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Greetings Rejuvé Family and Friends
As the winter and holiday season rapidly approaches, we wanted to talk about some of our treatments that will help you brave the elements and set your skin up for success all year long. We’d also like to include some holiday gift ideas from Rejuvé that you can include as stocking stuffers, or even purchase for yourself as an act of self-love. Here at Rejuvé, we want you to know that taking care of yourself is a necessary step before taking care of your loved ones. With Rejuvé, you can do both!

Do you think you stand to benefit from our innovative, nonsurgical skin rejuvenation procedures? It’s important to call Rejuvé today (408)-740-5320 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Tang.  
Experience ViPeel for Targeted, Effective Skincare Treatment
Our ViPeel (Vitality Institute) treatments are a gentle yet powerful, medical-grade chemical peel which we offer to our valued patients. Dermal peels have come a long way and can provide amazing results. It’s a great, non-surgical way to reveal healthy, vibrant skin underneath previously aged, sun-damaged skin. ViPeel is an effective treatment for the following skin conditions: 
•    Acne and acne scarring
•    Enlarged pores 
•    Fine lines and wrinkles
•    Oily skin
•    Age and sun spots
•    Hyperpigmentation
•    Melasma
•    Rosacea

ViPeel is great for overall skin health because it’s a targeted wound that inspires your skin’s collagen production process. ViPeel can be used on the face, on the neck, chest, arms, back, and even the legs. It’s also the only peel that has been found to be safe for your under-eye area.
Your ViPeel treatment only takes 20-45 minutes and will be a relatively painless endeavor. Those who have more sensitive skin types might experience a mild tingling or burning sensation, but the treatment is gentle enough to not require topical anesthetic. ViPeel occurs in two phases, once to penetrate the skin’s surface and another to have an effect on the deeper dermis, which is where toxins and dead skin cells accumulate.

If you’ve experienced mild to moderate sun damage, skin damage, acne, or many signs of aging, ViPeel is the treatment for you. Schedule a consultation with Rejuvé today to schedule your one-on-one consultation to learn more.

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Light Up Your Life (and Your Hair) with Laser Light Therapy

Are you interested in another non-invasive way to stimulate more hair growth? Low level Laser light therapy (LLLT) is the non-surgical utilization of light energy that has been used for decades for multiple clinical conditions that require stimulation of healing, relief of pain and inflammation, and restoration of function.  In dermatology, it has beneficial effects on wrinkles and healing of burns.  For patients concerned about hair loss, it can help stimulate the growth of hair, making hairs more resilient to falling off and making existing hair thicker and longer.  It does this by the following proposed mechanisms:

•    Increase of ATP production, which delivers energy to the cells.  All cells including hair need lots of energy
•    Supports cell metabolism and the production of proteins
•    Penetrates the scalp and supports the micro-circulation of the scalp.
•    Improves DNA production for healing.
•    Helps reduce UV damage both as a treatment and prophylaxis.
•    Helps reduce skin redness and skin inflammation.
•    Normalizes the production of sebum in the scalp - either too oily or too dry

The use of Low level laser therapy can be used as stand alone treatment though it has more synergistic effects when combined with other treatments including topical agents, PRP, and hair supplements.  It can be used by both men and women safely.  The effectiveness of LLLT has been supported with numerous studies both in hair loss and other clinical applications. The benefits of LLLT can be done at home with the use of mobile unit that can now be purchased at Rejuvé.  Treatments are 30 minutes each 3 times per week that can be done while you work or play at home or even while you are driving to work or to pick up your kids.  Dr. Tang does believe it getting a full evaluation of the hair loss to determine if other treatments should be combined with the LLLT for best results.

You’ll want to schedule an appointment beforehand with Rejuvé, if you feel like laser light therapy might be the answer you’re looking for. We’ll want to give you more information and give you some pre-treatment suggestions. We’ll also pull back the curtain on the process a little more, providing complete transparency over the course of your treatment. Contact us today to learn more about laser light therapy, whether it’s for yourself or you plan on giving it as a gift.


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Great gift ideas from Rejuvé!
Are you wondering what the perfect gift is for that special someone? Or maybe you need some ideas for gifts for friends or coworkers. Rejuvé offers products and gift certificates that will help anyone jumpstart their skincare wellness plan. Taking care of your skin is a year-round endeavor. If better skincare is on anyone’s list of New Year’s resolutions, then the holiday season is a great excuse to pamper your friends and loved ones with skin care and anti-aging products or treatments by Rejuvé.
Here are some great ideas to make that special someone feel loved!

Gift certificates -- You can take care of someone else’s beauty needs, or even your own at Rejuve this holiday season. We offer gift certificates in various denominations that go well inside of a holiday card or can be used as great stocking suffers for your bestie or your one and only true love. Take care of your Mom, your Dad, your older or younger sister, even an annoying brother. Anyone can benefit from our extensive suite of non-surgical, anti-aging, aesthetic enhancement procedures and our vast array of skincare and anti-aging products. 
Revision-Nectifirm -- Voted number one neck product and is currently a best-selling neck cream on the market that incorporates antioxidants, plant extracts, and other unique biotechnological blends that help to fight skin laxity and helps the skin of the neck appear firm again. Nectifirm® also works to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, even the appearance of rough skin.
Skinbetter eye cream -- This is a fantastic gift idea for any skincare junkie or even a person who is just now beginning to see the benefits of incorporating a comprehensive skin wellness plan. Skinbetter eye cream is a proven, powerful eye recharger that nourishes the skin around your eye, an area especially affected by the aging process and photodamage. Skinbetter utilizes Vitamin C, neuro-calming peptides, and patented InterFuse™ technology that transports messenger peptides to nourish and replenish your skin.
For more information on these and more amazing products and treatments that would make anyone beam with joy on Christmas morning, contact Rejuvé today to learn more. Happy holidays to one and all!
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