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Hello & Happy New Year!

Well, January and the New Year have almost come and gone. How did that happen?! Is it simply a sign that I am getting older or is it just that now, in these Covid days and nights, without the old definitions of what our weekends and free time looked like, all our endless numbered days are merging?

I’d love to know your thoughts, do you feel the same?
We are currently loving the colour palette of navy, chocolate and cream. It's such a classic combination of colours and we are glad to see brown getting some love again, it's long overdue.
Navy, Chocolate and Cream Collage - Gillian Gillies Interiors - Classic Colour Combination
In Toronto, we are in week three of our most current lockdown. It somehow does not feel as daunting as last spring, probably because we have all been here before and we know what to do - we have masks, sanitiser and protocols in place at home and at work. 
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Navigating and understanding how and what we as a design firm can do has been a little bit complicated to understand. As we are connected heavily with the construction industry and residential construction is considered essential, so are we.

I drafted four questions and Monique phoned the provincial hotline three times and asked the same questions to three different people to make sure that we got the same answers.

What can I say, I like to be thorough, so here is what we are doing and how we are currently working to ensure that everyone stays safe, and that we maintain forward momentum on our projects.
1 - COVID-19 Measures - Interior Design - GGI Keeping Safe
 I am the only one in the studio at this time, and my team are working remotely. We are on Zoom connecting with and updating each other multiple times a day. 
COVID-19 Measures - Interior Design - GGI Keeping Safe - 2
If you phone the studio number (416 489 6781) during regular business hours you will be connected directly to Monique. She is available to answer any questions or connect with anyone else in the firm.
COVID-19 Measures - Interior Design - GGI Keeping Safe - 3
All designs projects where construction had started prior to January 12th are still moving forward. This means that we are allowed site visits with trades and clients whilst maintaining safety protocols. 
COVID-19 Measures - Interior Design - GGI Keeping Safe - 4
Our workrooms and custom fabricators are classed as manufacturing, so in Ontario, all our custom pieces are still being produced.
COVID-19 Measures - Interior Design - GGI Keeping Safe - 5
Workrooms are permitted to carry out check measures and installations if our clients are comfortable to have someone in their home.
COVID-19 Measures - Interior Design - GGI Keeping Safe - 6
Our vendor showrooms are closed for visits, but the staff are inside and working away to send us samples and place and process all our orders. This is ensuring forward momentum on our design projects. The design industry is certainly innovative, and many vendors are really rising to the challenge to ensure that our libraries stay stocked and up to date. We are receiving lovely boxes of new sampling as well as treats on a regular basis. 
We are so fortunate with the clients we have and the work we get to do. 
Living Room as existing, Gillian Gillies Interiors
Living Room as Existing 

One of our current projects is the renovation and decoration of a 2200 sq. ft. penthouse condo. The space has beautiful high ceilings, an abundance of light and fabulous clients with the most gorgeous dog (at GGI we get to share the best pets, one day I will get my own dog but for the past 18 years in Canada I have relied on my clients having dogs I can love). 

My client has some gorgeous furniture that has a huge amount of sentimental value to her family, so we are reupholstering and reimaging many pieces in new rooms and in new colours.

I love to repurpose furniture in a project. We do not demand a clean slate, but really enjoy working with and blending old with new. It ensures that the client is left with a unique space that cannot be shopped or copied and it also feels like home from the get-go. I love a mix of custom, to the trade, vintage, and high street – I design my interiors a little like my wardrobe. 

We always begin our projects with scale renderings and inspiration images to convey a look and feel. These are presented to our clients in a Look Book and this is the start of the design direction for their project.
Gillian Gillian Interiors - Penthouse condo renovation and decoration - Dining Room as Existing and an Inspiration Image - Cowan & Tout
Dining Room as Existing and an Inspiration Image

I thought I would share with you a sneak peek of the dining room. This room is what you see as you walk into the home and I wanted to make a big statement here. The current room is photographed above, and our inspiration image is on the right-hand side. 
Gillian Gillian Interiors - Dining Room Design Sneak Peek
We are designing a large custom banquette that will run the length of the right-hand wall and are pairing it with two pedestal tables. The bonus in having two tables is that no one on the banquette feels hemmed in. There can be a gap between them to allow people in and out, plus a two-table combination allows for smaller intimate dinners for two or four.

My client has a beautiful mahogany sideboard that will go on the left-hand wall. Colour will be added in the dining room chair fabric and the glorious curtains. 
The Authentics, Interior Design Anne-Marie Midy - Gillian Gillies Interiors January 2021 Interior Design Newsletter
We are launching a Thursday night book club at GGI as I am feeling like we are all in need of a dose of inspiration and escapism and books can truly bring both.

Each week our Thursday Instagram story will feature a book or article that is inspiring us. It will primarily feature lovely design books, but also what the team is currently reading – both fiction and non-fiction, as well as our favourite glossy magazines. We might not be allowed to physically travel but that does not mean that our mind and imagination cannot.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy 2021, here’s to February!
Gillian Gillies
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Living Room as existing - Gillian Gillies Interiors
Dining Room as existing - Gillian Gillies Interiors
Inspiration Image - Cowtan & Tout
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