Newsletter 15 - Março 2017




Exposição "O ovo do Leonardo"
Participam Aurea Praga, Inês Sobreira e Teresa Dantas | Membros PIN
Inaugura a 15 de Abril às 17.30h
@ Mindshake House
Rua da Motas nº 102 (casa azul), Porto

"Este ano, o aniversário do Leonardo é no sábado de Aleluia, em que se prepara a celebração da Páscoa.
Assim, sendo o ovo um símbolo do nascimento e utilizando o pensamento combinatório, lançamos-vos um desafio: 
O que será “o ovo do Leonardo” para cada artista?
Será de madeira, cortiça, tecido ou barro? Um símbolo da criatividade e inovação? Uma imagem monalísica? Um aparelho leonardino?
O ovo do Leonardo será aquilo que queiram que ele seja!".

A exposição estará patente até 21 de Abril de 2017

Exposição "De nada"
De Ana Fernandes | Membro PIN
@ Árvore - Cooperativa de Actividades Artísticas

A exposição estará patente até 1 de Maio de 2017

Exposição "O mais profundo é a pele"
A exposição estará patente até 25 de Junho de 2017

Participa Olga Noronha | Membro PIN
@ Palácio Pombal | MUDE Fora de Portas

"A exposição nasce da coleção de pele humana tatuada, datada de 1910-40, tutelada pelo Instituto de Medicina Legal e Ciências Forenses (IMLCF). Do ponto de vista expositivo pretende efetuar-se uma abordagem s artística e sociológica. 
Ao contrário de coleções congéneres, de outros países, o espólio do IML está consolidada por uma abundante documentação (desenhos e retrato sociocultural de cada individuo), a incluir na exposição.
Esta exposição recupera os ambientes vividos nos bairros típicos de Lisboa no limiar do século XX onde se entrecruzam a marginalidade, a prostituição e o fado; contribuindo, assim, para aprofundar o conhecimento sobre a cidade. 
Ao mesmo tempo, indaga sobre as eventuais características de desenho da tatuagem portuguesa".

Carlos Branco (INMLCF)
Catarina Pombo Nabais (CFCUL)
Parceria com Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal e Ciências Forenses (INMLCF) e Centro de Filosofia das Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (CFCUL)


JOYA: Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 2017
Data limite: 30 de Abril de 2017

"JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair is the main art jewellery event in Spain. Gathering a great number of independent artists as well as related organizations, schools and other entities, JOYA, in its 9th edition prepares to present excellence and innovation in art jewellery relating with other fields of art, this year is the turn of Gastronomy.
The event goes beyond being an exhibition space for students and artists to present their latest work.  JOYA, aimed towards professionals in the field as well as the general public, is also a platform of national and international exposure that enjoys a large number of media partners and collaborations with galleries and other events of the field.
Its goal is to promote national and international artists through exhibition and communication, support jewellery and help open up an artistic market that has remained under exploited until now. Moreover, JOYA is a platform for artists to interact and share experiences and discuss their common issues, an opportunity for artists, press, distributors and interested audience to come into contact"
JOYA 2017 will take place on the October 05th , 06th  and 07th  2017 at Arts Santa Mónica, Spain.


Schmucksymposium Zimmerhof 2017
Data limite: 1 de Maio de 2017

Contemporary Jewellery Symposium
25 a 28 de Maio de 2017

"concept of the 49th Schmucksymposium in Zimmerhof 2017
by: Pieter Elbers, Rutger Emmelkamp en Merijn Bolink


