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All about the Blues…………

Blue is a colour that I admire, from its most delicate powdery pale form to the deep inky almost black hue. I also adore turquoise blue combined with navy blue, this can be a beautiful winning combination.
Pools by Lou Stoppard
At the studio, we are currently loving a book called Pools by Lou Stoppard. It is a deep dive into all things blue and I adore the turquoise coloured cover. I am truth be told not a natural-born swimmer, for me the water is something you go into to cool off on a hot day, it is not a sport.

Monique, the studio manager at GGI is a sporty swimmer and the book is hers. Truthfully, it might make you want to take up swimming. It almost has me hooked especially as the temperatures rise. I think it would make a perfect gift for a cottage or new pool owner!
Pools by Lou Stoppard
Take a flip through the book...
We are working on a blue design scheme for a client’s teenage son at the moment and I love this whole combination of colours and textures. It transcends any age group and will be a timeless addition to the home, with the addition of personal touches such as pictures, photos, books and lego the space will truly feel like his. 
Blue Interior Design Scheme by Gillian Gillies Interiors
Water and blue have me thinking back to a Lake House we completed a couple of summers ago. My clients purchased the Lake House in the fall, and we had the privilege and fun job of adding lots of character and lovely layers.

We worked on the project over the winter months and everything was installed in one long day just before the May long weekend. It's all in the planning and we planned it all, even down to the art on the walls.
Triple Image 1 - Interior Design Gillian Gillies Interiors - Photography Virginia Macdonald
I love working on vacation properties for our clients, by nature they are quite different from how we design their city homes.

In the city, homes can tend to be focused on the Monday to Friday hustle and bustle of work and school, it needs to welcoming and cocooning but there is also a strong emphasis on getting people and their stuff out the door in a smooth and timely fashion in the morning.

Entertaining in a city house can tend to be more formal and so dining rooms are still a much-needed necessity. 
DIY Network Blog Cabin, GGI Pinterest Board Cottage Style
When it comes to vacation properties, the focus changes from getting out the door in the morning to being able to easily arrive, having a spot to park an overnight bag and a way to make guests feel immediately welcome and at home.

Dining is more informal with guests and the outdoors is invited in and is very much part of the interior. Naturally, furniture must be able to work doubly hard with the outdoors and the sunshine all competing for attention.
Triple Image 2 - Interior Design Gillian Gillies Interiors - Photography Virginia Macdonald
Outdoor fabrics have really changed in the past few years, they are soft to the touch, and drape and upholster really well – in most instances you would never know that they were made for the outdoors which is why more often than not they are referred to as Indoor Outdoor.

We frequently use these fabrics not just outside or at vacation properties, but also in south-facing city rooms where the sun is beating down. Outdoor fabrics, although not forever indestructible are designed to be fade-resistant, mildew & mould resistant and bleach cleanable. When water is spilled on the surface it naturally pools for easy removal and does not penetrate. It is great for family homes with little people and four-legged friends.
Indoor Outdoor Fabrics - Interior Design Gillian Gillies Interiors - Photography Virginia Macdonald
Your home should be a comfortable space to relax and decompress, life is too short to worry about fabrics and stains and spills. Furnishings get old (just like us humans), nothing is going to stay perfect or look forever new, but you can start off right with the correct choices for you and your home life.

Linens, cottons, and wools are all cleanable, breathable fabrics that when used in the right environment will last for years. Silk and linen draperies will fade and break down (think holes) if hung in a very sunny window – they can be protected with lining and interlining but the sun is really not their long-term friend. 

However and wherever you live, it should feel relaxing and inviting and most importantly it should feel like you!

Happy July, stay cool. 
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Pools by Lou Stoppard
Pools by Lou Stoppard Video & Image - Gillian Gillies Interiors
Blue Interior Design SchemeGillian Gillies Interiors
Trio Images 1, 2, 3 - Design: Gillian Gillian Interiors; Photography: Virginia Macdonald
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Trio Images 1, 2, 3 - Design: Gillian Gillian Interiors; Photography: Virginia Macdonald
Indoor Outdoor Fabrics - Design: Gillian Gillian Interiors; Photography: Virginia Macdonald
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