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February, the month of love; with a long weekend thrown in (in many Canadian provinces) and the month we finally see the days start to stretch and the sun in the sky rise just that little bit higher.

I know it's also the month of cold and much grey, but to me, it's the month that you can start to feel nature's shift towards spring. 
Gillian Gillies tromping through the snow somewhere near Caledon
For those who know me, they will know that I am an avid hiker. I will walk in really any weather just to get outside and breathe in nature.

I now wear a triple-thick mask all workday long and so the need to get away, to really be able to deeply breathe has taken on more importance in my life in these Covid days. It keeps me in balance and a good hike can put my whole life back into perspective.

I know I am so lucky to have the freedom to move my body and choose to tromp through the snow and ice knowing that a warm home is waiting for me when I get back. 

I would love to know what is keeping you all centred and in balance these days?
Chloe, our sometimes design assistant at GGI - Gillian Gillies Interiors
I (we) have taken the leap and have decided to get a dog!

I am so excited. I think she will be about a year away (of course, I make my decision when the whole world is getting a puppy), but I have waited this long, so what is another year.

I cannot wait to have her at the studio. She may end up bald with all the stroking and loving but we will cross that bridge when we come to it!

In the meantime, at the studio, we sometimes have Chloe, Monique’s exuberant puppy to keep us on our toes.
GGI Design Colour Board - Carnelian - Gillian Gillies Interiors
This month we are crushing on the colour Carnelian. I have a Carnelian crystal on my desk and use it as a paperweight – it is the stone of courage and confidence to allow you to move forward in life.

Truthfully, I picked it as I loved the colour, shape and feel of the stone in my hand and only afterwards did I learn its meaning.
GGI - Carnelian Crystal in Waltman Gillies Marble Catchall
Today a client selected a kitchen countertop with these warm syrupy tones – I cannot wait to see it installed. We have another gorgeous project where the living room carpet is being serged in this inviting shade. I am loving that our client is embracing colour! 
Burlington Gate, Mayfair London Project, by Studio Ashby
I do not know if it is our extended time at home, but there has been a real surge in the demand for velvet, mohair and chenille.

We are currently seeing so many new samples in the studio and even have samples of faux shearling which would be divine on an armchair or headboard.

I think the need for plusher fabrics is maybe a result of the lack of physical connection we are currently experiencing. Whatever the reason, I am happy to see and feel the resurgence.
The Dig, Netflix - 1
You may have probably all seen it, I think I have (probably quite bossily) told everyone that will listen to me to watch it, but for those of you who somehow have missed it, please sit down, maybe on a gorgeous velvet sofa, turn on Netflix and watch The Dig.

It is breathtakingly beautiful, and the blue skies and sunshine are a sign of what is to come.
The Dig, Netflix - 2
Ok, so maybe it's not all sunshine, but it's mainly sunshine! 

Set in England in 1939, The Dig is based on the true story of the discovery of ancient royal treasure at Sutton Hoo. For me, this movie has everything visually intoxicating all in the one serving. From the scenery to the house, and its glorious Arts & Crafts interior, its gardens and the clothing and fashion of the day, it is P E R F E C T I O N. 

Carey Mulligan is amazing – give this woman an Oscar now. 

Wishing you all a wonderful March, thank you for your continued reading and support. 
Gillian Gillies
Header Image - Sumptuous Velvet Sofa,, Waltman Gillies Pinterest Board Carnelian
Header Image - Oval Brick Window, Burlington Vermont, Waltman Gillies Pinterest Board Carnelian
Header Image - Alexa Chung’s Desk,, Waltman Gillies Pinterest Board Working From Home
Gillian tromping through the snow somewhere near Caledon
Chloe, our sometimes design assistant at GGI
Carnelian Crystal in Catch All Marble Vessel, Waltman Gillies
Montage - Middlethorpe Hall Hotel, York, England, GGI Pinterest board Carnelian
Montage - Carnelian Sweater, origin unknown, GGI Pinterest Board Carnelian
Montage - Flowerpots,, Waltman Gillies Pinterest Board Carnelian
Montage - Mohair Sofa,, Waltman Gillies Pinterest Board Carnelian
Montage - Gamla Stan, Stockholm Sweeden, Waltman Gillies Pinterest Board Sweeden
Montage - Inviting Living Room,, GGI Pinterest Board Great Room Style
Burlington Gate, Mayfair London Project,
by Studio Ashby
The Dig, Netflix
The Dig, Netflix
Derring Hall
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