"Take your protein pills and put your helmet on" 
What more do we need than this directive from Ground Control to Major Tom in David Bowie's 'Space Oddity'? Carbohydrates, fat, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water are all we need to survive. Apart from situations that force us to look upon nutrition like that, we tend to search for better, new, different, exciting and the unknown. The kitchen is filled with cookbooks. New ingredients and combinations are explored. Popular cooking programs on TV, restaurants are booked a year ahead, the chef has become a star.
Our minds want to be stimulated as much as our taste buds do. But what feeds us as makers, designers and artists? Why do we go to our studio every day to make what we make? To draw, hammer and paint, produce, transform and shape? What arethe sources we work from? What inspires us? What fires us up and gets us going? And how does this become visible? A lot of information about artists can be found on Internet including images of their work. In this year’s edition of the Zimmerhof Symposium we asked the speakers therefore to not only show their work, but mainly to shed a light on their sources, their inspiration, and what feeds them in their artist practice.
For four days we will dive into the different aspects of the meaning of 'Nourishment'. So there will be great food! As well for thought...
This might be the last chance to experience the Zimmerhof Symposium at the fantastic location as you know it. 
As always the Zimmerhof Symposium will be a great opportunity to meet people, get informed, discuss and to have a good time".




26th Legnica International Jewellery Competition IDENTITY
Data limite: 5 de Abril de 2017

"References to important phenomena that shape the present are a lasting  tradition of Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER. Proposing topics for future competitions we have been trying to follow current civilisational changes and thus inspire artist-goldsmiths, designers and makers of unique jewellery to overpass the schemes and search for individual interpretations.
As it happens, recently, there has not probably been an issue that would not be politically marked – and usually in a negative context. Social processes and their rapid re-evaluations that we are witnessing are described in a language of extreme emotions and not of facts; and ‘post-truth’ becomes the word of the year.  As a result existing criteria for ordering the individual / community relation more and more often force us to make world view declarations. At the same time the very identity of an individual acquires an almost exclusively virtual quality and becomes the subject of self-creation, manipulation and even identity theft.
Designer jewellery, that has always been treated as a  personal amulet, a symbol, a determinant of individual identity, today is subject to the same mechanisms of ruthless marketing as any product, service, emotion or experience. Therefore new questions  arise  with respect to the item / user relation both in the real and virtual context so ruthlessly shaped by the economy of profit.
Are material amulets still needed to manifest our identity?
Have former functions of jewellery been indivertibly taken over by electronic accessories?
Will the personal item made of precious materials get indivertibly replaced by the Big Data algorithm, which is able to make our personality profile on the basis of just 50 traces that we unwittingly leave on the Internet?". 
Sławomir Fijałkowski


International Institute of Contemporary Art & Theory | Seaside Residency
Data limite: 15 de Abril de 2017

"The International Institute of Contemporary Art and Theory overlooks the Black Sea in the charming, coastal town of Mangalia, Romania. The program hosts international scholars, professionals, and students who are interested in art theory, art history, and art making in order to foster critical dialogue, professional networking, and a focused studio practice for participants".

Open call. Submissions for the book New Brooches
Data limite: 30 de Abril de 2017

"In this new book, we attempt to gather a relevant, inspirational and contemporary sample of brooches from all around the world. The selected pieces will be featured with the profile of the artist and technical details of the work. The publisher will be Promopress".

Nicolas Estrada
Brooch: To Be or Not to Be, 2014
Silver, rose quartz, citrine, steel
5.5 x 5.5 x 1.8 cm
Photo by: Manuel Ocaña


Craft + Emerging Media Residency - 2018 | Alberta College of Art and Design
Data limite: 1 de Maio de 2017

"The Alberta College of Art and Design is seeking an Artist in Residence with a particular interest in using both digital technologies and traditional craft media within their artistic practice for a 3-6 week program beginning 13th of February 2018. This residency provides an artist the opportunity to integrate their studio research and practice within ACAD’s School of Craft and Emerging Media. In addition to support from studio technicians and the residency coordinator, the artist-in-residence will have access to a private studio space, as well as to ACAD’s robust craft and fine art facilities.  
Interested parties should submit a project proposal and related budget for a self-directed residency that offers to make a significant contribution to contemporary craft. 
Applications are sought from mid-career and emerging artists interested in undertaking  research in contemporary craft and emerging technologies. To be considered for the program, applicants are expected to have achieved international recognition for their work, and have attained an MFA or equivalent. Teaching and/or instructor experience is desirable. The selected applicant will receive a substantial honorarium (dependant on a budget proposal), accommodation subsidy, private studio space, access to the College’s resources and onsite exhibition space.  
An integral facet of the residency is the artist's engagement with students, faculty and the local community. The artist is expected to provide studio demonstrations and critiques for both undergraduate and graduate students, a mandatory public artist talk, with optional exhibition".


