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Greetings from Rejuvé!
It’s 2018 and we know you’ve probably been hearing that whole “New Year, New You” thing quite a bit. If a person desires real lasting transformation, whether it’s for a New Year’s Resolution or for a new life outlook, the process requires dedication, switching up the old routine, and incorporating the right diet and supplemental nutrition you’re getting on the daily.

Rejuvé offers products, services, and solutions that help you reach your lifestyle and beauty goals for lasting wellness. Many of our treatments and supplements have restorative effects, youth-extending properties and ingredients that help drive you to new peaks. Our services and products help repair your body and skin from the daily wear and tear that is, at times, inevitable.
The Fasting Mimicking Diet
Many folks out there are hitting the gym and changing their diets for the new year. If you’re looking to work on your body, lose unwanted fat and reduce waist circumference, the Fasting Mimicking Diet might be a viable option. The FMD was developed by Dr. Valter Longo, USC Longevity Institute, and entails periodic fasting that optimizes positive metabolic effects, which reduces overall fat and promotes overall longevity and vitality. This diet involves caloric restriction (75% of calorie needs or less).

With over 34% of adults in the US could or have been classified as having a metabolic condition, it’s important to start thinking about your health and your body. The frequency of having a metabolic condition only continues with age.
Other benefits of FMD include improved fasting glucose, improved cognitive performance, C-reactive protein and growth factor levels. Patients involved in a FMD study reported more balanced and consistent circadian cycles, expedited cell renewal, immune homeostasis, and waist circumference reduction.

For some, fasting 5 days per month, as the FMD demands, this is much easier than intermittent and alternate day fasting. More patients are able to stay with the FMD on an ongoing basis. For detailed information, take a look at our in-depth blog about the Fasting Mimicking Diet. 

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The HCG Diet

If the Fasting Mimicking Diet doesn’t appeal to you and you’re out there looking for an alternative, perhaps the HCG diet works better. HCG has made a name for itself as a diet that can achieve results fast, helping people shed weight in a small amount of time. But there’s (big surprise) conflicting information out there about the HCG diet. We’ll clear it up for you right now.

Read on to learn more about the specs of the HCG diet.

Like the aforementioned Fasting Mimicking Diet, the HCG diet involves calorie restriction. But HCG is not to be confused with “crash” diets. “What is HCG?” you might be asking. HCG is a hormone associated with pregnancy. In pregnancy, this hormone can cause feelings of nausea, however, in those who aren’t pregnant, it ends up being a hunger reducer. That way, you can meet the demands of a calorie restriction diet without feeling hunger pangs or terrible deprivation.  Interestingly, even though HCG is known as the pregnancy hormone, HCG can be used for both men and women. In fact, Dr. Simeons (who discovered the diet) treated over 10,000 men and women by the late 1950’s.

HCG also activates the release of fat from unwanted fat stores such as belly and flanks thereby allowing the body to essentially eat off its own fat.  By doing this, HCG enables you to lose fat weight -- and lots of it.  In addition, when HCG is used in combination with a very specific calorie restricted diet, the muscle is maintained and only fat is burned. Contact Rejuvé today to learn more. The HCG diet should not be undertaken without physician supervision.


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Use this 7 Day Detox Before You Try Questionable Methods
Detoxing is likely on many people’s lists as far as New Year’s resolutions go. Maybe you plan to use detoxing as a springboard to drive a healthier, more conscious lifestyle for 2018 and beyond.

What if we told you that you could detoxify your body in just one week? That’s all it takes, just 7 days to reduce toxin levels and remove harmful chemicals that come about from pollution in the air, even sometimes from the food that we eat. Dieting alone won’t necessarily reduce your toxin levels, because toxins accumulate around fat, and your body, when in starvation mode, would rather burn muscle than fat. Dr. Tang offers a physician-grade detoxification program that encourages fat loss at the same time, leaving lean muscle behind in its wake.
We offer Core Restore, a 7-day detox program that has targeted antioxidants, fiber, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and vital phytonutrients. Core Restore offers research-backed enhancement and balance for Phase I and II biotransformation of the liver. Call Rejuvé today to start 2018 with optimal detoxification.
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Fighting Congestion, A Quiet Nuisance
Is that you tossing and turning at night, unable to breathe? Did you just overhear somebody call you a mouth breather? Respiratory challenges are no joke. If you’re unable to breathe properly, it can affect your daily performance and your overall health, taking a toll on your productivity and affecting your mood in the process.

You might be taking medication for your sinuses that makes you feel cloudy, spacey, or even some types of sinus medication that make you wired and jittery.

Not everyone can tolerate Sudafed. For those patients, we offer Sinutrol. Sinutrol is a natural supplement for nasal congestion, great for people looking to clear their sinuses in a natural way.
Active ingredients include N-Acetyl Cysteine, Turmeric Root Extract, Bromelain, Berberine Sulfate Hydrate, Licorice Root Extract, Andrographis (Andropraphis Paniculata), Eleuthero, and Thyme, which combine to provide immediate support for sinus problems. Sinutrol also helps you maintain optimal sinus clearance for easy breathing, it boosts your immune response, aids in mucus breakdown, and soothes irritated sinuses.

You have nothing to lose but your sinus problem. If you’re tired of living life on your sinuses terms, if you’re tired of congestion, phlegm, lowered immune response, and inflammation, give Rejuvé a call today.
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Together, it's going to be our year!
Give yourself the best shot at a happy, healthy, revitalized 2018. Rejuvé will help you get to your goals naturally, without ever resorting to risky surgeries. Let’s get your wellness back together. Call today to schedule your first consultation of 2018.
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