Proof of life

The Kickstarter campaign is almost done.

One week remains
Friday August 30th at 12:30pm EDT we are dropping more Drunk Cowboy limited rewards, along with one brand new, very exclusive reward. 

This is a one-time reward for one special knucklehead. 

For a cool $1k, Fiasco designer Jason Morningstar is going to make you a playset of your own, based on your idea. BPG will design and print one copy and it will be yours to do with as you please.

If you want to Martin Shkreli it, you can enjoy it privately in your prison cell or penthouse suite, or set it on fire before a live studio audience, or whatever you want. If you prefer to share it with the world, we will format the game for printing and release it so anyone in the world can get it. We hope you choose the latter option because it will invariably be a work of genius, but it's up to you.

Caveats: We reserve the right to workshop your playset idea, or to reject it entirely. We will print one copy, and one copy only, of the resulting playset - unless you tell us we can release it publicly. 

This reward will also include the digital rewards, boxed game, all the expansions, and a large envelope curated by Jason Morningstar.

Take me to the campaign already
If you're wondering who even is this Joel person, anyways- don't worry about it. It's best if you don't know, and don't ask too many questions. Nothing is on fire and everything is fine.
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