So Fresh + So Clean Call for Entry: 2017
Data limite: 5 de Junho de 2017

Fresh: Work that’s happening now, challenging how we define the field of metalsmithing and jewelry

Clean: Objectively looking at where our studio practices intersect with environmental concerns and human health.

"This exhibition has two goals: we are searching for the most innovative jewelry and metalsmithing work made within the past 2 years, while creating a platform for an honest dialogue about the what it means to be an Ethical Metalsmith. Students who apply to the exhibition are eligible for the Annual Emerging Artist Award. This award will be given to a student who embraces the greater mission of the Ethical Metalsmiths organization and shows exceptional drive or innovative thinking in their approach to the field of jewelry and metalsmithing in their practice.

We understand a completely sustainable practice is a farfetched notion.  However, becoming aware of the ways our practices impact environmental and human health is the first step in the right direction and adds an important layer to the creative decision making of artists. Becoming a member of Ethical Metalsmiths is one small step that places you within this essential dialogue.

Through the lens of sustainability – what it means to “do the right thing” – the Ethical Metalsmith Student Committee challenges you to investigate your studio, processes, methods, and personal goals. Consider the small everyday actions that may be overlooked (like riding your bike to the studio, or making reusable studio rags from old clothes). What are some of the things happening in your shared studio that regard environmental or personal health? What are some considerations for setting up your own studio? What are some concerns you have regarding metalsmithing processes that you would like to see further researched, or changed? Are there processes or materials you avoid for ethical reasons? Tell us about it, ask questions, and then show us the work you are making!".

Data limite: 30 de Junho de 2017

Theme: A jewel of a Lake 

"The Lake Garda has always been the object of artistic contemplation. Since antiquity it left a striking impression on some of the most important figures of the cultural world: from Catullo to Dante, from Goethe to Gabriele D'Annunzio, from Klimt to Maria Callas. 
Its intense and bright colors, its wide horizon delimited by the peaks of the Alpine mountains, its clear light and the uniqueness of its natural flora, are all distinctive traits which can be appreciated through a multisensorial experience. 
Drawing inspiration from the verses of Virgil or from other famous personalities who were fascinated by the Lake Garda, the authors are asked to design a piece of jewelry which resembles the beauty of this territory". 


The Journal of Jewellery Research
Call for papers

Data limite: 30 de Junho de 2017

"We welcome papers that investigate jewellery design, theory and the contexts in which it operates. We support jewellery related research into materials, techniques, methodologies, social practice, concepts and aesthetics".

For young applied arts

Data limite: 28 de Julho de 2017



Data limite: o mais tardar 2 meses antes da data de início da residência.

"A special characteristic of Arc is the wonderful landscape that surrounds it. As walking can be conducive to the discursive process, we want to regularly invite two persons (artists or other practitioners) for shorter residencies, to take long walks in the beautiful green surroundings together. The idea is to give people time to enter into a longer dialogue in another rhythm and collaborative mode".


Residencias R.A.R.O
Data limite: Durante todo o ano.

"R.A.R.O. arises from an interest in creating opportunities for dissemination, exchange and creation where artists find a common place for production and artistic development.

This type of organization of itinerant residencies manages to generate an original and unique artistic space and creates opportunities for artists to carry out their projects".

