow, and not in a good way. Think of the Tardis in Doctor Who as it was about to take off into the universe and you’ll get the idea. 
Dr Who Tardis, The Radio Times, UK
Make sure that the bulbs you buy are dimmable and have an electrician install an LED compliant dimmer if you are making the switch from halogen or incandescent bulbs. A regular dimmer will not work with a LED light bulb, the bulbs will flicker – just think fluorescent blue strobing lights. It is enough to make you want to call a divorce lawyer.

Share this newsletter with any friends and family who need help making it through light bulb season. It does not have to be harsh, it can be soft, and you and your home can still look great! 

Crickey that was two not so pretty images in a row, not what my newsletter is known for! I will redeem myself. 
GG Studio, Barrier Free Powder Room, photography Virginia Macdonald
Our studio powder room was featured in the Globe & Mail in mid-September.
Read the Globe & Mail article
As my regular readers will know, I have a barrier-free washroom in my design studio. It had to be, to meet building code, as I have a main floor studio and it is a commercial space. I wrote about it in a previous newsletter that can be read here.

What saddened me, but yet, didn’t really surprise me, was that all the other images in the article were computer-generated. My work was the only photograph, the only ‘live’ example. I really hope this will change in the next few years and more spaces like mine will become the norm in our society and we will all oh and ah over them and use them as inspiration. 

Wishing you all a wonderful October - the leaves are already starting to change, and I am loving the cooler mornings and evenings. 

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!
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GGI Studio, Barrier-Free Powder Room Photography Virginia Macdonald
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