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Feeding The Multitudes, Loving The One

The month of June still leaves me speechless and I’m feeling overwhelmed when I think about it. Besides entering an entire new area, my faith got stretched like I never imagined ever possible. It was a month of crying and a month of great joy to the place where after our last outreach, all I could journal was, WOW GOD… stared at my words for a long time and just kept on thinking; wow God! With my previous newsletter, I mentioned to you that someone gave us 1000 x 12.5 kg’s of maize meal. God challenged me to put my faith out to match it with grocery hampers. At first, I hyperventilated and then I spoke to the team about it. I’ll tell you the story below.


Relieve Hunger and Save a Life
Since we started with this project, we have fed an incredible amount of people. We are targeting households that have been cut off from income, when the entire nation was called to a halt. Waiters, barbers etc. According to the stats that we could track, we have given food to 7747 people, from the beginning of May.

Words fail me to really capture in words the magnitude of what we experienced on Saturday 20 June 2020. With what started out as what I thought was a miscommunication, resulted in feeding 1209 families, reaching more than 5400 people as part of those families. 

When I was told we will be getting 1000 x 12.5 kg’s of maize meal, I was a bit shocked. I went home that night, asked God what I should do with so much maize meal, as we don’t have storage to keep it and hand it out bit by bit. I heard Holy Spirit tell me to match it with grocery hampers. I was sure I misheard what he said. The next morning, I heard the same thing. I then asked God to give me a mandate, because there is no point in handing out that much food without a greater mandate. He told me that He wanted to break open something of Sonship in the area, displacing the orphan mindset and He wanted to do it by capturing the attention of His sons and daughters through provision for their physical needs. Two weeks later, we witnessed how God brought together such a day of profound significance. Only He could do this.

By the Tuesday, we only had enough money in the bank to match about 200 food parcels. I rearranged the budgets and the items on the lists and God opened incredible opportunities for us. I placed an order without knowing if we will be able to pay the items on the list. But the very next day, the funding and donations started coming in. We worked on an estimate, that if the maize meal and the groceries were all part of our one budget, it would’ve been a R350 000 project. God provided in so many ways. This is not what it costed the ministry, yet we handed out more food than what this budget showed we could. Only God could have multiplied the number of hampers that we normally hand out with our relieve hunger project. Two hundred and nine additional hampers were handed out, which wasn’t planned for or budgeted for. The best of all is that almost all the people that came through the feeding lines, were prayed for individually. Many, many people encountered and accepted Jesus
We are now scouting for a premise so that we can establish another worship centre, and truly equip the community to seek God’s face for their own lives. We believe that we are called to transform culture, not just a specific community and this happens one person at a time, one encounter with the true Jesus at a time.

Some physical healings I personally witnessed: 

I was called by one of the prayer teams, as they felt a lady would not be able to stand in the que for food distribution. I could see that she had a wooden eye. I asked her what was wrong. All that she said was that she had metal in her foot and that she was chronically in extreme pain. She didn’t have any feeling in the limbs, except for the constant pain. I asked her to demonstrate what she could do. She took her foot from her slipper but could not bend it at all. She couldn’t even wiggle her toes. I told her that I believe that God wants to touch her and that we want to pray for her. As we prayed, life came back to her limbs. The surprise on her face was beautiful to see as she started moving her toes. As she started bending her ankle after telling us and demonstrating that she couldn’t move it and now she could – the raw emotion on her face was unreal! About an hour later she found me in one of the ques, between the masses. She leaped towards me, walking normal. She threw herself in my arms, crying, just repeating “thank you” over and over again.
Pastor David came to ask if we could help a guy with food without him standing in line. He was extremely ill. As I walked over, Michael was hinged over and sweat was pouring from him.   David & I prayed for him and immediately he stood up straight and the sweat stopped. He said he was feeling better and I noticed that he didn’t have an arm in the sleeve, so I asked about that. Right at that moment Heidi walked past and they also prayed for him. Michael told us that his arm just stopped working two weeks ago and they couldn’t figure out why. We started praying. I heard Holy Spirit telling me that he needed to forgive someone. I spoke to him about her and as he let the unforgiveness go, we commanded the arm to come back to life. The unbelief and then pure joy on his face when he realised that he could use his arm again… was indescribable. He placed his arm back into the sleeve and took hold of his food hamper
I am delighted to announce that Pieter and Ulandi Smit have joined the full-time team as missionaries in Kingdom Culture. I’ve known Pieter for the last 9 years and I’ve seen how he and Ulandi grew as a family, and more specifically in their walk with Jesus! They walk with passion, compassion, endurance, selflessness, integrity and vision. I could not have asked for a better couple to join us as full-time missionaries. Please keep this amazing family in your prayers when you specifically pray for Kingdom Culture!