STEP Beyond Travel Grant
The application deadline for Step Beyond travel grants is 60 days prior departure.

"Through this grants scheme, we fund emerging artists and cultural workers to explore and to exchange views, skills and inspiration. We have been supporting all kinds of cross-border creativity - including music, visual art, theatre, dance, film, documentary, multimedia, design, photography, fashion and cultural capacity building.
STEP Beyond Travel Grants are designed for up-and-coming artists and cultural workers to travel between EU and EFTA (European Free Trade Association), and countries bordering the EU.
Priority is given to individuals who are under 35 years old and/or who are in the first 10 years of their career. The STEP Beyond funding scheme emerged from previous mobility grant programmes such as Erasmus and APEXchanges".




Workshop Filigrana

* Condições especiais para Membros PIN *

6, 7 e 8 de Abril de 2017
Moderado por Pedro Xavier
@ Valentim Quaresma Studio 
Rua António Maria Cardoso, 26B
Chiado, Lisboa

Informações e inscrições:




           2017, Retrato Cristina Filipe 
           Foto: Eduardo Sousa Ribeiro

Cristina Filipe vencedora do "Susan Beech Mid-Career Artist Grant"

"A bolsa "Susan Beech Mid-Carreer Artist Grant", promovida pelo Art Jewelry Forum, foi atribuída, entre 98 candidatos de 25 países, a Cristina Filipe, Membro PIN, para a publicação de um livro, em português e inglês, sobre a história da joalharia contemporânea em Portugal. A bolsa tem o valor de 20.000 dólares e será atribuída ao longo de dois anos, durante os quais o projecto será realizado.
O júri é composto por distintos profissionais: a colecionadora Susan Beech (USA); a artista e professora académica Iris Eichenberg (DE/USA); Sara e Bill Morgan e Cindi Strauss, curadores de Artes Decorativas de Craft and Design no Museum of Fine Arts, em Houston.
O objectivo desta bolsa Internacional  é reconhecer um artista entre os 35 e os 55 anos que tenha vindo a dar um contributo substancial para o campo da joalharia contemporânea, de modo a facilitar o apoio necessário para a realização de um projecto.
Durante esse período, Cristina Filipe tenciona simultaneamente organizar uma exposição com algumas das peças mais marcantes que documentem  esta investigação sobre a história da joalharia contemporânea em Portugal. A exposição deverá coincidir com o lançamento do livro e, preferencialmente, inaugurar primeiro em Portugal para, posteriormente, iniciar uma itinerância internacional.
Cristina Filipe é artista, curadora, professora e investigadora do CITAR/EA-UCP. Estudou em Portugal, Holanda e Inglaterra, tendo ensinado e exposto internacionalmente. Este livro preencherá certamente uma lacuna na história joalharia contemporânea internacional".




Arnoldsche Art Publishers 
Jewellery - Objects - Sculpture

"Scandinavian studio jewellery is simply unimaginable without Tone Vigeland (b. 1938) and her work. Her distinctive objects flatter the human body, captivate through their dimensions and volume, and yet are assembled from a variety of the tiniest hand-crafted components: tubes of silver wire, precisely cut plates, spheres and eyelets, all in small scale, are invisibly interconnected, and Vigeland’s use of heavily oxidised, almost iron-black silver and steel is a typical feature. The result: art on the human body – highly aesthetic, perfectly executed and always wearable. Around 150 jewellery objects from 1958 to 2010 document the pioneering creative work by Tone Vigeland and are complemented with a selection of objects and sculptures from 1998 to the present day, which can now be seen in an exhibition and publication for the very first time".

*Condições especiais para Membros PIN*
Informações e reservas:

Arnoldsche Art Publishers 
David Bielander | Twenty Years. 2016-1996

"The Swiss artist David Bielander (b. 1968) is one of the most significant proponents of contemporary art jewellery in the world. With him, nothing is what it seems: corrugated cardboard is actually silver or gold, Wiener sausages are a chair in a coffee house, shapely lips are made of rubber. This ambiguity distinguishes his work as much as his exceptional knowledge of materials and artisanal skill. With twenty years of work, the publication offers the first, comprehensive review of the multi-award-winning artist, who with his conceptual reflection and power of imagination creates works full of wit and sensuality.

