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Gillian Gillian Interiors - September Newsletter 2021 - HEADER
I have adored September. I love the routine and structure it brings, as well as the cooler nights and mornings.

I love fall’s colour palette more so than any other season. It suits me and my interiors. Fall brings layers and saturated colours, a lot like my design schemes and my wardrobe.

My studio is in an industrial estate, but all I see from my front windows are four trees and the sky. I love the inspiration they bring to our presentation table's colour palette.
I like the thought of everyone getting back to business. There is community and comradery in knowing that we’re all focused on the new season, which means back to school for some and a renewed emphasis on work, with summer vacations a distant memory. But, it’s good to know that all my people are at the end of a phone, that my vendors, trades, and reps are all back working and ready to assist.

I know that not everyone can be back at work, and I know for so many that back to business does not mean back to how things used to be. The design industry knows this only too well. But I do feel a renewed sense of optimism. 
Hermes, GGI Pinterest Inspiration Board Slate
Even though we are vaccinated, most of us are still masked and sanitized and uncomfortable around large groups. But slowly, I feel a little more confident in planning ahead.

I have even planned a trip for January – the flight is fully refundable, but I am so excited to even have this in my diary, I can't tell you. It's a 'business' trip to Paris, and I am counting the days and praying that all will be well and that I can travel with confidence.

I have so missed connecting with my peers in person and overdosing on design inspiration in beautiful cities. Books, magazines, and Netflix have done their part, but I really need to feel my feet on different soil and be immersed in another culture, wander in streets without a destination known and order food without sometimes really knowing what I am getting!
We’ve recently completed several homes with gorgeous dining rooms – they are all unique, but all require(d) that final styling touch to complete the space.

I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite ways to dress your table this season – sometimes you don’t need much, less can often be more. I hope these spaces will be filled with laughter soon. 

We are moving away from matching table and stemware. I love the mix-and-match look; it feels far less stuffy, more personal and curated. I think if dining rooms were styled to look less fancy, they would be seen as more welcoming and used far more often. Nothing is nicer than having your loved one(s) around a table, hearing the chatter of voices and clatter of cutlery.
Layer Your Tableware and Linens
Layer Your Tableware and Linens 
La Double J, Social Studies
I recently came across the company Social-Studies via Goop. Social Studies is an event rental company out of the US, so it is not that helpful for my Canadian and British readers/clients, but that doesn't mean that you can't use their site for inspiration. It’s a really good way to find your aesthetic. They are champions at layering different colours and finishes.

My current favourite is their collaboration with fashion house La Double J as seen above. I also like Provence, as shown below. 
Provence, Social Studies
Add Greenery
Add Greenery

What to have on your table when it's empty - apart from mail and daily clutter? Well, that truly depends on you!

I always like a bit of greenery - something living, something fresh. 
Image 8 Timothy Godbold, D Pages, GGI Pinterest Board Dining Rooms
The image above shows simplicity at its best.

The sideboard behind is dressed with a tall clear vase and two oversized palm leaves. This placement doesn’t block the art, it just adds a layer.

On the table are three (remember, always odd numbers) marble and glass sculptures. Nothing else is needed. 
Jake Arnold, AD, GGI Pinterest Board Dining Rooms
The image above shows how to connect your dining room with the space beyond.

So often, dining rooms face the hallway, and in this case, the hall table acts as a focal point for the dining room. Its tall branch-like arrangement offsets the otherwise tailored space.

The table itself only needs a decorative bowl with some moss. 
Think of your Tabletop and Lighting as one.
Think of your Tabletop and Lighting as One 

Sometimes, all it takes is a great pendant and one great item on the table.
Julie Holloway, GGI Pinterest Board Dining Rooms
This oversized low marble bowl adds weight to the glass-topped table, and it pairs beautifully with the cream pendant shade and the charcoal walls.

Truly this space doesn’t need anything else. Scale is what makes this work.
Elle Décor Japan, GGI Pinterest Board Dining Rooms
These black high gloss trays mirror the three (one is unseen in this shot) pendant lights overhead.

They complement but don’t distract from the lighting, which is the real focal point in the space. 
We recently saw a new collection of textiles from one of my favourite companies from the UK called Romo.

They have five brands in the Romo family and, although each is unique, they all feature gorgeous natural fabrics with a beautifully saturated colour palette.

I have been working with Romo fabrics longer than I care to count………. at least 25 years and this season, their new collection beats all.  
Romo Sampling, Gillian Gillies
The textiles are beautifully woven and make me want to redecorate my home. I get to see a lot of new things, but this collection is stunning.

I was so lucky (thank you, Bilbrough!) to get to take all the master samples back to the studio so we could design some spaces with them at the forefront. I can’t wait to show my client. 

In my humble opinion, nothing beats texture in a textile - it adds body and weight, is very livable and, family and pet friendly. 

Talking of pets…

No, she is not here yet - I am still patiently waiting for my puppy to be born and then partially (hopefully very) trained before we get our hands on her. So it's going to be next year, but hopefully not in January when I am in Paris or else I'll be in big trouble 😊 I'll keep you all posted!

Wishing you all a wonderful October and Thanksgiving.  May your tables, hearts and tummies be full. 

Thank you for your continued support and reading. 

Gillian Gillies
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