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April has been a really tough month for so many in Canada with our COVID case numbers growing as we all live through wave three. I think we all hoped that a year in, things would be looking a lot rosier.

I am hopeful that our vaccine rollout seems at long last to be gaining momentum and so happy that I got my first dose last Saturday!

But we are a long way away from being safe, so we have adjusted how we work (again) and I thought I’d let you all know...
Gillian Gillies interiors Studio, photography Virginia Macdonald
•   Residential construction in Ontario is still classed as essential, as is manufacturing. This means we can currently work behind locked doors, as can our showrooms and workrooms. So, works in our client’s homes can continue, and goods such as custom casegoods, window coverings and upholstery are all still being fabricated. Lead times are stretched, but product is still moving. We are unable to visit our showrooms, but the staff and our reps are doing an incredible job behind the scenes in getting sampling and new product line information to us promptly so we can continue to design and create. I am loving the projects we are currently working; each is as unique as the homeowner, and it’s so lovely to see things blossoming from a small seed (or sample) of an idea. 

•   In the studio, we are working remotely from each other and making everyone’s health a priority. So, we will juggle days in and out of the studio between us. When you call the studio phone number, someone will always be there to take your call, even if they themselves are not at the studio!

•   I am visiting my construction sites to check in on progress when needed, and we are having a lot of Zoom meetings and sharing of photos so that everyone is always in the loop.

•   I am still going to client’s homes for initial meetings / measures. I am either meeting with my clients outside (so happy it is getting warmer) or via Zoom, and then I am the only person inside their home when I measure.

•   For viewing new listings, I am touring the house, safely distanced from the agent, and then providing our clients with feedback and thoughts afterwards. 
Design Tray - Gillian Gillies Interiors
•   All presentations are being done via Zoom. We are getting so adept at boxed presentations – they require an abundance of labelling and come with a warning about not pulling things apart until we are all on screen, but so far, so good. Everyone is behaving! I feared it looking like Christmas morning with instead of wrapping and gift tags strewn, it would be labels and bulldog clips and bedroom samples blended with kitchen ones… but that has not been the case at all. 
Things are different; I miss working side by side with my team, although at least on Zoom I get to see their faces. But I am so grateful that we get to work every day and that we can make a big difference in our client’s homes and lives. 
Thank You! 
Design-Inspiration-Gillian-Gillies-Interiors - Green 2021
For the last year, with no travel, no dinners out, and very limited access to galleries and museums, inspiration has been limited to what we can view on a screen and what we can find outdoors. 

Mother Nature is a huge inspiration to me, and it’s possibly why I adore hiking and the colour green so much. When I am out walking, I am always snapping pictures of fallen trees covered with moss and lichen, as well as the green canopies overhead that provide dappled sunlight. We are heading for the most fabulous month of May, where everything will soon pop, and the city will be transformed with its leafy green canopy.

The curated images above speak to the connection I feel with nature and how I see it being translated into our interiors and fashion. 

I’d love to know where you are seeking inspiration and where you find harmony? 
This home in the gorgeous neighbourhood of Baby Point is very soon going to get a colour injection. I am so excited to see this space transformed!
Gillian Gillies Interiors - What we are working on - BEFORE photo with markups
We are working on the main floor, adding built-ins, new lighting and lots of gorgeous furniture.
It's going to be eclectic, tailored, informal and a lot of fun. 
What we're working on - Design Tray - Gillian Gillies Interiors
Known for my love of colour and aversion to all grey rooms, I was delighted to be contacted by Elizabeth Mayhew to comment on an article in the Washington Post this week. 

Do I use grey? Yes, but very sparingly, and usually with a strong undertone so that it can read green or blue or pink - really like anything but grey.

I am not a huge trend follower; I like to design for the person and the space first and foremost. I also believe that my clients are investing in their home when they work with me, which means that they want timeless pieces that are not going to date quickly. I think the pandemic has made us rethink colour and how it affects us - the colours we wear and surround ourselves with impact our health and wellbeing. 

Take the colour green for example; it is the colour of abundance, rebirth, growth, and freshness. Grey is the colour of compromise, control, and it's seen as unemotional and detached. Which would you prefer to surround yourself with?
Read the article
Thank you for reading this month’s newsletter; I really appreciate it. And thank you for sharing with your friends and family to allow our reach to grow. 

We send this newsletter out on the last Friday of every month, so more than twelve deposits to your inbox a year unless we really have something M A S S I V E to share that can’t wait!

Wishing you a healthy and green-filled May. 💚
Gillian Gillies
Garden, Source unknown
Sportmax, via Fashion gone Rogue, GGI Pinterest Board Fashion 
Gillian Gillies Interiors Studio, photography Virginia Macdonald
Gillian Gillies Interiors Studio, photography Virginia Macdonald
Flatlay Tray, Gillian Gillies Interiors
Artist Unknown, GGI Pinterest Board Green
Wallpaper & Art - Farrow & Ball, GGI Pinterest Board Wallpaper
Dries Van Noten Spring 21, GGI Pinterest Board Fashion
Ett Hem Hotel Stockholm, Design Studio Ilse
Moss & forest track, Source unknown, GGI Pinterest Board Green
Exterior, Architectural Digest
Etro Spring Summer 17, GGI Pinterest Board Fashion
Swedish Forest by Hans Kruse, via, GGI Pinterest Board Fashion
Before Room Photo, Gillian Gillies Interiors
Design Drawings, Gillian Gillies Interiors
Flatlay Tray, Gillian Gillies Interiors
Derring Hall
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