With contributions by Helen Britton, Rutger Emmelkamp, Maria Cristina Bergesio, Julia Wild, Gijs Bakker, Marjan Unger, Bernhard Schobinger, Benno Hungerbühler, Florian Hufnagl, Jochen Bitzer, Toni Greenbaum, Raphael Bielander, Tim Krohn, Jorunn Veiteberg and Karl Fritsch".

*Condições especiais para Membros PIN*
Informações e reservas:

Arnoldsche Art Publishers 
Liesbeth den Besten
A COMPENDIUM of international contemporary art jewellery

" ‘On Jewellery’ offers a comprehensive overview of the tendencies and role of contemporary international art jewellery from the 1960s to today, shown within the context of corresponding trends in art and society. This publication is dedicated to themes such as interdisciplinary collaboration, new means of presentation and contextualisation. It also incorporates photography and the relationships between jewellery and the body, jewellery and ornament and new interpretations of traditional technical skills. Furthermore it considers aspects such as terminology and strategies, positioning, prejudices and the significance of content with regard to jewellery. On this basis this publication offers a synopsis of what art jewellery is and what it can be. Its aim is to reveal the characteristics, language and potential of jewellery. A directory of jewellery galleries, museums and interesting websites make ‘On Jewellery’ a compact handbook of contemporary art jewellery".

*Condições especiais para Membros PIN*
Informações e reservas:

Arnoldsche Art Publishers 
Documents on Contemporary Crafts No. 4 | André Gali (ed.) | Norwegian Crafts

"Art collectors and collections make up an important part of the contemporary arts and crafts infrastructure. Not only do museums and art collectors improve an artist’s financial situation by buying their work; just as important is the symbolic meaning of the collection. To be included in the ‘right’ collection or museum can give the artist a high level of recognition; at the same time the purchase secures the work a place in a system whose aim is to preserve the work for the future. Collecting is a selection process which has economic, social, political and art historical implications and consequences for the artist, the art scene and the public.

In On Collecting the authors look at collecting from public, private and personal perspectives to shed light on some of the structures that are responsible for how artworks become ‘collectable’ and thus available to the public in museums and public spaces".

*Condições especiais para Membros PIN*
Informações e reservas:

Arnoldsche Art Publishers 
Tanel Veenre
Jewellery Diary 2009–2015

‘Experiences must be translated into an intelligible form. That’s why I create art – mainly jewellery. And that’s why I communicate … mainly with words. This book offers no explanations or accompanying texts for the artwork; the pictures and words have ended up together by a strange coincidence that ties them together in my personality.’
(Tanel Veenre)

"The work of the Estonian jewellery artist Tanel Veenre comes alive in its fullest extent in the current artist’s book. Between dramatic objects and mellow-sensual jewellery unfold thoughts, ideas and questions, which are framed by sequences of pictures showing the sources of his inspiration: photographs of Nordic landscapes, of best friends, of church vaults, erotic forms and the workshop in which the fantastical and poetic pieces are created by his very hand. With the ‘portrait photos’ of the hands of sixty-four particularly esteemed artist colleagues, his own picture series is dedicated to hands, the most valuable tool of a jewellery artist.

With this ‘artist’s diary’, Tanel Veenre gives an insight into his world – intimate and sincere thoughts on the ideas and concepts behind his creativity. As a rather abstract thinker, these concentrate less on the detail than the big picture behind it: Why and how is man able to create art? Where does the beginning, where does the end of art lie? Where does nothing end and where does everything begin?".

*Condições especiais para Membros PIN*
Informações e reservas:


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