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Well, that was June - and it was such a fast-paced and busy month I did not make my normal delivery of the newsletter last Friday!

So, this month you will get two and I will be all caught up and back on track.
Andrea Torres Balguer, Pinterest Board Fashion - Gillian Gillies Interiors
Life at GGI has been frantic at times over the past sixteen months. But I really feel that we can actually see the light at the end of the very long COVID tunnel and I am hoping to not have to buy any more masks.

I have acquired quite the stockpile, as you would expect from someone in design who is equally obsessed with fabrics and staying safe. I really miss faces and seeing people's smiles!
Cowtan & Tout, Pinterest Board Fabric - Gillian Gillies Interiors
Last week I was able to visit a couple of my fabric showrooms - it felt so good to be back.

I have not physically been in a showroom since January and although our vendors and sales reps have been great in sending us bags full of samples, nothing beats having a rummage yourself to find the perfect thing.

I will often find fabrics and trims that I love but do not currently have a home for, and so they will come back with me to the studio and will be stored for a future project. Although a sample I picked up the other day I swear would make an incredible skirt so watch this space. 
Current GGI renovation project, Gillian Gillies Interiors - Toronto Interior Designer
I do not know if it's the confidence in our vaccine deliveries, but we have seen a big surge of interest in large renovation projects over the past three months.

Our studio is awash with tiles and hard finishes, and I have lost count of the number of bathrooms we are currently designing and creating. Each one is as unique as the homeowner and I love seeing the blend of lighting, with faucets and tile that makes every space so special.

A renovation means either moving out of your home or being content with having multiple people in it. I know, as people return to work and kids go back to school full-time, many renovation projects are going to begin.

Moving out of your home for what could be an undetermined amount of time (due to lockdowns and stock shortages) has made many feel (understandably) uncomfortable. But with Canada vaccinating at a tremendous pace I can see the confidence growing in our clients. It has been a busy spring/summer and I can see the fall is heading the same way. 

Talking of fall, as I am typing this, I just received an email from a global carrier to advise me to start thinking about holiday lead times for shipping…………. seriously, in June?! 

Anyhow, I digress. 
Heaps Estrin Webinar featuring Gillian Gillies
Last month I had the absolute pleasure of taking part in a webinar for the lovely talented real estate team at Heaps Estrin.

We named the webinar Creating An Oasis In The City. At the heart of the webinar, I wanted to give attendees some insight into how we plan our projects and what makes a space feel like an oasis. 

I spoke at length about why I do not follow trends and why I believe that your home should feed your soul, about conscious consumption and using colour cleverly. The video can be watched here. 

I spoke about my Top 5 Ingredients For Creating An Oasis and I thought I’d share the abbreviated summary below....
Plan With The Destination Known
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It sounds really simple, but if you don’t have a clear end goal for your project then the journey and the destination will not meet your expectations.
Engage All Your Senses
Gillian’s Kitchen, photography Virginia Macdonald
Living in a city can feel crowded, dusty, noisy and overwhelming at times. We want our clients to come home, close their front door, and be able to exhale.

Your home should smell good, look good and give you a hug when you walk in the door. Tactile materials and welcoming colours can really lift your mood and make you happy!
Create Moods With Lighting
Stoney Lake Cottage, interiors by Gillian Gillies, photography Virginia Macdonald
We are known for our use of oversized pendant lighting - we use them as sculptures as well as sources of light.

Always use dimmers and never (EVER) use bulbs classed as daylight. 
Blend Texture & Tension For Longevity
Bedroom Corner, interiors by Gillian Gillies, photography Virginia Macdonald
If everything perfectly matches it will all date at the same time. This is why we always have some things in a room that don't quite match but still make the space sing.

We never want our spaces to look like they were all shopped for at the same time, even if they were. We blend custom, with to the trade, with vintage and high street to make our client's spaces really unique.
Use Colour Cleverly
GGI Studio Kitchen, interiors by Gillian Gillies, photography Virginia Macdonald
The ceiling does not have to be white and neither do your doors, trim or kitchen cabinets.

A space with little light cannot be made bigger or brighter by painting it white. Embrace colour! 
I am not known for my political views or my comments on what is happening outside the design world, but this Canada Day felt more like a much needed day for reflection instead of celebration. I know I have been listening to countless survivor's stories on the radio and reading about the residential school system to gain more insight and understanding.

In recognition of the recent discoveries of unmarked graves in both Kamloops and Saskatchewan, GGI made the decision to donate to True North Aid and The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund.  

As horrific as these recent discoveries are, I truly hope that they will ignite a path to reconciliation. I don’t pretend to know the answers, and I know that money doesn’t fix everything, but I really hope that with the growing swell of support for change that we can, as a country, take steps in the right direction.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thank you for your continued support and reading; I so love being able to write these newsletters to you all.
Gillian Gillies
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Andrea Torres Balaguer, Pinterest Board Fashion
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Current GGI renovation project, Gillian Gillies
Heaps Estrin Webinar featuring Gillian Gillies
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Gillian’s Kitchen, photography Virginia Macdonald
Stoney Lake Cottage, interiors by Gillian Gillies, photography Virginia Macdonald
Bedroom Corner, interiors by Gillian Gillies, photography Virginia Macdonald
GGI Studio Kitchen, interiors by Gillian Gillies, photography Virginia Macdonald
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