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It's all go here at GGI - at this time of year, I start to feel like Santa, needing to get all my deliveries in and completed before the Christmas shut down. With Covid in the mix, and the recently announced lockdown in Toronto, it can feel like working with one hand tied behind your back. But we are getting through and making magic happen.
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We completed a beautiful install mid-month for some long time lovely clients. On the final day of the two-week project, when we were renovating and decorating two of their children’s bedrooms, we managed to squeeze in a photoshoot. Only in Covid times would we attempt a shoot on the final day of install. But the stars aligned and it all came together beautifully, and I cannot wait to share the results in next month’s newsletter.

The room's trays are shown above and below. 
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In last month’s newsletter I let the news slip that I was launching a new business and it's now officially live! 

I am delighted to announce that I have co-launched – drumroll please – a sister company with my friend and fellow designer Barbara Waltman. The company is called WALTMAN GILLIES and we are an online purveyor of small-batch, globally and locally sourced home accessories.

If you know me, you know that I cannot pass a basket or a box by and so there are lots of these on the site. WALTMAN GILLIES is also the home for my Heritage Throw Collection.
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WG was conceived in April, a rather grim month with our first Covid lockdown and the fear of the unknown. I had to complete a project and sourcing unique styling items was next to impossible. My friend Barbara was in the same predicament and so we decided (on a whim) to start a sister company to our design firms.

All items have been sourced using our own contacts; from a travel guide I met in San Paulo who introduced me to some unique local artists, to a gorgeous contact in India that I met in a very serendipitous way in February and a local printer that Barbara worked with 25 years ago.

All of our contacts have come to us in such an organic way that it has made this idea blossom very naturally. We have several Canadian-made items on our site from pottery that was designed in-house and made in Toronto to artwork coming soon from a fabulous artist in Vancouver as well as custom-designed table linens.
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My favourite items are our in-house designed marble Catch All Vessels from India, Fans from Ghana, the Woman Vase made right here in Toronto and of course, my cashmere and lambswool Heritage Throws that were woven in my home country of Scotland.

Please check out our website and follow us on Instagram: @waltmangillies. All new products will be launched on Instagram first and then added to the site. 

Thank you so much for your time, please do share with friends and family who might find this of interest. Hopefully we can tick some items off your holiday shopping list! 
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