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August to me always signals a change of pace. Yes, the weather here in Toronto is still hot and often humid, so it for sure still feels like summer. But we all know that the summer days are numbered and so I find August brings the urgent need to stretch our days before it's all too late and we cocoon indoors.

COVID has changed how we live and especially how we interact with friends and family who are not in our bubble. Having an outdoor space is prime as it allows us to safely see our loved ones in the privacy of our own backyards.
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I am taking every opportunity to dine outside whether it is simply the two of us or we are having friends over.

Last Saturday we threw out an invite to two gorgeous friends who only ever see each other at our Christmas Eve party. It was fun to have them both together (albeit apart) in the summer evening sunshine!
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A life without inspiration is no life at all, especially for a designer.  I am a true Sagittarian and have always had the travel bug, in flats I must add, never in stilettos as the inspiration image above would suggest!

I love exploring new places, leaving my hotel without an agenda or a map and simply getting immersed and sometimes lost – well frequently lost due to my poor sense of direction - in my new temporary home.

I love visiting foreign museums and art galleries and taking guided walking tours. I come home with a pile of new design magazines – many of which I can’t read due to the foreign language in which they were printed – and an abundance of photos and new finds that will sometimes translate into a new design scheme or colour palette.

So, what to do when you cannot travel, and you are seeking inspiration at home?
Bruce Trail, Caledon, Gillian Gillies
For me, one of our greatest resources is mother nature. Hiking has become a weekly past-time and I feel like we are training to be Olympian hikers, not quite sure why, but we are training for something!

Being immersed in the forest, or tree bathing as it's frequently referred to, really feeds my soul. Maybe it's why I like the colour green so much, but there is nothing quite like it.

Some weeks when we go out on one of the Bruce Trails, we will only meet a handful of people. It's a pure escape from the city and a great workout if you pick a challenging trail!

Sometimes you come across the most beautiful and unexpected things….
Doe, Foley Mountain Loop Trail, West Port - Fungi, Bruce Trail, Caledon, Gillian Gillies
Our museums are back open in Ontario, although you do need to book a time slot in advance. 

But, I for one can’t wait to go back to the AGO and spend time in the Henry Moore exhibition. Every time I go I see something different, some nuance I didn’t pick up before. 
AGO, photographer unknown, Gillian Gillies Interiors
The space which holds the sculptures (we have the largest collection in the world here) has the most incredible natural light, so depending on the time of your visit and the lighting conditions outside it can all look very different. I have been known to go simply to see this, the benefit of being a member – you can drop in (now with a prescheduled time slot) and simply see what you like.
Oeno Gallery, Prince Edward County, Gillian Gillies
Visiting an art gallery is also one of my favourite pass times. My clients will know that I am a huge fan of Oeno Gallery in Prince Edward County. Yes, it is a car ride away, but it is so worth it!! The setting is so picturesque and you can wander the grounds and take in the sculptures.

Once inside - book your time to visit well in advance if you plan to go at the weekend - you can take in some beautiful art, pottery, and sculptures. I always find artists whose work is new to me, alongside some of my favourite artists such as Milly Ristvedt, RCA and Charles Pachter.

Once you have finished pursuing the art or maybe before, wander over to Huff Estates next door and dine on wood-fired pizza and Ontario wine (if you are not the driver) on their terrace that is adjacent to one of their vineyards. Art + Pizza + Outdoors = Winning Combination.
Red Brick Homes, Heritage - Gillian Gillies Interiors
Going for a walk in a neighbourhood you love, but possibly don’t (yet) live in, is also something I love to do. The Annex is always a favourite as are the winding streets in Rosedale.

I love older neighbourhoods with red brick homes, heritage features and lots of unique and individual charm. I like to see what people plant in their gardens, how they seasonally decorate and who has the nicest front door! I am secretly on the hunt for my version of an Edinburgh / London Mews meets New York Brownstone. A girl can dream! 

Wishing you a wonderful August, our endless summer days may now be numbered, but we can enjoy them, partly because in Ontario we have all been so well behaved with our social distancing, mask-wearing and generally good social behaviour. 

Long may it continue, way to go Toronto!!!!  
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