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My clients will know that I love to mix patterns and textures, to me it makes a space feel alive, yet soothing, and most of all welcoming.

Pattern allows us to relax, not to worry about life’s sometimes small but sometimes big spills; all looks so much better when concealed on a patterned surface!

If you are fearful of pattern there is really no need to be afraid. When scaled properly even the boldest patterns just fade into the background.

The room and home below are being featured in the October issue of House & Home magazine – out on newsstands next week!! Do not walk, run to wherever you get your magazines or pick up a digital copy online.

The master bedroom in my humble opinion was in need of some pattern. In its previous life before my clients moved in the room looked like this…..
Before Shot, Gillian Gillies Interiors, Gillian Gillies
Mid-way through the project we added the wallpaper. It's bold, and the scale is incredible, yet it doesn’t overwhelm the space…… yes, my clients took a little bit of convincing and yes, this involved a big leap of trust on their part, but it was so the right thing to do! Just wait till you see the room furnishings.

These are my construction photos as I can’t show the finished images until it has been published, so please follow my social media posts and see the magazine to view it in all of its beauty.
Double Image Progress Shot, Gillian Gillies Interiors, Gillian Gillies
The tray shows some of the materials and colours we used to give you a feel for the space. 
Studio Interior Design Tray, Gillian Gillies Interiors
I'm not one to normally do call outs but we have been trying to increase our follower base on social media lately... and not just with anyone (we're certainly not into buying followers like it seems some do), but with people who will find value in the things we share and the words we write.

I think with the way that the world has changed lately, connection really is key. It's what we're all about as humans, and social media can allow us to connect with others in one way or another when perhaps we can't physically.

If you're interested in seeing what's going on at the GGI studio, or what's inspiring us and the like, then we'd be delighted if you'd like to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest - just click the buttons below. Thank you in advance!

My Paradissi Blog, Pinterest Board Workspace Style - Gillian Gillies Interiors Newsletter August 2020
September has always been back to school. Regardless of your age and whether you went to ‘school’ it was the month where it felt that everyone was fully back and focused on the task at hand. Holidays were distant memories and we knew that fall was fast approaching. Shorter daylight hours always seem to equate to longer workdays. 

This year back to school is going to be a whole lot different for many families and for, it would seem, the majority of my clients, where September will still mean that they will be working from home as will their university-aged kids. It makes for a busy home life and it's so important to carve out an area to work in peace and quiet. 

Most of my clients have a home office, truthfully many were designed for occasional use – evenings and weekends. So how do you take a part-time space and make it work for you?

My 5 favourite ways to make a home office work are the following – 

Designated Task Lighting.
If you can see your screen clearly and have good lighting you are off to a winning start. I love overhead lighting in addition to desk lamps. A good overhead light will illuminate the whole desk, avoid shadows and make you look great on your zoom calls. What's not to love!? I have a pencil-thin horizontal LED bar over my desk. It's brilliant. The bulb is 3000 lumens (warm white) and it prevents me from straining my eyes and, most importantly, I can see colours accurately.
Gillian Gillies Interiors Studio, Harper Daybed, photography Virginia Macdonald
A Comfortable Chair.
When sitting for long periods a chair that fits your body and your needs is a must-have item. Expensive does not always equate to comfort and it is really something that you need to try out for size. I personally prefer a desk chair with no arms, yet for others, arms are a must-have. If there is space, having a chaise or a sofa to stretch out on is also a lovely addition. I have a day bed in the studio and yes, there are times when I have a lie-down and truthfully, afterwards, the world is a far better place!! 

Cord Tidies & Desk Grommets.
Having a jumbled mass of cords at your feet is both unattractive as well as a tripping hazard. However, if you install a simple cord tidy on the underside of your desk and plug everything into the one power bar via the grommet on your desktop, then you'll only have one cord going to the receptacle. Our custom-made desks come with all of these things which many store-bought desks don’t... but they are easy to have installed after purchase.
Dave Wheeler for Homes to Love, Pinterest Board Workspace Style - Gillian Gillies Interiors Newsletter August 2020

Maybe it is the creative in me, but we all need something good to look at when we are working, especially in those moments of pause and reflection or when you are stuck for what to say or type next. Ideally, you have a room with a window you can dream out of. If not, a great piece of art or a wall of books can provide a much-needed break from your screen. 


We all need some quiet time when we are working and deep in thought. If you are finding this difficult during these times, noise-cancelling headphones might be the answer; not for 9 hours a day, but for those times when you just need to believe that you have the place to yourself. 
I am so excited for September to begin, it is the start of my favourite season; I love wearing layers, having the lamps on at home and being able to open the windows. 

Wishing all my UK readers a fabulous August Bank Holiday this weekend, and to all my Canadian & American readers have a great Labour Day long weekend on September 7th.  

Thank you all for your continued reading and support. 
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