Australian Woodsmith 24th March 2021
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Versatile Roller Guide

I use a lot of thin stock in my projects. But it can be difficult to rip thin stock to a consistent thickness. That’s why I came up with the roller guide you see here. It’s designed to work at the bandsaw or any other tool with a mitre slot, like a table saw or router table.

It works great as a stop for ripping thin strips or to help keep a workpiece against a rip fence. Switch out the mitre slot hardware for a flange bolt and it can be used as a hold-down when attached to a fence with T-track.

Building it is simple. It’s just a piece of plywood sandwiched between a couple of layers of Masonite. I glued oversized pieces together, then cut and sanded them to shape after the glue dried.

I drilled the ends of the slot next and used a jig saw to remove the waste. A file and sandpaper helped smooth the cut lines. Now you can add the bearings. Just insert a short length of dowel into a hole drilled in the end of the guide.

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SAFETY IN THE WORKSHOP Safety devices, such as riving knives, guards on table saws and guards over router bits have been deliberately left out of the line drawings in Australian Woodsmith projects in order to make them easier to follow. It goes without saying that where safety devices have been supplied by the manufacturers you should use them. We encourage the use of push sticks as good work practice.
    Exercise vigilance and the greatest of care when using power tools, whether stationary or portable. Keep all your tools sharp and well maintained. Wear protective eyewear, a dust mask and a hearing protector when appropriate. By limiting distractions and developing safe work practices you will go a long way to avoiding workshop accidents. So, work safe fellow woodworkers.  -Editor
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