Happy Holidays from 13th Gen —
Announcing our 2017 Portfolio of Projects |
Films in Development, Production, and Post
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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I am excited to head into 2017 with a diverse and promising lineup of 8 new films at every stage of production. The following projects include 3 long-form documentaries, a non-fiction series, 3 narrative feature films by both established directors and first-timers, and a first-person essay film. Each has a compelling and powerful story to share with independent film audiences around the globe, and all are poised for great success under the stewardship of 13th Gen.

At this time, we are actively looking for partners to co-finance and co-produce this dynamic slate. If you are drawn to any one of these projects, I encourage you to reach out to me, so we can discuss ways in which your company can become involved with 13th Gen.

I also look forward to hearing more about what you're working on in 2017 and finding ways for 13th Gen to contribute to your own success in the coming year.

Wishing you Happy Holidays from San Francisco,
Marc Smolowitz
Director | Producer | Executive Producer

Black Is Blue | Feature Film | In Development 

Written & Directed by Cheryl Dunye
Written by Christina Anderson | Produced by Marc Smolowitz

Dunye and Smolowitz's 2014 short film BLACK IS BLUE screened at 35+ festivals worldwide and won 5 top prizes. With script development support from the Tribeca Film Institute, their short has been significantly expanded into a Sunset Boulevard-esque "Trans-Erotic-Sci-Fi-Thriller," set in the near future of Oakland, California, circa 2020.

LOG-LINE: Following the aftermath of the Bay Area's current tech boom, BLACK IS BLUE is the chilling erotic tale of BLACK, a homeless Black transman displaced by gentrification — BLUE, an enabling wealthy Black transwoman who tries to save him and herself — and LISON, her surprisingly elegant A.I. "friend-bot" who bears witness to their tragic love story. 




A Feature Documentary About Giftedness &
Learning in the 21st Century | In Production  

Directed & Produced by Marc Smolowitz
Producer Ron Turiello | Co-Producer Tim Kulikowski

THE G WORD explores what giftedness looks like through a mosaic of personal, intimate stories of children, adults, and elders. The film’s narrative arc is an examination of the gifted through all stages of life, from childhood through old age, documenting their search for acceptance, connection, and authentic success, which belie popular misconceptions about what it means to be “gifted.” Interwoven with historical context and expert insight into the challenges related to high intelligence, THE G WORD sheds light on this largely hidden but emerging special-needs population.    


The Lonely Child | Feature Documentary 

Directed & Produced by Marc Smolowitz
Writer & Producer Alix Wall    

THE LONELY CHILD is a song written in the Vilna Ghetto, describing a girl in hiding. It is still performed over 70 years later—long after its lyricist, composer, and subjects have passed on. The song has taken on a life of its own. Who is keeping it alive and why? And how did they find it in the first place? The daughter and granddaughter of the song’s subjects—who for years has struggled with the legacy of the Holocaust in her family—goes on a quest to meet some of these people, to find out what the song means to them.    



Diamond Diplomacy 
- U.S. Japan Relations Through A Shared Love Of Baseball -
Feature Documentary | In Production

Directed & Produced by Yuriko Romer
Producer Marc Smolowitz        

Deep devotion to the game of baseball has been tossed between the U.S. and Japan since its opening to the West in the late 1800s, and mirrors profound shifts in diplomacy between the two nations. DIAMOND DIPLOMACY charts this 150-year story revealing pivotal moments of an often controversial duality that has existed throughout this history.
Our recent Kickstarter campaign raised $40,000+ USD!

Divine Deviance | Documentary Series 
In Development

Directed & Produced by Jorg Fockele
Executive Producers Marc Smolowitz, Race Bannon & Lola De Milo

DIVINE DEVIANCE is a multi-part documentary and web series about Kink, BDSM, and Fetish around the world. As a first of its kind project, this comprehensive series will dive deeply into what was once considered a world of sexual outlaws, showing that alternative sexualities, identities, and communities are increasingly where large numbers of diverse people find themselves most at home. By focusing on powerful, personal stories, the history of Kink will be examined across a range of cultures, showing all of the nuances of race, class, gender and other aspects of identity that come with being a "kinkster." Spirituality and the mainstreaming of fetish will also be highlighted.

Paternal Rites | Essay Film | In Post-Production

Directed & Produced by Jules Rosskam
Producer Marc Smolowitz

In PATERNAL RITES, filmmaker Jules Rosskam examines the history of sexual abuse in his own family story by re-tracing a cross country road trip that his parents took in 1974 — a journey on the open road that becomes a wellspring of exploration of often private and unspeakable topics that touch the lives of so many American families — mental illness, abuse, addiction, and trans and queer identity.    





Slander | Feature Film | In Development

Written & Directed by Ilo Orleans
Writer Marjory Kaptanoglu | Producers Ilo Orleans, Phyllis Housen, Kerry Barden
Executive Producer Marc Smolowitz
Set against the backdrop of D.C. politics in the uncertain times of President Trump, SLANDER is an edge-of-your-seat LGBT-themed thriller adapted from Christopher Bram's award winning novel GOSSIP. It tells the story of a liberal queer activist who struggles to prove his innocence in the murder of his lover, a closeted Republican journalist from a family of significant power and influence.    



Intrinsic Spin | Feature Film | In Development

Written & Directed by Luke Anthony
Producer Mando Stahti | Executive Producer Marc Smolowitz            

When his identical twin brother passes from leukemia, Roman — an HIV-positive gay man — faces his own culpability with being unable to donate bone marrow to save his brother’s life. In INTRINSIC SPIN, Roman faces a future without his twin, struggling to discover who he genuinely is in order to become whole again.

In addition to the above projects, 13th Gen is actively consulting on a number of very promising documentaries that will be aiming at 2017 festivals by mid-year. Stay close for more announcements from us. We look forward to sharing news with you in coming weeks and months.

BEST WISHES for 2017 from 13TH GEN !!!

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