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As this will be my final newsletter of the year, we decided to get it out early, hence the mid-month delivery today. 

December is always a big month for us at GGI. It is a closing of the year and the closing of several projects, just in time for the holidays. This year we will probably all be at home, and home has never felt so important or such a much-needed escape from all that is happening outside our doors.

I am so grateful that we can work and still get to do what we do best. I know many cannot, and with this in mind, we have made a substantial donation this year to The Daily Bread Foodbank to give back and help our neighbours and community at this time. 
Gillian Gillies Heritage Throws, photography Virginia Macdonald - 4
Our year has certainly been polarizing but as I reflect, it really has been a time for growth and change.

Our team has grown with the addition of Monique and Silvia and we have honed our skills for online presentations and 3-D renderings.

2020 has also brought about a new venture for me as I launched my Heritage Blanket collection (two out of the four designs have almost sold out) as well as Waltman Gillies in the fall.

It has been the busiest of years as we work in new ways to ensure everyone stays safe but in the loop and we get our work done. 
Wrapped Parcels via Canva
Just in case anyone is running out of shopping time, we have been posting our team's favourite ideas for where to shop (online or curbside) and what to give this year. These can be seen in a permanent story in our Instagram feed.

I am going to give a shameless promotion here, but over at Waltman Gillies the elves are offering free shipping in and around Toronto, guaranteed for delivery before the 24th, on orders placed by noon on the 23rd! 
GGI Design Scheme, Gillian Gillies Interiors
My client projects bring me the greatest joy creatively. When there is trust and mutual respect and understanding the results are spectacular, and I would like to thank you all for your trust in the process this year.

It does take a leap of faith to sign off on a design scheme when you maybe cannot visualize how it is going to look and feel until its 100% completed. And I know we do challenge our client's design sensibilities, and they can challenge us back (and you do).

For me, the greatest work comes from collaboration, and I do love to hear my client’s thoughts and feedback. Like any good recipe, there is always room for a few tweaks and sometimes those tweaks can make the most magic! 

Last month I mentioned we had just completed a makeover in two of my client’s kids’ rooms. I have worked with my clients for many years (as thankfully is the case with a lot of my clients) and it was so lovely to do these two rooms. 

Everyone loves a good before and after story so I thought this would be a lovely way to visually end the year! 

His Bedroom - Before Image, Gillian Gillies

(He’s never leaving home!) 
His Bedroom - After Image 1 - Summerhill Georgian, Gillian Gillies Interiors, photography Virginia Macdonald
His Bedroom - After Image 2 - Summerhill Georgian, Gillian Gillies Interiors, photography Virginia Macdonald
I would never have left home if my room looked this good. The room is anchored in greyed blues and charcoals and it's all about texture as this room does not feature any bold patterns, yet there is still a lot of interest and warmth.

The headboard wall is quite spectacular, with a grasscloth chevron wallpaper and a full wall-width headboard. We added different sized bedsides and different bedside lighting to avoid all looking too matched.

Receptacles were placed above the bedsides and all have USB ports. He also has a lovely new desk (which is just out of shot).

Her Bedroom - Before Image, Gillian Gillies

(I want to move in!) 
Her Bedroom - After Image 1 - Summerhill Georgian, Gillian Gillies Interiors, photography Virginia Macdonald
Her Bedroom - After Image 2 - Summerhill Georgian, Gillian Gillies Interiors, photography Virginia Macdonald
I love third floors; they are the most magical of spaces and this room certainly had the potential to be magic.

Rich, Wallpaper Installer Extraordinaire, did an incredible job of papering this room. The clouds give a lovely ethereal feel and the soft blush tone when paired with the slightly darker trim adds a lot of impact without being bossy.

Having a quiet space to work was a must-have and so we designed a simple desk in the window alcove. The desk is hinged so it can be lifted when access to the window is needed. But most days it's down and the spot is perfect to sit and create.

The headboard has soft curves as does the custom dresser; the room is feminine and strong!
I have learned a lot this year – it has been a great teacher and I am so looking forward to all that 2021 will bring. 

A special thank you to my fabulous team who work so hard to make all happen – Monique, Silvia, Jenn, Lisa and Jessica – you are all my wonder woman. 

To all the trades and vendors who take our renderings and turn our concepts into reality, I thank you all. 

To my clients – thank you all for such a remarkable year and for your patience in the spring when things were all in lockdown. I never received a single complaint and everyone just went with the flow, even though we didn’t know what was around the corner or when things would return to this new normal. 

I wish you all a healthy and peaceful holiday season and look forward to talking with you again in January.

We will be closed from December 23rd, reopening on January 4th. 
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Gillian Gillies Heritage Throws - Photography Virginia Macdonald
Wrapped Parcels via Canva
GGI Design SchemeGillian Gillies Interiors
His Bedroom Before Images - Gillian Gillies
His Bedroom After Images, Summerhill Georgian - Gillian Gillies Interiors, photography Virginia Macdonald
Her Bedroom Before Images - Gillian Gillies
Her Bedroom After Images, Summerhill GeorgianGillian Gillies Interiors, photography Virginia Macdonald
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