From Pieter's pen:
..."Since the start of lock-down end March, God shifted something in our lives. Overnight our business stopped and we were faced with questions, but it didn't take us long to realize that even though our business stopped, God was busy with something. We immediately got our minds aligned with Christ. We tried to make plans to earn income, but nothing worked out. We wanted to sell vouchers which would definitely have worked, but we just felt God wanted us to trust Him. He changed everything back to trusting Him, and He never let us down one bit. In amazing ways He just provided in all our needs! Suddenly what I have hoped and prayed for, for a very long time, God started. Ministry activities started picking up, and after some weeks, on the day of Pentecost Xenia asked about my role in Kingdom Culture. We prayed about it, left it aside for almost 2 weeks, and then God showed me His heart. We cannot move without knowing what the heart of God is.

Why Kingdom Culture? Xenia and Dian are very dear friends of ours for almost 10 years, and with all the ministries that I have walked with before, it is their way of reaching the lost and most rejected from society that resonated with my heart. Everything we ever went through prepared us for this time. The unity we experience with Kingdom Culture is awesome, because the things that burn in our hearts, we can express in Kingdom Culture, it comes naturally, nothing is forced. A very important aspect of our decision was also the way my family felt safe with the leadership and volunteers of Kingdom Culture. It is critical that my family feel so safe that they stand up in God's call without fear, and that is what I've seen. Ulandi is very sensitive and I can trust her spirit, and the way she opens her heart amongst the Kingdom Culture family, is both beautiful and empowering"...

Partner with them: PJ Smit. Capitec Bank, 1639590690


If you feel to partner with me financially,
please do so with one of the following means:
Monthly or lump sum contributions can be paid directly into Kingdom Culture ministry account, as follows:

Kingdom Culture Global
First National Bank
Cheque Account
Account number: 62202476372
Branch Name: Hatfield
Personnel reference number: XEN01
Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

Or on PayPal Link

Or personal banking account: 
X. Swanepoel
Standard Bank - Cheque account - 012729701


God opened an opportunity to serve the Silverton community with food hampers. It was a very relaxed yet extremely impactful day. We could see how people’s appearances transformed as they encountered Jesus. Some people came out, knowing that they needed to be delivered from demonic strongholds, and many other things. It is such a beautiful community, yet the enemy managed to steal the beauty of the people’s lives. We witnessed hope being restored, and people being ready to dream with God again.
Ninja Blanket Drop
We were blessed with blankets by Brave to Love and their sponsors on the coldest night of this winter. As we went out to find our homeless friends, we found people with their feet wrapped in plastic bags and leaves, to just try and keep warm. To see them like that was painful, however most of them reported that they have been clean from addiction, due to the lock-down and the camps that they were forced into. It was a bittersweet experience. We are hopeful that we will be able to return soon to minister to and equip them further.

We’ve had other smaller outreaches as well, but I’ll keep you busy for a while if I shared the powerful impact of these outreaches. We are so thankful for the beauty only God can bring in people’s lives in this season!


Ministry Needs

We still need the below resources to accomplish the things which God is speaking to us about for the near future.
We need a bakkie – We have been borrowing bakkies to transport the hampers from place to place. My little car just can’t do the hard labour the job requires. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated, otherwise please pray with us for provision.
We are scouting for land. We know that we will be back with our homeless friends soon and we can’t leave them on the streets any longer. They will be transformed into entrepreneurs whilst working on the farm. Our goal has always been to:

  • Introduce them to Jesus
  • Disciple them
  • Love them through the withdrawals from substances
Cultivate their strengths to become active participants in society as business people. They already know how to negotiate, we realised we just need to refine this skill a little bit.

Prayer points

  1. We are praying for a 100 000 people to find Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour! This is the reason why we feel compelled to keep going. His love draws us to His people!
  2. Always keep my teams in your prayers. To see them laying down their lives for the love of Jesus, is astounding!
  3. Protection from witchcraft that is launched against myself, my team members, & their loved ones.
  4. I’m trusting God to open doors so that we can acquire land for the ministry from where we can run a self-sustaining farm and help people recover/reintegrate into normal society. I believe this year is the year for land and deeper development of the people breaking free from the streets and addiction.
  5. A pickup truck or bakkie to help us do the work that needs to be done.
  6. Financial provision on a personal level and ministry level for everything that we are doing.
  7. Hands and feet to help connect the homeless to employment and skills development opportunities. 
  8. I’ve been running the ministry from my garden flat, but there are many constraints in doing this. I need a little more space.
  9. We are praying for more hands to help and specifically for Godly men to take their rightful stand and accept their responsibility.

Our Thanks

Thank you for loving us and encouraging us. We are ever thankful for your love, support and prayers.  

Many blessings,

         Xenia Swanepoel | Kingdom Culture
         Visionary President
         082 347 1430
Copyright © 2020 Xenia Swanepoel, All rights reserved.

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