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It’s been a sizzling summer in Ontario - sizzling with lots of rain, so for once my garden is still limping along and looking quite green.

Actually, it’s more than just limping, my containers have flowers that are still blooming, and my herb garden is flourishing. So, all in all not bad, but then we have been home nearly all summer to nurture things along unlike in previous years when we would travel so much more. 

I’ve taken two vacations this summer – single weeks – and stayed in the province. I fear travelling by plane again, and not just for the usual germs and delays but for the luggage restrictions. Holidaying by car has its advantages in that you can take EVERYTHING you might or might not need with you.

Our last trip was almost a comedy as we packed our car up with all sorts of stuff, still managing to leave our hiking boots behind. How on earth did I use to travel with just a suitcase and carry-on for a two-week vacation? It's going to be quite the adjustment. 
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I don’t do capsule wardrobes or plan on wearing the same clothes multiple times when I travel. I like my skincare, and that alone breaks most luggage restrictions. I also only read paper books, or proper books as I like to call them - I can’t do the tablet thing. I like turning pages and having the satisfaction of seeing how far into the book I have read and how much I have left to go. 

Has holidaying locally during these Covid days made you a holiday pack rat or is it just me?
Bathrooms, so many bathrooms. I feel like the whole world has gone bathroom daft. But, with the world in such disarray, I think we all take comfort in hot baths and luxurious long showers.

We currently have sixteen bathrooms that we are in the process of designing for multiple projects. Each one is unique like the homeowners and the space they inhabit. Everyone has their special requirements and must-haves.

I thought I’d share a couple with you here so you can see all the thought that goes into designing a space and making sure it's just perfect! 
Pretty Fabulous Powder Room - BEFORE - Gillian Gillian Interiors
Ok, the space is under construction so it's hard to see what we have.....

But basically, we have one large L-shaped space which allows us to tuck the toilet into the recess and we can create an amazing vanity area for the homeowners and guests! 
Pretty Fabulous Powder Room - SCALE DRAWINGS - Gillian Gillian Interiors
We opted to put the sink off to one side to allow for a generous countertop, the perfect place to reapply your lipstick (remember lipstick) during a dinner party (remember entertaining). Well, when these become the norm again, this house will be all set to go! 
Pretty Fabulous Powder Room - Tray and Stone - Gillian Gillian Interiors
For materials, the floor will have a finished-on site herringbone floor in a white oak, the vanity is an incredible stone called Avogado.

The walls will be wrapped with a linen and charcoal grasscloth, and we have a pair of mirrors and a single sconce! Overhead lighting will be a mix of pot lights and a semi-flush mount.

Our starting point for this space was definitely the size and scale of the vanity and the stone selection. The sink shape links back to the elongated hex tiles we have at the entry foyer and the motif on the staircase runner. All these small parts when layered together will make for a very cohesive main floor. 
Curved Principal En-Suite Bathroom - BEFORE - Gillian Gillian Interiors
This bathroom is currently getting its final design layer with all the finishes being selected... so, it may not end up exactly looking like the plans, but this is what we started off with.

The inspiration was simply a gorgeous space to relax and decompress in. The rear window overlooks a ravine and so we wanted to ensure that this would be easily seen from the bedroom.

Below are two layout options. It's rare that we have unlimited layout possibilities in a bathroom, but this one does so we made the most of it!
Principal En-Suite - SCALE DRAWINGS - Gillian Gillian Interiors
Materials are a mix of natural stone and porcelain. The countertop is a very bold choice – it varies from milky onyx to saffron to jet black. Everything else in the space is its understudy. 

I adore how the curves in the tub are echoed in the curved shower wall.
Curved Principal En-Suite Bathroom - Design Tray - SQUARE - Gillian Gillian Interiors
Both spaces feature a strong marble selection, clean lines, and defined spaces.

In bathrooms, like all spaces, you need to start with something - something has to be your anchor or jumping-off point.

In the case of the powder room, I could see the finished space immediately. In the principal en-suite bathroom, the dimensions needed to be mapped out in AutoCAD before we could see the possibilities. Once we had the layouts, then materials were sourced and the layers were added/are still being added.

It's crucial to think of all the little thing... where will you hang a bathrobe or towels, where will you sit to dry your hair. All of this needs to be confirmed in the planning stage to make for a smooth execution and years of enjoyment in the finished space. 
Season 2 of Modern Love. Call me sappy but who doesn’t love a good love story? Inspired by the New York Time column of the same name, the eight-episode series is available on Prime.

I love how this series is filmed, the colours and the layers all add depth to each character and episode.  
Currently Watching - Season 2 of Modern Love
How characters are dressed always reveals something more about them.

Minnie Driver has, in my humble opinion, the best outfits. Her episode is set in Ireland, and she’s all wrapped up in gorgeous mohair scarves, houndstooth jackets and leather gloves. She drives a vintage Triumph through gorgeous Irish scenery and it’s a tale of grief but hope. Yes, I cried watching this. 

In these remaining stinky hot days of summer, I am longing for the cool of autumn and the warm layers we can wrap ourselves up in. 
September is bringing several new projects to the design table as well as a new team member, but more about her next month! 

Wishing you all a gorgeous long weekend when it comes and a safe return to your place of work/school if you are able. 

Gillian Gillies
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